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Useful properties of a sea-buckthorn

Small imperceptible berry of a sea-buckthorn wins hearts more and more every year and takes a place on tables of those who cares of the health. And it is not surprising, after all in it there are so much useful properties that it can be used as panacea practically at any illness.

Berries of a sea-buckthorn help with two directions – at diseases and cosmetic problems.

Medicinal properties of berries

It is difficult to tell from what illness do not use these orange berries. Beginning from baldness and finishing with hemorrhoids. Possess medicinal properties, both fresh berries, and sea-buckthorn oil, in the last, by the way, there is more useful. But about everything one after another. So, in berries of this autumn tree there are a lot of polyvitamins therefore they are used at avitaminosis, especially in the spring. Berries can be dried, milled with sugar, to cook jam, and it is simple to use the fresh.

Is a part of fresh fruits to 8% of oil, and also vitamins A, C, B3, B1, folic acid, Riboflavinum, tannins, and acids: olein, palmitic and stearin.

Bark of this tree too is rich with serotonin which in medicine is applied as antineoplastic means. Berries are used in medicine for the termination of inflammatory process and fast healing of wounds and regeneration of fabric.

Broth from leaves well influences work of intestines and all process of digestion in general. And as the excellent disinfecting means gruel from fruits will approach. Thanks to the regenerating properties it is applied often at burns of different severity and at other diseases of skin, for example, at pigmentary spots, scars and cuts. Besides, there is at gruel one more remarkable curative property – it is simply irreplaceable at diseases of a throat and cold. For treatment of dry cough doctors recommend to mix a sea-buckthorn with honey.

Broths are widely used in medicine also. So, broth from sunflower seeds is a gentle depletive, and from leaves – helps at gout and rheumatism.

Earlier at treatment of a scurvy drank sea-buckthorn tea, made it so: took five grams of dried leaves and filled in with a glass of boiled water, insisted and saw during the day. Juice and berries use at complex treatment of toxic hepatitis.

At diseases of a stomach recommend to drink such broth: to take three tablespoons of berries and to fill in them 1,5 l of hot water, to boil within 10 minutes on small fire and then to filter. In day it is necessary to drink three glasses of this medicine. Also broth is applied and at treatment of an ulcer of a duodenum and stomach.

At ponosa and other disorders of a gastrointestinal tract make and drink broth from branches and leaves of a sea-buckthorn. To fill in one tablespoon of the crushed branches and leaves with a glass of cold water, to bring to boiling and to take five minutes on small fire, then to leave for half an hour and to filter. To drink at once all broth and if necessary to repeat.

At an allergy, beam dermatitis and ulcers accept berries decoction: To zakipyatit 20 grams of fruits in a glass of water within 15 minutes, to allow to stand half an hour, then to filter and drink 100 grams throughout the day, it is also possible to use this infusion in the form of compresses.

And fresh berries of a sea-buckthorn recommend to put to wounds at frostbite, a burn or abscesses.

If to speak generally about useful properties of a sea-buckthorn, it is necessary to allocate one uniform rule: if there is an inflammation in a human body, it is necessary to accept it inside in the form of broth, tincture, jam or simply fresh. And here if the center of an inflammation is outside on skin, medicine should be applied in the form of compresses and ointments.

Useful properties of sea-buckthorn oil

To any comparison there are no properties of fresh fruits and sea-buckthorn oil. Being exposed to processing, berries give all the best and useful that in them is and therefore in a drop of oil there is a great lot of useful substances. Oil possesses different properties, for example, antibacterial, calming, healing. This medicine is applied even to treatment of cancer tumors. Oil both outwardly, and inside is applied.

If there are problems with the top airways, it is necessary to do inhalations with sea-buckthorn oil. At such diseases as pharyngitis and laryngitis, it is necessary to process a mucous membrane a tampon wadded, previously moistened in sea-buckthorn oil. It is also necessary to do inhalations lasting 15 minutes. A course of treatment – 10 procedures.

It is useful to oil also a wound after removal of almonds, thus, it is possible to reduce temperature and to clear surface fabrics. If the patient has chronic antritis, sterile sea-buckthorn oil can help it, it enter into a bosom maxillary in number of 5 ml.

Apply sea-buckthorn oil and at decubituses, eczemas, a wolf cub, herpes. For this purpose it is necessary to process at first a skin site an antiseptic, then slightly to dry and it is accurate, to apply with a pipette oil, further to cover with a gauze napkin, paper waxed and to bandage. To replace a bandage every other day.

Gynecologists recommend to use sea-buckthorn oil in treatment of an erosion of a neck of a uterus. For this purpose it is necessary to moisten a tampon in oil, to enter into a vagina and to press to the struck surface. To change tampons every day. A course of treatment from five days to two weeks.

Sea-buckthorn oil and ophthalmologists love, it apply at any damage of a cornea of eyes, and also stomatologists, to them treat inflammations of gums and a pulp of teeth.

Cosmetic application of a sea-buckthorn

Except medicinal properties, the sea-buckthorn was still fallen in love to many women and even men because of the cosmetology effect. First of all, a sea-buckthorn decoction helps at baldness and a hair loss. This berry is very widely applied in production of shampoos and means on leaving to hair therefore if you have no opportunity most to prepare broths and infusions, it is always possible to find already ready means on the shelf of shop today.

The vitamins and other useful substances containing in berries well influence hair bulbs, hair start growing quicker, and look brilliant and healthy. Well sate hair and masks from a sea-buckthorn.

Cream which part the sea-buckthorn is, is active assistants in fight against wrinkles, after several times of application, skin is smoothed, tone becomes fresh and equal, and skin looks young and healthy.

Contraindications to the use of a sea-buckthorn

As well as any other remedy, has at a sea-buckthorn also contraindications. Pleases that it is not enough of them. However you should not forget that at serious failures in immunity work such strong means which these berries are, can cause the strongest allergic reaction. It occurs because of the raised content of bioactive agents, in particular, of carotene.

Those people who has any violations in work of a liver, duodenum, gall bladder, pancreas, pancreatitis, have to apply very accurately a sea-buckthorn as it contains many acids.

In all other cases this wonderful autumn berry – irreplaceable medicine. The main thing not to forget that all is useful moderately.

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