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Features of a choice of car DVRs

Video recorders for motorists are one of the most useful devices. They are capable not only to conduct full statistics of the movement, but also to protect the car from vandals, and the driver from unpleasant talk with inspectors, penalties and even prison. Only not each motorist can make a right choice therefore it is worth understanding everything attentively.
Видеорегистратор Whatever you may say, but car DVRs for motorists are one of the most useful devices. They are capable not only to conduct full statistics of the movement, but also to protect the car from vandals, and the driver from unpleasant talk with inspectors, penalties and even prison. Only not each motorist can make a right choice and get the device which is most suitable it on quality and parameters. Therefore it is worth understanding everything attentively.


Here it is worth allocating that, and, above all demanded devices from China and Korea are the most popular. Of course, there are devices and more high-class of Japan, the countries of Europe and America, but their price is too high, and on functionality they it is not better than "east" analogs. The Korean and Chinese video recorders differ on a stuffing and functionality. Respectively, also the price will fluctuate.


This aspect after all should pay special attention. Be defined where the device will be installed: on the dashboard, a windshield or a rear-view mirror. Proceeding from it, it is possible to pick up fastening - "sucker" or fastening - "sticker". "Sticker" fastens once, and to transfer the device to other place will be problematic. "Sucker" is more convenient in this plan, and it can be reinstalled at own will anywhere. It perfectly fastens both to a windshield, and to the dashboard. Besides the video recorder has to keep on fastening very well and not fly during the movement and strong vibrations. If there is a need to remove it, problems any should not arise: this operation has to be carried out with little effort.

Built-in microphone

Very important and existence of a microphone in the device, especially at conversation with the employee of traffic police. Besides at road accident sounds of blow or braking are fixed. If the car is used for training, it is possible to keep record of everything that the instructor speaks and to look through video of the house. It considerably will improve effect of training. It is especially interesting to watch video with a sound if you come back from a distant trip with friends.

Permission of video and quality of the image

Видеорегистратор Generally budgetary devices have permission 640 on 480 with a frequency of record of shots to 25 frames per second. Quality will be rather good if the good 1,3 megapixel optics is used. The main shortcoming is weak sensitivity of some models, especially during shooting in a night-time. There are, of course, devices with the resolution of 320 on 240, but for the serious purposes it is better not to use them, after all at approach it will be impossible to consider even number of the car which is ahead, and after all it is very important factor at accident analysis.
Permission of HD and Full HD is the most popular today. Record speed in this case will be to 30 frames per second. Quality of record of such device really magnificent therefore if necessary it will be possible to consider the most insignificant at first sight the details but very important for the proof of innocence.

Viewing angle

For a chamber it is one of the most important characteristics. And often applied corners of 130, 110 and 80 degrees are the most popular. Of course, the narrow viewing angle allows to consider more precisely registration plate of the car going in front, but after all and the most important details can be passed and the review of the next strips will not be available. Therefore the most effective are video recorders which chambers have the review in 120-130 degrees.

ON or software

Usually Chinese devices keep record in avi a format. It is possible to look through such video on any computer or the TV. Video recorders of the Chinese production generally do not write down office information on location and time. Registrars from Korea are capable to keep record of additional office information, thanks to existence of GPS. The necessary set ON usually registers in a memory card which is delivered in a set.

Features of a complete set of the Korean and Chinese models

Комплект видеорегистратора During commission of purchase it is necessary to have some very useful knowledge.
First, some Chinese devices have no built-in accumulator and the module of control of existence of food. And it means that operation of the device needs to be finished manually, otherwise all written-down video can be erased.
Secondly, in some Chinese models record is kept not in the habitual MPEG-4 format, and in usual MPEG that leads to that memory of the device is filled already through a small period. Therefore it is better to select models in which the format of compression of H.264 is provided, after all only it allows to store long record and continuously its messages if necessary.
Thirdly, almost all Chinese devices at record of video for memory form pauses between rollers which have duration about seven seconds. It is fraught with decrease in value of the device at road accident, after all many data will not manage to be taken.


Видеорегистраторы Economy it is not always good also a case with a choice of the video recorder such. It is desirable to get the device at the price, adequate for it. For example, the single-chamber model in popular online store will cost not less than two hundred dollars. During acquisition of the video recorder with the Full HD expansion it is necessary to think of additional strengthening of fixing of the case. Also best of all than everything to choose the device with the integrated chambers, which viewing angle not less than 120 degrees. If there is a financial opportunity, it is better to get the video recorder with several chambers. Pay attention as well to rigidity of fastening, after all quality of record depends on it.
In view of all above-mentioned recommendations during purchase, it is possible to get really useful thing which will rescue from troubles more than once.
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