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Treatment to a varikotsela

Varikotsele - one of the most "popular" pathologies of men's reproductive system which leads to varicosity of veins of a seed kanatik and small egg. The illness in itself is not dangerous and does not give to the person a special inconvenience. Problems begin when because of an aggravation to a varikotsela there are severe pains and infertility develops.

Generally the disease is diagnosed at teenage age, boys have 14 – 15 years. Varicosity, as a rule, affects veins only of one small egg, most often left (about 98% of cases).

The factors causing a disease

Veins of seed kanatik and small eggs "are equipped" with special valves which carry out barrier function, interfering with the return current of blood. Varikotsele develops when operation of these valves is broken. Vertical position of a body and physical activities cause increase of venous pressure in a seed kanatik and a small egg which as a result works in the opposite direction and, therefore, expands the venous vessels surrounding seed kanatik.

Constantly elevated pressure stretches eventually and expands veins. Durability of venous walls and force of venous pressure have prime impact on stretching degree. Gradually the grid of the increased veins braids a small egg, and in some started cases the venous sponge completely hides it. For temperature-controlled function of a scrotum it is wrapped in sad consequences: the small egg is not cooled any more as was conceived by the nature. Temperature, unusually high for this body, suppresses a spermatogenesis and production of spermatozoa significantly decreases. Risk of development of infertility in the men suffering to a varikotsela, several times above than at healthy men.

So, the factors disposing to infertility at varicosity of a seed kanatik and small egg are:

  1. Equalizing of temperature of a small egg and general body temperature.
  2. Dysfunction of venous valves because of which active agents of kidneys and adrenal glands are thrown back in small eggs.
  3. Ischemia and deficiency of oxygen in a small egg.
  4. Small egg intoxication free radicals who, being strong toxic agents, accumulate in its fabrics.

Disease symptoms

The problem arises during the pubertatny period of a growing of the boy: the illness reaches a certain degree and in the future does not develop any more. Specific signs at the varikotsel are absent – a disease diagnose incidentally during routine medical examination. Patients do not complain of any unusual or painful feelings.

However young men nevertheless note that sometimes have the easy pulling feeling in the struck small egg, a scrotum and in a groin in general. Feelings amplify during walking, physical tension and at the time of sexual excitement a little. Visually the scrotum is slightly increased, and its left side is hardly considerably lowered.

At the varikotsel of the last degree the left small egg decreases in sizes, and strongly drooped scrotum interferes with normal walking. In hard cases pain in the struck area of a scrotum becomes a constant, thus under her skin accurate contours of izvity veins start appearing.

Illness stages

On nature of expansion of veins and a seed kanatik of a small egg distinguish the following stages of a disease:

  • 0 stage – a palpation of veins is inefficient, and diagnosis of varicosity is possible only by means of tool methods of research (ultrasonography, doppler sonography);
  • 1 stage – expanded veins can be probed in a standing position while in a prone position any signs to a varikotsela are absent;
  • 2 stage – it is easy to probe expanded veins at a palpation irrespective of the fact which the provision was adopted by the patient;
  • 3 stage – veins are considerably expressed and well distinguishable at visual survey.

At emergence to a varikotsela at once can develop both 2, and the 3rd stage of a disease. One degree, as a rule, does not pass into another.

Consequences to a varikotsela

The disease is the prerequisite of development of an infertilnost (infertility):

  1. More than at 60% of men who faced this diagnosis, frustration of a spermatogenesis – the main function of small eggs is fixed.
  2. Diagnose for 42% of the men passing inspection concerning infertility to a varikotsela.

Fight against an illness pursues one aim – to prevent development of infertility or to cure it, having restored normal functions of men's reproductive system.

Methods of diagnosis of a disease

In the presence of external symptoms of pathology (2, 3 stage) the doctor examines and probes a pampiniform texture in the field of a scrotum in position of the patient standing. At significant increase in veins additional diagnostic events are not held.

Special inspection is appointed to the patient if the disease stopped on 0 or 1 stages, and visually it is impossible to estimate a condition of veins. Then resort to the help of the ultrasonography procedures or doppler sonography of a scrotum which carry out when the patient is in two provisions – sits and lies. This method of research is obligatory for men who asked for medical care in connection with infertility and painful discomfort in the field of a scrotum.

Besides, without exception to patients the spermogram is shown all: conduct 2 researches with an interval in 4–12 weeks. Before carrying out this procedure recommend to the man sexual abstention for the period till 5–7 days.

Treatment to a varikotsela

Conservative methods of treatment of varicosity of a seed kanatik and small egg do not bring due result therefore are auxiliary actions at treatment to a varikotsela in the surgical ways.

When the initial stage of a disease proceeding bessimptomno is diagnosed doctors appoint:

  1. Restriction of certain physical exercises: long foot walks, dances, riding and a driving by bicycle.
  2. Timely treatment of locks which can provoke increase of intra belly pressure.
  3. Reception of the venotonik and preparations influencing narrowing of vessels.
  4. Maintaining regular sexual life.
  5. Swimming.
  6. Douche of a scrotum cold water.

Indications to operation are:

  1. Discomfort and pains in the field of the struck small egg.
  2. Change of anatomy and density of a small egg.
  3. Decrease in a sexual inclination because of a disease.
  4. Bad results of a spermogram.
  5. Decrease in working capacity because of the varikotsel.
  6. Infertility.

Contraindications for operation are very conditional:

  1. Lack of symptoms of a disease at the earliest stage of a current.
  2. Development of inflammatory reactions and various pathologies of other bodies in parallel with the varikotsel.
  3. General serious condition of health of the person.

In the conditions of modern surgery crossing of the stretched veins sent to a pampiniform texture and which are taking part in the return zabros of blood became possible. Let's list main types of operations, effective in a solution to a varikotsela:

  • perevyazyvaniye and crossing of the small egg veins affected with varicosity. Thus passability of lymphatic vessels remains that considerably reduces risk of development complication after operation (for example, scrotum hypostasis);
  • rentgeno-endovascular operations;
  • imposing of vascular anastamoz;
  • microsurgeries which do of access in inguinal area, using for this purpose the optical equipment.

Prevention of a disease

Disputes concerning the objective reasons of development for a varikotsela do not cease still therefore doctors cannot offer any serious measures of prevention of this state. shares the main recommendations of experts with the readers. So, to prevent to a varikotsela, it is necessary for the young man:

  • at the age of 18–20 years to visit the urologist for survey regarding possible pathology;
  • regularly 1 time in 5–6 months independently to examine and palpate genitals regarding the condensed and expanded veins. At detection of suspicious symptoms right there to address to the doctor;
  • at the first symptoms of this disease doctors advise to refuse the use of alcoholic drinks, to lead regular sexual life, carefully preserving itself against infection with venereal diseases;
  • important value for health of male genitals has timely elimination of developments of stagnation in a small basin, the correct treatment of prostatitis, an orkhit and an epididymite;
  • prevention of infertility at the varikotsel there is an operation.
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