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Useful properties of tomatoes

"Ladies' fingers", "Miracle of the market", "Pinocchio", "The black prince", "Sanka", "The Russian athlete" … Also it is all grades of tomatoes, now selectors total more than 2000 types of a various form, the sizes and beautiful shades red, orange and yellow. I love them since the early childhood. I want to tell about them, all interesting and useful that is known to me today.
"Bull heart", "Ladies' fingers", "Miracle of the market", "Pinocchio", "The black prince", "Sanka", "The Russian athlete" … Also it is all grades of tomatoes, now selectors total more than 2000 types of a various form, the sizes and beautiful shades red, orange and yellow. I love them since the early childhood. I want to tell about them, my dear readers of, all interesting and useful that is known to me today. So, let's get acquainted closer with señores Tomatoes.
Полезные свойства помидоров
Tomatoes of large grades
Полезные свойства помидоров
Tomatoes of small grades
Полезные свойства помидоров
Tomatoes on a branch. Ladies' fingers

It is a little from history

Believe what exactly Europeans are obliged to Columbus by the acquaintance to tomatoes. The homeland of this annual plant is South America, Ecuador where and now wild-growing types meet.
Many years considered them as poisonous plants. Europeans long time grew up beautiful vegetable as a decorative flower on the window sills and in greenhouses.
I will give such interesting fact. In 1776 there was a war of North American colonies for the freedom. And here to George Washington who at that moment was a commander-in-chief, gave the unusual, appetizingly smelling meat dish which is plentifully decorated with slices of tomatoes for lunch, he did not suspect that thus him are going to poison. The artful cook the traitor did not worry at all that his cunning plan can it will not be possible, and even sent to British the notice of the occurred death of Washington in advance. But the false report did not fall of the addressee into hands, more than forty long years it lay hidden in a secluded place until an entertaining secret was revealed. And future first president of America after such dish fell in love with red tomatoes.
This edible culture "registered" in Russia on beds closer to the middle of the XIX century thanks to efforts of the agronomist Andrey Bolotov.
Полезные свойства помидоров
The tomatoes growing in a hotbed

And what at them inside?

Having armed with modern microscopes, test tubes and necessary reactants, scientists fixedly studied a chemical composition. Today it is already known that tomatoes are rich with lycopene, carotinoids, pectinaceous substances, ascorbic acid, vitamins of B, E group, lyuteiny, zeaksantiny, organic acids – lemon, apple, wine, amber, oxalic. And still are a chemical composition: hlorogenovy and ferulovy acids, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, iodine, iron, chrome, sulfur, cobalt, folic acid and other components, which names a little that will tell readers. Therefore I will pass to the story about useful properties. I will notice only that in fruits of red color scientists found more curative components, than in the yellow.
Полезные свойства помидоров
The tomatoes ripening on a branch

Medicinal properties

The antioxidant the carotene containing in the ripened tomatoes in a large number interferes with development of oncological processes of a stomach, pancreas, lungs, prevents developing of some skin diseases, such as eels and furunkulez as regulates a metabolism in an organism.
Ascorbic acid stimulates immunity, increases protective properties of an organism that we were not ill, interferes with loss of sight and coronary heart disease. The greatest number of vitamin C contains in jellylike pulp round seeds.
Kofeinovy and ferulovy acids promote production of antineoplastic enzymes.
Lycopene (you can sometimes meet other writing of this vegetable pigment – lycopene as in English it is written as Lycopene) protects our sections from the damages leading to their regeneration in the cancer. Such process carries the name "onkogenez". And still such changes in structure of cages can lead to a myocardial infarction. Researches confirmed that men for whom wives often prepare tomatoes dishes, are twice less subject to risk to get to cardiology. And the risk of diseases of a prostate gland decreases by 45%. About 100 various researches proved that lycopene possesses antineoplastic activity. The greatest concentration of lycopene is noted in tomato paste and ketchup. It is recommended to eat them on 2 tablespoons a day. And one more property of lycopene – it prevents oxidizing processes in our crystalline lens, protecting eyes from a cataract.
Lyutein and zeaksantin in common ongoing efforts prevent sight loss, and even a cancer. Becoming more active in a retina of eyes, zeaksantin protects them from UV rays.
Hlorogenovy acid too is important for prevention of oncological diseases as neutralizes toxins of the Wednesday surrounding us, for example, nitrosamines of a cigarette smoke.
Except a karotinoidny pigment, still pectinaceous substances and folic acid reduce amount of "bad" cholesterol in blood.
Organic acids, vitamins and mineral connections improve a metabolism at various diseases.
Tomatoes have hypotensive effect, facilitate a condition of patients at glaucoma.
They improve digestion and are appointed at gipoatsidny gastritises and an atoniya of intestines.
It is recommended to eat at above-mentioned illnesses on 200-300 g of tomatoes a day, having shared this quantity into 2-3 receptions, or to drink fresh tomato juice.
It is useful to eat tomatoes also with that who has diabetes. After all in them there is a biotin – the substance regulating concentration of glucose in blood. And still this vitamin promotes maintenance of skin in a good shape, is necessary for growth of hair and will strengthen nails.
Gentle cellulose of these fruits favorably influences useful microflora of our intestines, revitalizes his mucous membrane. Pectins and intestines will clear, and will reduce in it putrefactive processes.
In the jellylike weight surrounding seeds, the American scientists found substance which called RZ interfering formation of blood clots therefore tomatoes are recommended for prevention of strokes, heart attacks and thrombophlebitis so far.
Tomatoes and diuretic action possess, will bring surplus of water out of an organism. Will improve work of sexual glands and a potentiality at men, I believe for this reason "tomato" is translated from French as "love apple". Thanks to serotonin they will lighten mood and normalize a dream.
Полезные свойства помидоров

In more detail about tomato juice

Men, take good note! Drinking 10 glasses of tomato juice a week, you protect the prostate gland from such diseases as prostatitis, adenoma and a cancer.
Fresh juice as scientists speak, an effective remedy for treatment of stomach ulcer of a stomach and a 12-perstny gut.
This juice successfully combines nutritiousness with low-caloric content, it recommend to enter into a diet of pregnant women and the feeding mummies.

Contraindications and care

You should not be fond strongly of eating of tomatoes at cholelithiasis. There is fear that as strong zhelchegonny, they can drive large and sharp stones which have chance to get stuck in a bilious channel – then not to do without surgery. The second danger – if stones have the oksalatny or phosphatic nature, alas, there can be their further growth. Vegetables these vysokoallergenna therefore to the people inclined to an allergy to red fruits, it is necessary to be accurate.
A few years ago doctors recommended strongly to the patients having gout and other chronic diseases of joints to abstain from the use in food of tomatoes. There was a belief that they in high doses contain oxalic acid. More modern scientific researches and calculations showed that this opinion is obviously exaggerated: oxalic acid at tomatoes is present much less, than at potatoes, spinach, beet, without mentioning already a sorrel. Simple it is better for such patient to use fresh tomatoes, without subjecting them to heat treatment.
And still it is undesirable to patients with renal and cardiovascular diseases there are tinned tomatoes.

Try – tasty!

Certainly, the most tasty dishes which part tomatoes are, there is a lot of – salads, ketchups, soups, borsches, vegetable stews, sauces, marinades, adjika and other preparations for long winter. I will dare to offer you 2 very simple recipes, but at first about small nuances.
Useful tips:
From tomatoes add a green or violet basil to salads. It adds to dishes a savor and unique taste.
Полезные свойства помидоров
Tomato with a green basil
Lycopene is more stoutly acquired by an organism if to fry tomatoes on oil. At heat treatment from tomatoes more carotinoids and this red pigment are released.
In tomatoes of ascorbic acid contains as much, as well as in oranges or lemons. Only under the influence of air the askorbinka and other useful components collapse therefore I recommend to readers to eat Mirsovetov salad at once as soon as prepared but not to store long time in the refrigerator.
Many hostesses douse tomatoes boiled water, husk and throw out it. And after all it contains a large amount of the silicon which is positively influencing a condition of nails, hair.
And now I want to offer the fast recipe as a part of which there is a cheese. Such combination of products helps nutrients to be acquired more fully.
Полезные свойства помидоров
Three tasty tomatoes

Tomato circles with cheese

Structure: tomatoes, cheese ("Russian" or "Gouda"), olive mayonnaise, garlic teeth, on a branch of greens of fennel or parsley.
Preparation. Tomatoes with dense pulp to wash and cut with circles. To lay circles one layer on a dish. To make a stuffing. For it to rub on a small grater it is a little cheese, to crush garlic, to add to cheese, to mix with mayonnaise. On each circle to put about 1/3 tea spoons of a stuffing in core. And from above to strew everything with small cut fresh greens.
Полезные свойства помидоров
Tomatoes circles with cheese

Tomatoes without vinegar for the winter

And my very good acquaintance a few years ago shared the second recipe with me. In my family very much like to open in the winter jars with such tomatoes. On taste they turn out almost like fresh, feature that at preparation in them any preserving substances like vinegar and lemon acid is not put.
Structure: fleshy tomatoes, salt, sugar, water. More it is necessary nothing! Spices too are not put.
Preparation. To wash tomatoes with dense pulp of the small sizes. To remove accurately that part where the fruit stem settled down, to cut in half. To lay in well sterilized one-liter jars (three pieces) a cut down to a coat hanger. Filling prepares so. To boil about 1,1-1,2 l of water, to add 1 tablespoon with top of salt, 3 tablespoons of sugar. I usually try filling, sometimes I correct salt and sugar a little. This quantity at me is enough for three liter jars. In everyone about 350-400 ml are located. At once to fill in in banks with the laid tomatoes. To cover with the tin covers which are previously sterilized and to put to sterilize in a wide pan with almost boiling water for 10-15 minutes on average fire. Accurately to take out, roll up banks. And what vinegar! Banks are stored in the refrigerator on the top shelf up to April-May.

Not only inside, but also outwardly

Cosmetologists recommend to do nutritious masks of tomatoes for the sluggish porous skin inclined to acne rash. The pulp is put on a face, neck area for 10-15 minutes. Or simply wipe skin a tomato slice. Then to wash the freshened-up face. Procedure is repeated by 2-3 times a week. The course lasts 3-4 weeks. You are surprised but if to do such masks regularly, even small wrinkles will be smoothed, and sections of skin will be updated.
Leaves of tomatoes contain connections which reduce hyperactivity of sebaceous glands of hairy head skin. Therefore extract from leaves is a part of some shampoos for an oily hair, for example, of the Gold Silk series.

Here what they useful! And anything toxic in tomatoes it is not found. And poisonous were not fruits, but other part of a plant – stalks. Skilled summer residents consider them as the best vegetable poison for some types sadovo garden wreckers.
I will be very glad if readers Mirsovetov gather something new of my story about these señores. I wish you health and bon appetit!
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