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Vermoks, instruction on application

During a summer time our children walk on the street much, play with each other in a sandbox, eat various berries, fruit, iron animals, bathe. And, rules of hygiene are followed by them not always therefore the risk of infection with different parasites increases.

Emergence of pain in a stomach, appetite deterioration, a podtashnivaniye, an itch and discomfort in the field of back pass at children or at the adult can specify, including, and that worms lodged in their organism (scientifically – helminths). With many kinds of these parasites it is possible to cope with the help of the preparation called "Vermoksy".

Summary of a preparation

Vermoks in Hungary is made by known firm "Gideon Richter". In packing there is a blister containing six tablets. Tablets these flat, diskopodobny form. In the middle of each tablet there is a dimple, on one of the parties there is an inscription of "VERMOX", and on another is risk, helping to divide if necessary a tablet into two halves. When opening the blister it is possible to feel a light characteristic smell. Diameter of a tablet is about ten millimeters. Active ingredient of Vermoks – mebendazol, in each tablet of his 100 milligrams. Besides it there are also auxiliary components: colloidal dioxide of silicon, sakharinat sodium, stearate of magnesium, sodium laurilsulfat, monohydrate of lactose, talc, corn starch.

When Vermoks is shown?

Vermoks it is very effective at therapy of an enterobioz. This helminthic disease which responsible are small round worms of white color – the pinworm. Most often it comes to light at complaints of the patient to disorder of work of intestines and an itch in an anus zone. The preparation is effective at infection with some types parasitizing round and tape-worms. Getting to an organism, active agent of Vermoks mebendazol does not allow worms to adsorb (to soak up) glucose which is the main source of their food. Within two-three days helminths are exhausted and die out. Medicine shows all the activity directly in intestines and a liver, it almost does not get to the blood course. Having carried out the task, the preparation leaves an organism together with the kalovy masses (90%), and other part – with urine.

Let's call diseases (helminthic invasions) at which Vermoks is recommended:

  • enterobioz (he is called by pinworms);
  • askaridoz (is caused by ascarids – larger round parasites);
  • trikhotsefalyoz (is caused by worms of a vlasoglavama, it is dangerous by the heavy violations proceeding in a gastrointestinal tract);
  • ankilostomoz, (differently – earth itch is provoked by worms of an ankilostomama therefore anemia develops);
  • tenioz (responsible – larvae of a pork tapeworm therefore anemia too develops);
  • echinococcosis, trichinosis, strongiloidoz;
  • the mixed helminthosis forms (when infection occurs several species of parasites).

That treatment took place successfully, for selection of the correct scheme and a dosage it is required to establish surely by means of analyses disease type.

How to accept Vermoks?

Vermoks it is recommended to apply as well to prevention of helminthoses. After all any person can pick up microscopic eggs of helminths and their larva in the contact way and at insufficient observance of hygienic rules. As most often infections occur in a warm season, it is worth being engaged in prevention during the autumn period (or at the end of summer). And prevention by Vermoks is very simple – it is possible to take once one pill that doubts about probability of infection left.

If the diagnosis "энтеробиоз", the scheme of treatment is as follows: is made to the child

  1. Aged from two till five years – the tablet quarter is given once. To avoid repeated infection the same dose is given still twice – in 14 and 28 days respectively.
  2. Aged from five till ten years – the tablet half once is given. Besides, in order to avoid repeated infection reception of the same dose is repeated in 14 and 28 days.
  3. At the age of more than ten years – it is necessary to take one pill once, having repeated treatment in 14 and 28 days.

If other types of helminths, the scheme of therapy is as follows: twice a day are stated it is necessary to accept on one whole tablet for three days. To kids which age less than two years, a dosage is selected by the children's doctor.

It is desirable for all family members to carry out treatment at once, only then you will have a confidence that it was succeeded to win against parasites. In days of treatment you should not overload a liver with a fat and spicy food.

And how to accept Vermoks the adult? Everything depends on a species of worms.

At an enterobioza – once 1 tablet with repetition in 14 and 28 days.

At an askaridoza, a tenioza, a trikhotsefalyoza and the mixed invasions – on 1 tablet twice a day (usually in morning and evening hours).

At trichinosis the dose can be such: three times a day on four tablets for three days. Further from the 4th to the 10th day it is necessary to accept on five tablets three times a day.

Such treatment has to be carried out surely under supervision of the doctor, with control of a condition of a liver.

Undesirable effects and contraindications

During treatment (especially high doses) such side effects of a preparation, as are possible:

  1. If in intestines a lot of the lost worms accumulate, there can be a vomiting, diarrhea or intestinal impassability.
  2. At strong load of a liver yellowness of integuments, a skler of eyes, change of laboratory indicators can be noted in the analysis. In exceptional cases at it is long the proceeding therapy hepatitis can develop.
  3. At long-term treatment allergic rashes, a hair loss, dizziness, depreciation of hemoglobin in rare instances can be shown.

There are diseases at which it is impossible to accept Vermoks:

  • illness Krone;
  • ulcer colitis;
  • liver failure.

Vermoks it is contraindicated at pregnancy, during the laktatsionny period, at an allergy to the substances which are a part of this medicine. To small children (till two years) only the pediatrician has to resolve an issue of purpose of this means.

It is important to know

In days of treatment and days after it it is impossible to take alcoholic drinks and too fat dishes.

Along with Dekaris, Tsimetidin this means is not recommended to be accepted as its toxic properties amplify.

It is not necessary to accept laxatives in days of treatment by Vermoks, it can provoke long disorder of work of intestines.

If Vermoks is appointed to the patient with diabetes, to a certain extent the need for insulin decreases at this time.

If Vermoks is prescribed the woman who nurses the baby, for treatment breastfeeding has to be interrupted.

Store this medicine in those places that are inaccessible to children, at a temperature from 15 to 30 degrees. To be convinced that treatment by Vermoks took place successfully, it is necessary to make the test a calla in laboratory, and also dab of an anal zone. In more hard cases therapy of helminthoses is carried out in stationary conditions.

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