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How to choose a digital video camera

More and more modern video cameras are made with possibility of record in digital formats. And it does not make sense to choose among analog video cameras, especially against the prices which are already almost identical, digital video cameras are not much more expensive.
Как выбрать видеокамеру More and more modern video cameras are made with possibility of record in digital formats. And it does not make sense to choose among analog video cameras, especially against the prices which are already almost identical, digital video cameras are not much more expensive.

Format of video cameras

Все больше видеокамер записывают в цифровом формате Video cameras are capable to make record in such digital formats as Digital 8, mini DV, micro MV, DVD, Mpeg 4. On the video cameras working in the first three formats the tape recording, but already in digital quality is still applied.
Video cameras with a format of Digital 8 are chosen by who else still had records in the analog Hi 8 formats. These video cameras give the chance not only to look through video in the Hi 8 format, but also to make digitization in Digital 8. Record both in the Hi 8 format, and to Digital 8 goes on the 8th millimetric film, but only in the second case in digital quality and with a binaural sound. The price of the video cameras which are writing down in Digital 8, rather low. But if you choose the first video camera, and inexpensive, it is better to pay attention to the mini DV format.
It is less than video camera with a format of mini DV by the sizes and weight as the smaller cartridge (a tape width 6,35mm), than for Digital 8 is used. But thus little more qualitative digital video and binaural sound. These video cameras and cartridges to them are let out by many famous producers (Sony, JVC, Panasonic, Samsung) therefore problems with expendables should not arise.
Micro MV surpasses a format previous in quality as compression of video in the Mpeg 2 standard is used. To these video cameras of the cartridge is twice less by the sizes, than mini DV or Digital 8. Therefore video cameras with the Micro MV format turned out rather compact. But when will choose a video camera, try to hold how conveniently it to a hand. The small sizes can give a lot of inconvenience in a large hand especially as buttons settle down too close to each other.
DVD video cameras keep record directly on DVD-R/RW disks. The main advantage that the written-down video can be seen at once on a DVD player, is easily rewound till the necessary moment. But the sizes of the DVD video camera are dictated by the disk size therefore to make it rather compact it is not possible.
Among modern video cameras it is possible to choose, writing down in the Mpeg 4 format. As a data carrier the hard drive or the flash-card is used. All records without problems correspond from a video camera on the computer for further installation or record on a disk.

Optics (lens) of a video camera

The optics will always be one of the main of elements of each video camera. By production of video cameras of firm can use or own development, or use optics of other producers. For example, on video cameras of JVC there is own optics, and the Sony firm chose Carl Zeiss optics for the video cameras. The Leica Dicomar optics is chosen by Panasonic firm for installation in the video cameras.

Video camera view-finder

Видоискатель - наблюдение за процессом видеосъёмки Supervision over video filming process, choice of a necessary foreshortening and various settings – for all this is used the view-finder, optical or mirror. Minus the optical view-finder that you will see in it the picture differing from the written down – there is a small shift aside. For this reason it is better to choose a video camera with the mirror view-finder.
The view-finder can also be black-and-white or color. Each of them has the advantages and shortcomings therefore before to choose you have to know these subtleties. Black-and-white view-finders it is more preferable as with their help it is possible to adjust clearness more precisely. Advantage of color view-finders in a natural color rendition, possibility of control of balance white (in some models excess illumination is marked out with shading).
Any modern video camera does not do without LCD display which is often very convenient for using as the view-finder. The display when shooting from uncomfortable positions is especially convenient, for example, at record on video of a concert, holding a chamber over the head.

Increase (optical, digital) video cameras

Both on cameras, and on video cameras shooting of the objects which are at different distance is made. In such situations possibility of approach/increase in objects will be useful. The increase in objects is realized by means of opportunities of optics and electronics.
Choosing a video camera, first of all pay attention to coefficient of optical increase (optical zoom). The approach/distance occurs due to movement of lenses, coefficients can reach values from 10 to 25. In the majority of situations will be enough video camera with 10 multiple optical zoom. Coefficients 20 and demands shooting from a support as at such increase trembling of hands will be noticeable above. Therefore it is inexpedient to choose video cameras with a big optical zoom. Besides you overpay for opportunities which will not always be able to use.
The digital increase is not so important at a video camera choice. Great values of a digital zoom it is used purely in the marketing purposes. First, when using digital approach there is a loss in quality therefore it is desirable to disconnect this function in general. Secondly, again at big increase the slightest fluctuations of a video camera will be strongly noticeable. Whether therefore there will be a video camera chosen by you with a 200-fold or 500-fold digital zoom has no crucial importance.

CCD matrix (CCD) of a video camera

Разрешение матрицы видеокамеры измеряется в количестве светочувствительных элементов Passing through optics, the image gets on photosensitive elements (a CCD a matrix) at which exit the picture will already be transformed to an electric signal.
Matrixes a diagonal 1/4" (6 mm) and 1/3" are the most widespread in video cameras (8mm). It is better to choose video cameras with a CCD a matrix bigger on a diagonal as, possessing higher photosensitivity, allows to remove in the conditions of weak illumination.
Permission of a matrix is measured in quantity of photosensitive elements (pixels). In avoidance of granularity it is desirable to have as bigger permission is possible, but minimum 500,000 pixels (0,5 Megapixels) are necessary. If you want to choose a video camera with opportunity to take the picture, it is worth paying attention to models with the resolution of 1-3 Megapixels.
In video cameras the technology of three CCDs of matrixes (3CCD), generally in professional devices though there are also models "simpler", for example Panasonic NV_GS-300 is also applied. When using this technology there is an apportion of light passing in a lens on red, blue and green components, each of which is processed by a separate matrix. It allows to achieve the best color rendition, to reduce the level of color distortions. It is a little more than video camera with three matrixes owing to feature of technology by the sizes also the price much more. Therefore for shooting of a home video it will be better to choose among models with one matrix.

Stabilizer of the image of a video camera

Choosing a video camera, it is very important to consider such factor as the image stabilizer. It helps to avoid fluctuations of the picture at record of video (for example, when trembling hands). At the moment, whatever you chose a video camera, on it the stabilizer will be installed anyway. But! Professionals choose for themselves video cameras with the optical stabilizer, for amateur shooting quite will be enough and electronic.
The electronic stabilizer uses part of a CCD matrix data with which are processed by the processor. It allows to avoid fluctuations of the picture in a shot, but quality is lost as not all elements of a matrix work for creation of the image.
The optical stabilizer works at the expense of additional group of lenses. By means of special sensors data are transferred to the video camera processor about the direction, speed and amplitude of fluctuations. The processor on the basis of these values operates group of lenses of stabilization so that the image did not go beyond a CCD matrix, i.e. remained motionless. At such system power consumption increases, but, considering the received quality, the shortcoming becomes insignificant.

Sensitivity of a video camera

If you shoot video at weak illumination, it is better to choose a video camera with a high rate of sensitivity. A sensitivity unit of measure – luxury. A good indicator of a chamber is possibility of shooting at illumination of object of 0,1 lx (it corresponds to a situation of the minimum illumination). In characteristics usually this parameter is overestimated. Increases sensitivity of a video camera allows aspherical optics, better to choose among such models.
If you often have to remove at bad illumination, it is also possible to choose a video camera with the built-in lighting lamp or a platform for its installation.

Sound on a video camera

Подключение выносного микрофона Modern video cameras allow to write down a binaural sound, and also a sound in the Dolby Digital 5.1 format on DVD video cameras. Choosing a video camera, it is necessary to pay attention to such details. First, it is possibility of connection of a portable microphone, one or even two. The second moment, is a sound recording on two canals that allows to do comments or to impose a sound background on the available record.

Accumulators on a video camera

От параметров аккумулятора зависит длительность работы видеокамеры From parameters of the accumulator of the chosen video camera work duration depends on one charge. Operating time will be influenced, of course, also by an operating mode in which the video camera, energy consumption of its knots is used.
Today Li-Ion and Li-Pol accumulators succeeded Ni-Cd and NiMh to batteries. It is not necessary to choose the accumulator for a video camera as are issued counting upon use only of certain type of the accumulator. You will be able to choose only battery capacity. Complete with a video camera there can be a battery of small capacity therefore at once it is desirable to get the second accumulator, calculated on bigger operating time. Consider also that operating time of the standard battery specified by the producer actually will be less. It occurs because parameter is specified for the most economical mode without use of a zoom, the LCD display, viewing of the recorded video.

Connection of a video camera

Для взаимодействия с другими устройствами видеокамеры оснащены различными разъемами For interaction with other devices of a video camera are equipped with various sockets.
The S-Video socket is intended for connection to the TV and the videorecorder. With its help it is possible to look through video on the TV directly and to copy on the videorecorder.
Practically at all video cameras there is an IEEE 1394 socket (FireWire, I.Link or DV). Its main application – data transmission on the computer or other digital video camera. If you choose a video camera not only a DV exit, but also a DV entrance, there will be an opportunity to use a chamber as the videorecorder, i.e. viewing and record of video from other devices.
The USB port was first used only for transfer of photos, but now with faster USB 2.0 standard also transfer of video data is possible.
Implementation of linear installation requires existence of assembly sockets (at Sony is a LANC socket, at Panasonic – Control-M). By means of these sockets it is possible to synchronize a video camera with an assembly sound board and videorecorders.
It is also desirable to have the socket for connection of a portable microphone and an exit to earphones.

It is better to choose a video camera not on the maximum functional equipment, and on a set of necessary functions. It is quite possible that you do not need 20-fold increase, or, for example, photographing will not be necessary as plan also purchase of the digital camera. Whether therefore it is worth overpaying? It is better to choose on a difference in the sum of video cameras additional accessories. For example, you surely need a bag for transfer of the video camera, and also the additional accumulator, disks or cartridges, cables and, perhaps, the charger.
Save reasonably and make a right choice!

Popular models of video cameras

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