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Useful properties of oats

Since ancient times people knew about existence of such cereal as oats, with it usually fed cattle. And over time it became clear that in it there are a lot of useful properties. Homeland of this plant Northern China and Mongolia.

Legends say that in the ancient time still Germans planted oats and cooked from it porridge. Grain was usually applied to compresses, gruel from it treated a diarrhea, and slizky substance – cough. But fully people estimated curative power of oats a little later.

Today it is authentically known that oat flakes and oat flour is the most, perhaps, healthy food for any age, an excellent product for a diet and remarkable means from chronic inflammatory processes. With the medical purpose use grain, whole grains and an oat flour, and also the green tops collected in the period of a kolosheniye and straw.

Oats consist for 60% of starch, 8% of fat, 18% of protein, in it there are a lot of irreplaceable amino acids, such as a lysine and tryptophane. It is a lot of in it also essential oils, gum, the most different vitamins: groups B, carotene, To, nicotinic and pantogenovy acid. There is enough in a cereal and potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, manganese, chrome, zinc, iodine, nickel, fluorine. And grits are rich with sulfur.

Treatment by oats

Oat starch gives to an organism slow energy therefore at its use there are no sharp jumps of increase of sugar in blood that is very important for diabetics. Also in a cereal there is a protein which is extremely important for growth of an organism and restoration of its fabrics. If constantly to eat cellulose, it will reduce cholesterol level in blood, will protect cardiovascular system.

For treatment of chronic inflammations use oat flakes or oat flour. And the flour is used for treatment of acute inflammations of a digestive tract. Oats dishes use as dietary food after an illness.

Thanks to reception of oats, work of a pancreas and liver improves, fat in intestines is acquired, polyphenols – biologically active agents also participate in an exchange of fats also.

  1. At an anemia and at stomach diseases prepare mucous broths. It is necessary to take liter of boiled water, to add a glass of oats and to weary all this on slow fire so far the fourth part of liquid will not be evaporated. To filter and add honey to taste. To accept on a half-glass, to food three-four times a day for the general strengthening of an organism, and at diseases of intestines, stomach, joint pain.
  2. For strengthening of an organism at senile weakness, and also for those who underwent an operation and weakened, at diseases of kidneys, prepare such broth: it is good to wash out a glass of oats in a peel in water, to add it to five glasses of cold water and to zakipyatit. To weary on fire until a half of liquid does not evaporate. Then to filter and put four spoons of honey to broth.
  3. At a lock prepare such laxative infusion: to fill in one glass of oats with a glass warm, but not hot water and to leave for night, to merge infusion in the morning, and to prepare from it kissel. To drink three times per day. To strengthen cleaning effect, it is possible to combine this medicine with infusion from blackcurrant leaves.
  4. At the started pneumonia form, especially those who weakened at an illness, need to use such medicine: the glass of the washed-out oats grains with a peel to fill in with liter of milk and on weak fire to weary within an hour. Then to filter and drink hot, it is possible to add oil and honey, it is necessary to drink for the night. You should not store it because quickly turns sour.
  5. At children's locks it is useful to give to the child in the morning porridge from grits. But it is better not to cook it, and to make and insist.
  6. If the person has a diarrhea, and also there are diseases of heart and a liver cook oats thus: to fill in hundred grams of oat flakes with liter of cold water, four hours to insist and then to cook, will not thicken yet. It is necessary to eat in the small portions during the day.
  7. To cure gastrointestinal diseases and simply for dietary food prepare such tea: the tablespoon of oat flakes is filled in with two glasses of water and long cooked on slow fire.
  8. There are at this plant also febrifugal properties. It is necessary to take a handful of the crushed straw and to fill in with water liter, to cook half an hour, then to insist, previously having wrapped up for two hours, then to filter and drink on a half-glass five times a day.
  9. To cure a liver and kidneys traditional medicine uses dairy broth from grains, in the ratio a glass of milk on an oats tablespoon. At first it is necessary to accept on a half-glass in day. Every day to increase volume by a half, will not reach liter yet. And then in the same progression reduce volume to the initial. It is necessary to repeat a course 3-4 times.

By means of oats it is possible to relieve and of an addiction – smoking. For this purpose there are some recipes:

  1. To take on hundred grams of oats, barley, a rye and millet and to boil in water liter, to take on slow fire within ten minutes. Days to take infusion in a thermos, then to filter and three times a day to accept on hundred grams to food. The course lasts until there is a permanent disgust for smoking.
  2. To crush oat grains and a tablespoon to fill in with two glasses of warm water. To leave for night, and to boil within 10 minutes in the morning. It is necessary to drink as tea, it will suppress addiction to opium and tobacco.
  3. To fill in with a glass of boiled water two tablespoons of oats, two times to bring to boiling. Within an hour to insist, then to filter and drink by the fourth part of a glass five times a day within a month.
  4. To crush a green grass of oats and to fill in two tablespoons with a glass of vodka, to insist two weeks in a warm place. On twenty drops to accept twice a day on an empty stomach. This cure for sleeplessness, a neurasthenia and if there is an addiction to tobacco helps. To that this good medicine for regulation of exchange processes in a cardiac muscle.

Use and in cosmetics medicinal properties of oats. Do broth with which then treat eczema, diathesis and inflammations of skin of the crude grains. The same broth can be applied in the form of a mask to dry skin which is shelled. If skin on the contrary fat, helps it a mask from mix of kefir and oat flour, put it for 20 minutes. For the withering skin do masks of oat flour, and for dry do lotions of broth of grains. For hands do trays of broth of oats or oat-flakes.

Contraindications to the use of oats

Though contraindications to the use of oats have more likely formal character, but nevertheless It is necessary to tell about them. So, if to exceed the recommended dose of tinctures from oats, it can lead to a headache. And long use of oil from oats can provoke an acne and rash. It is necessary to watch that oil did not get to eyes, and also you should not inhale fumes of oat oil because it can cause dizziness and irritation of the mucous.

It should be noted also that as a part of oats active agents and vitamins which can negatively affect on health of the person with such problems as diseases of a gall bladder and a liver, a heart and renal failure, intolerance of all product and hypersensitivity to separate components, the increased acidity of a stomach contain.

And in the conclusion of recommends to the readers you should not replace porridges with quick-cooking cereals popular nowadays. Because in these porridges there is a lot of sugar and dangerous flavoring additives. And as medicine they have no value.

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