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The visa to Canada how to receive

The word "Canada" causes pleasant associations in our many compatriots – for whom it is the hockey homeland, for whom – the country where emigrated native or friends who dreams to see its open spaces.

In this article I want to tell readers of how to receive the temporary – the guest visa to Canada, without the immigration purpose.

Who is given the visa to whom refuse?

I will tell at once that the visa to Canada residents of Russia are given not really willingly. The embassy very carefully considers all provided documents. However the visa to Canada can quite be received independently without intermediary agencies which services cost considerable money. Besides, I do not want to open personal information on myself and native (where I work where I live, structure of a family, how many I receive, how many money I have on the bank account) the stranger. I received the guest visa independently already three times.

With what such difficulties in receipt of a visa are connected? It is no secret that Canada – the country more comfortable for life, than Russia. Sometimes, that the Russians who drove to Canada according to the guest visa illegally work, remain after expiration date of the visa or give up on fleeing (that is officially declare that in Russia they are exposed to prosecutions, and until court when the issue is resolved to leave them to live in Canada or not, passes 2-3 years during which these people receive benefit, free medical care and the work permit).

The "guests" who are illegally working in Canada too do not please the Canadian authorities, as it both evasion of taxes, and stay in a turn of a large number of cash which are difficult for checking and which quantity any country tries to reduce.

Weigh the chances

So, if you need the visa to Canada, it is necessary to prove by means of documents that you quite took place in Russia, have here good work, a family (children, the husband, aged parents), real estate, and are not able to afford long absence. For example, the young unmarried girl who just finished educational institution and not having work, most likely, will not receive the guest visa as has no strong reasons for return. In such cases seldom give visas even by the invitation of the groom or friend. It is more preferable that the groom himself arrived to Russia for a marriage, and then filed documents on sponsorship of the wife. Even in this case in embassy the proof that marriage not fictitious will demand.

For example, I am given easily the visa as I have well paid work in bank, the apartment and giving, the car, a lot of children and grandsons in Russia, and in Canada the brother, too rather well-founded and inviting me. The great value is attached also to that when I was in Canada, I did not break the law, and in time returned before the end of action of the visa. Therefore it is most difficult to receive the guest visa for the first time.

It is very important to remember that at submission of documents it is impossible "to swindle" or deceive because in Canada the lie is the most terrible crime which does not have limitation periods. If deception opens, to you not to receive the visa never.

What visas to Canada happen

The visa of the temporary resident which is not granting the rights to work in Canada is given for:

  • visits of the relative or friend;
  • travel over the country;
  • is more whole than business (visit of a seminar, meeting);
  • studies in educational institutions of Canada no more than 6 months.

Except the visa of the temporary resident the Embassy of Canada gives out the following types of visas:

  • the working visa (granting the right legally to work);
  • the student's visa (granting the right to study in Canada more long, than 6 months);
  • immigration visa.

Within this article, we consider receipt of a visa of the temporary resident.

Necessary documents

If you need the visa to Canada to visit of relatives, from the party inviting you the following documents are necessary:


  • the reference from work with the indication of a salary and position;
  • the document confirming that the inviting person has the Canadian nationality (the copy of the Canadian passport, a card of the constant resident);
  • confirmation of a financial solvency (the notice from the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection).

If you gather in travel across Canada, the description of a tourist route and booking confirmation of hotels and air tickets is necessary.

If you are going to study in Canada less than 6 months, the letter on transfer in educational institution is necessary.

If go to conference – the letter from the organization inviting you is necessary.

At any of these purposes, at submission of documents on the visa you have to provide 2 photos on a white background, the existing international passport and documents on the financial solvency, namely:

  • the letter with the indication of a position and salary about the works and works of the husband (if he is);
  • the extract from the bank account about existence of money on the account translated into English (it is not necessary to assure notarially);
  • photocopy of all pages of the Russian passport (empty too).

It is desirable to provide whenever possible the documents confirming your close connection with Russia. It can be:

  • marriage certficate and birth of children;
  • certificate on the property right to real estate;
  • the copy of the registration certificate on the car;
  • the copy of old international passports with visas to the different countries.

Let's address to the help of Pony Express

In the last some years the visa to Canada is issued without obligatory presence of the applicant and interview at the Canadian Embassy. Therefore it is very convenient to address to regional office of a courier service of Pony Express (which is in each large city of Russia) where experts will check attentively your documents and will send them to embassy. The way of passing of documents can be traced on the Internet.

After return of your passport from embassy (with the visa or without) employees of Pony Express will invite you in office for obtaining the passport.

Now the Embassy of Canada is 3 months on a strike and therefore issue of visas is suspended for an indefinite term.

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