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Useful properties of pomegranate

For many people a symbol of a snow time of year and New Year's holidays is pomegranate. This one of the most ancient edible fruits on the earth which are known to the person. Today readers of learn a lot of new about this useful berry.

If to speak from the point of view of botany, pomegranate is a berry, but not fruit. And its history closely intertwines with history of all mankind. So, in Ancient Greece this fruit was a symbol of marital fidelity. At Moors of grenades became a national emblem, and the whole city – Granada was called by his name. Monarchs are obliged to this fruit by emergence of the main attribute of the power of kings – a crown as, according to historians, the form of chashelistik at pomegranate became a prototype of this headdress. And not without reason in east countries it carries the name of "the king of all fruits". And the mineral which because of the color is called in honor of a fruit, in ancient Persia was considered as a passion symbol which awakens passionate desires in the owner.

Ripe fruits of pomegranate contain more than one thousand seeds for this reason ancient people considered it as a fertility symbol, and also infertility medicine.

Useful properties of pomegranate

In this fruit improbable amount of vitamins, minerals and microcells. In it there is a lot of calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, manganese, magnesium, iron and sodium, vitamins of group B, and also With and River. And also high content of acids: lemon, wine, boric, apple and amber and some other.

It is good to satisfy with grenades thirst, to stimulate appetite, their use well influences development in an organism of erythrocytes and to increase of level of hemoglobin in blood. They are a remarkable biogenous stimulator. If to yield to the child every day fruits or juice of pomegranate, it will be full of strength, clever and healthy, and all because this fruit remarkably strengthens immunity, cardiovascular system, nervous system. It is recommended to eat to people at advanced age and that who transferred surgical intervention. Recommend the last pomegranate because of its styptic properties. Still recommend it at an illness of bodies of blood circulation, lungs, kidneys and a liver, to them normalize a blood pressure. And the last researches of scientists say that thanks to an estrogen which to contain in the grenade, can help to struggle with a depression and to facilitate climax symptoms at women.

As juice of pomegranate contains 15 amino acids from which a half can be met in meat products, it is not surprising that this fruit is loved so by vegetarians who replace animal protein vegetable. Besides all amino acids are vital to our organism. Getting to a human body, they are soaked up in blood, and in a body are transformed to protein – construction material for cages. All natural amino acids, getting to a human body, begin active fight against pathological cages, suppress their work.

Protects garnet juice from formation of cancer cells. Practically always appoint it to people who transferred radiation or which work is connected with radiation.

Juice of pomegranate is recommended to drink at a scurvy, mochekisly diathesis, atherosclerosis, headaches, disorders of a gastrointestinal tract. Regular reception of juice softly reduces arterial pressure, therefore this delicacy - the frequent guest on a table at hypertensive persons. Well juice of pomegranate helps and at cold, quinsy, struggles with cough and high temperature. Also recommend it at bronchial asthma, malaria and anemia.

When allow to drink garnet juice to little children, surely dissolve it with water one to one. And couple of days is given on only one spoon, thus, exclude risk of an allergy. Then it is necessary to make a break for a week and again to give couple of days, but already on two tea spoons. And in general doctors do not recommend to children to give pomegranate juice because because of the organic acids it can cause irritation of a stomach about one year.

And that who has stomach ulcers, gastritis or the increased secretion of gastric juice, it is authorized to drink juice only previously having diluted with water.

If the person is sick with diabetes, to it garnet juice only on advantage, it is necessary to drink it 4 times a day to food on 60 drops. It has to lower significantly the content of sugar in blood and to be convinced of it it is possible, having made tests, after three days of reception of juice.

But not only juice of pomegranate is useful, but also and its peel. It is considered useful cure for diarrheas. It is necessary to take five grams of a peel of pomegranate, to fill in its floor with glasses of boiled water, 20 minutes leave to be drawn and then filter. It is necessary to drink three times a day on a teaspoon.

The alkaloids containing in a peel possess powerful action against worms.

For this purpose it is necessary to draw 50 g of the crushed peel about 6 hours in cold water, then to boil on average fire until a half of water does not evaporate. Ready broth needs to be filtered and drunk in the small portions within an hour. In an hour drink a depletive and in five hours give an enema.

If to dry up and grind a peel, and then to roast a little with butter, the excellent assistant in fight against problem skin will turn out. Also it is good to them to treat burns, scratches and cracks. The benefit is brought also by white crossing points which are between pomegranate grains. They are dried up and added to tea. Such drink helps to remove alarm, counterbalances nervous system, struggles with sleeplessness. And here stones well help to adjust work of intestines and besides in them there is the most valuable garnet oil which helps to struggle with cancer diseases.

In cookery the condensed pomegranate juice is popular, it serves as sauce to many foods, meat and vegetable dishes thanks to it develop a saturated and delicate taste.

Pomegranate and in medicine for production of many medicines is used.

Dangerous properties of pomegranate

Despite the miracle curative force, is at this fruit and contraindication. Categorically people who have any problems with a stomach are not recommended to drink it. If strongly there is a wish, it is possible to drink it, previously having diluted with water as the acids containing in the grenade cause strong irritation of digestive organs.

Acids and are dangerous to teeth, they can corrode tooth enamel therefore after the use of pomegranate it is necessary either to brush teeth, or to drink its diluted with water. Also this fruit possesses the fixing properties therefore to the person suffering from a lock or hemorrhoids there is a pomegranate it is not recommended.

As the peel of pomegranate contains small percent of poisonous alkaloids, be careful with broths from it. At overdose perhaps strong increase of arterial pressure, and as a result – spasms, dizziness, weakness in all body. At the first symptoms of poisoning it is necessary to call the doctor.

To choose a good ripe fruit, it is necessary to turn attention to its peel. At a good product it dried and as if fits grains. And if the crust smooth, it means that the fruit did not ripen yet. Besides it is necessary to pay attention to pomegranate "buttocks", that is into place where there was once a flower, there should not be greens. To the touch the fruit has to be firm and if soft, so fell when transporting, began to rot or is frozen.

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