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Exhaust tube for newborns

This plain and simple adaptation for many years is a subject for heated arguments. One pediatricians consider that the exhaust tube causes accustoming and advise it not to use, others on the contrary, recommend to apply this tiny attribute to simplification of a condition of newborns.

To understand as far as can be dangerous or on the contrary, safe an exhaust tube – it is difficult. But when darling and the long-awaited kid cries some hours in a row with a tummy pain because he is disturbed by gases - parents are ready to make everything to facilitate a condition of the baby.

Why the kid can cry

In the first weeks and months of life at the newborn functions of a digestive tract and digestion are not up to the end created. Because of these anatomic features in an organism of the little person the exit of the collected gases is at a loss. And them accumulates much. The reasons can be different: the baby can incorrectly take a breast, is greedy suck a small bottle and swallow a lot of air. Therefore in intestines vials of air which can cause to the kid discomfort gather. That the baby felt well and was not capricious, it needs to be helped. The special exhaust tube will help to be exempted from the accumulated gases.

That the tubule represents

The special tubule for branch of GAZ cars at babies is on sale in drugstores. It is made of nontoxical soft material. Length of a tube makes from eighteen to twenty two centimeters, and diameter of an opening – from two and a half to three millimeters. The rounded-off end of a tubule needs to be inserted into an anus of the child.

In a drugstore can offer you two sizes of tubules – number sixteen and number seventeen. The first is intended for newborns, and the second size – for children is more senior.

Mirsovetov at once wants to warn readers that the exhaust tube belongs to "heavy artillery" when other methods (applying of the warmed-up diaper, massage of a stomach, reception of medicines) do not yield positive result. Besides, it is necessary to remember that it is impossible to use a tubule often. According to pediatricians, the exhaust tube can cause accustoming, and the organism of the kid will not learn to cope independently with a problem.

When it is necessary to apply a tubule

Doctors can advise young parents to apply a tubule in such cases:

  1. When at the kid GAZ cars do not depart.
  2. At a lock if within two-three days the newborn has no chair.

Anyway, GAZ cars disturb the baby or it cannot empty intestines, the child will be capricious, strongly to cry and draw in legs to a tummy.

Parents need to reflect and understand the reason of education and a congestion of a large number of GAZ cars. If mother nurses the child, she needs to watch the food. It is necessary to exclude the products causing swelling from a diet: cabbage, bean, barmy pastries. If the kid is on artificial feeding, it can not suit dairy mix. Parents should pick up such mix which will suit the kid, and at him it will not be observed disorders of a digestive tract. If all probable causes of formation of GAZ cars and locks are excluded, but the kid still cries with pain, it is necessary to show the child to the children's surgeon.

In exceptional cases the exhaust tube will help to facilitate a condition of the child for some time, but it is necessary to understand that this adaptation is not a treatment method, and belongs to auxiliary extreme measures.

How to use an exhaust tubule

When your kid suffers from excessive quantity of GAZ cars, it is necessary to get an exhaust tube in a drugstore. In spite of the fact that the detailed instruction which without fail parents need to study is attached to a tubule, it will be better if the patronage nurse or the children's doctor shows to parents as to use it. To show independence in this case – it is imprudent and even it is dangerous because if wrong to use a tubule, it can cause damage mucous and even internal bleeding.

Completely excludes traumatizing the kid a soft exhaust tube of Vindi. Its special design will not allow to enter a tip incorrectly.

Before application the tube needs to be sterilized.

How to execute sterilization of the tool:

  • gather a little water in the small capacity (the metal pan will approach) and put on fire;
  • when water starts beginning to boil, it is possible to put a tip (if it fixed, all tubule) in water and to lower a little fire;
  • it is necessary to boil a tube within ten-fifteen minutes;
  • then to put on a pure tray or a plate, to wait until the tubule completely cools down.

It is necessary to do everything by clean hands therefore before manipulations of a hand it is necessary to wash up carefully with soap and to wipe a pure towel. Useful will be to remind that the device is processed so far, it is necessary to prepare a working surface. Lay on a little table for swaddling, a usual table or on a bed at first an oilcloth, and the diaper then folded in some layers (it is possible to use disposable diapers).

How to use a tube:

  1. The kid it is necessary to undress and put sideways, and to turn in legs a little to a tummy. Newborns are put only on a back.
  2. The rounded-off tip of a tubule should be greased with vaseline, children's cream or vaseline oil (if it is not present – it is possible to use any vegetable).
  3. Accurately and smoothly enter a tubule tip into back pass on depth no more than three centimeters (for newborns). For children about one year the maximum limit makes five centimeters.
  4. The tube has to be in back pass within five minutes. During this time it is necessary to leave not simply a tubule, and accurately to scroll it. It will allow to facilitate an exit of GAZ cars. During stir of a tube watch that it did not drop out. Usually children normally transfer this procedure but if the child is disturbed by pains, he will continue to cry. Try to console the baby and talk to it quiet tone. During procedure it is possible to stroke the child's tummy clockwise.
  5. After an otkhozhdeniye of gases the tube can be cleaned.
  6. If the child was emptied, it needs to be washed away and wiped a soft diaper or a towel.
  7. After procedure well wash up a tube, dry up and put in the plastic container with a cover.
  8. Next time it is possible to use a tube not earlier than in four hours from the moment of the first procedure. Anyway the attending physician has to determine the frequency of application of an exhaust tubule.

In that case when near at hand there is no special adaptation for removal of gases, it is possible to use a tip from a small enema. It needs to be truncated and inserted into a bottom of the baby the smooth end. Also some parents for simplification of a condition of the child use an ordinary straw for cocktails. This method will not yield positive result because the straw is made of soft plastic.

Useful recommendations

Many parents cannot understand, there are GAZ cars or not. In order that to check it, it is possible to do such manipulation: lower in capacity with water a free tip of a tube. If vials of air went – means, GAZ cars already departed.

In most cases, together with a big congestion of air, the crowded intestines can disturb the baby. It cannot independently be emptied.

When using a tubule pay attention to reaction of the child – he should not feel discomfort. If the kid shouts and resists, to him can be sick. In that case it is necessary to clean a tubule and to pick up another, sparing way of disposal of kolik. Carry to such ways: massage of a stomach, podzhimaniye of legs and use of a microenema of Mikrolaks.

How to learn to do without tube

It is hardly to adjust work of children's intestines: he cannot work yet "like clock-work" therefore parents need to consider it and know, what not all children can empty the intestines every day. One kids can defecate several times a day, and for others norm – once in two-three days. Pediatricians claim that the child who is on breastfeeding can empty intestines with various frequency, and color of a chair can be different color and a consistence.

Parents need to watch health of the baby and to prick up the ears in case of disturbing signs.


Parents have to know about possible complications after application of an exhaust tube.

Treat that:

  • perforation of intestines. On its background there can be both a peritonitis, and bleeding;
  • injuries of a mucous membrane of a rectum.

Besides, if diseases or anomalies of development of intestines are found in the child, and also parents suspected bleeding, it is impossible to use an exhaust tube.

It is necessary to remember that it is extremely undesirable to leave the kid during procedure without supervision.

If you are not sure that will cope with a problem independently, it is better to ask for the qualified help, and in sharp cases – to call "ambulance".

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