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Useful properties of a nettle

On our planet of one thousand plants and many of them medicinal. But, perhaps, the real leader in the medicinal properties is the nettle. Where it was only not used couples centuries ago...

For example, from fibers which received from this grass, made threads and ropes, from them spun fishing nets and weaved very strong fabric. And Europeans in the 19th century through a krapivny sieve filtered a flour and honey.

Our ancestors used a nettle and in the magic purposes because was considered that this grass evil ghosts are afraid. If the child grew disobedient, often was exposed to a beating this plant. It was done not to hurt, so expelled dirty which pushed the child to make bad acts. Before an entrance to the house always laid rugs from a nettle, thus, was considered that anybody with evil intentions will not cross a threshold of this dwelling. Except rugs, also krapivny brooms were popular, they together with garbage swept out all negative from the house. But not only houses people protected from magical charms, but also the yards. For this purpose in a kitchen garden planted a nettle and never cut down it, took it on charms. And in Tula region there is even a city which was called in honor of this curative grass – Krapivna that is one more proof of honoring of a herb in Russia.

Use of a nettle in life

Those who is engaged in agricultural works, knows that by means of a nettle it is possible to raise yields of milk at cows and goats, and also to increase a yaytsenoskost at geese and hens. For this purpose all winter they are fed with special mix which consists of oats and a grass. Still use this plant as a peculiar refrigerator when it is necessary to keep fresh products during a heat. In this case it is necessary to impose meat or fish with a grass from all directions and periodically to change it. As fishermen speak, thus it is possible to keep a catch fresh within one and a half days. One more interesting property of a nettle – do absolutely harmless dye of it. And very often it is used for decoration of pies.

Today the nettle is widely applied both in medicine, and in culinary branch. Often she can be met as a part of pharmaceutical collecting and on tables of the most refined restaurants. According to the recommendation of astrologers, it is necessary to collect this plant in the first quarter on a lunar calendar. Only at a dawn and only on Tuesday, here then it will also have salutary properties. Whether to observe these recommendations everyone solves for himself, and here advices of doctors should be followed, and they say that people cannot use a grass in food with a varicosity, and also who has a thrombophlebitis because this grass does blood dense, increasing its coagulability. Also it is impossible to drink a nettle and to pregnant women as it is possible to cause fights and premature birth. And here if it is necessary to stop bleeding, then a grass only in the help. Also thanks to bactericidal qualities, treat it purulent wounds and ulcers, for this purpose it is necessary to strew a wound with a ground dried grass.

From our grandmothers the recipe which they used to make the hair brilliant reached. Its secret here in what: it is necessary to take 100 grams of leaves of a nettle, it is possible as fresh, and in dry, to fill in with one liter of boiled water, to add a tablespoon of honey and to leave for one hour. Then to filter and two glasses of broth to add to warm water and to wash in it the head. Thus it is not necessary to use shampoo or soap, only krapivny water. After this procedure hair will become silky and brilliant.

At sharp gastritis prepare such broth: to take leaves of a plantain and a nettle, a St. John's Wort, flowers of a camomile pharmaceutical. To mix and 4 tablespoons of this mix to fill in with boiled water liter, two hours to allow to stand in a warm place. To drink on a glass during the day. A course – 10 days.

At a usual lock it is necessary to prepare such collecting: to mix one part of leaves of a nettle one part of a yarrow, three parts of bark of a buckthorn. To zakipyatit one tablespoon in a glass of water, to boil one minute and to draw half an hour. Then to filter and drink on a half-glass before going to bed. A course – 2 weeks.

At bleeding to drink juice from fresh leaves on 1 teaspoon three times a day. It is possible to buy liquid extract of a nettle in a drugstore, to drip it in a quarter of a glass of water on 30 thaws is a good means for prevention of female bleedings.

At an erosion of a neck of a uterus moisten a tampon in juice of leaves of a nettle and enter into a vagina. This plant helps and at problems with a lactation. For this purpose mix nettle leaves, fennel seeds, a grass of the tributary, anise seeds. To fill in two spoons of dining rooms of this mix with two glasses of water, to bring to boiling, to wait so far will cool down and to drink on a half-glass in an hour after food, twice a day.

At cough boil in syrup from sugar nettle roots. Accept several times a day on a tablespoon. Or it is possible to drink as tea, having made a pinch of flowers of a nettle.

Nettle in cookery

In hungry military and post-war time the nettle, as well as a sorrel, and an orach, were nearly the main food for many families. Its fir-trees from small rostochok on spring and to deep frosts while the plant did not perish from cold. Women somehow managed to prepare from it the mass of dishes, for example, Russian cabbage soup or salads and even baked flat cakes liquid. Then the standard of living rose and about such product a little as a nettle hurried to forget, and it is vain because it simply a well of vitamins and useful substances, contains in it copper, calcium and iron, and also vitamins A, To, With and groups B, only one this grass is able to provide with these substances an organism.

The nettle is a part of national dishes of several countries, such as Germany, Russia, France, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Romania.

To prepare salad, recommends to take young leaflets of a nettle, to wash out them, small to cut after that to add green onions, parsley and fennel, everything to mix and to water with vegetable oil, to add salt and pepper to taste.

One more salad from a nettle and an orach: to scald a glass of a young nettle boiled water, then to mix with a half-glass of small cut orach, to add the cut garlic glove to mix, from above to strew with shabby egg, green onions and to fill with sour cream. To mix salad, to leave for some time, let will become impregnated with gas station and it is possible to eat.

To prepare millet pies from a nettle, it is necessary to take hundred grams of a grass and to boil in slightly added some salt water. The scalded grass small to cut and mix with already ready hundred grams of millet cereal. Weight will turn out quite sticky, from it it is necessary to stick together pies and to bake in an oven. If there is no oven, it is possible and to fry on a plate, will not be worse.

Cook from a nettle and soups, for example, Vitamin Trio soup: to put potatoes cut in cubes in meat broth and to weld to readiness, then to add a melkoporezanny nettle, a sorrel and a medunitsa to soup, two minutes to wait prokipit so far and to remove from fire. To add to soup to taste sour cream, to strew with greens, to salt and pepper.

The nettle can be prepared and for the winter, the period ideal for this purpose – summer. In well aired room display leaves not under direct sunshine. Then the dried-up grass is touched, leave only leaves. Also use for designated purpose.

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