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Use of mint for beauty and health

With what the word "mint" is associated at you? The fresh, gentle aroma cooling taste and huge medical potential. Yes, it distinguishes mint from a set of other useful plants. The most popular type of mint – peppery. It renders the soothing, antiemetic, spazmolitichesky, calming and zhelchegonny actions.
With what the word "mint" is associated at you? The fresh, gentle aroma cooling taste and huge medical potential. Yes, it distinguishes mint from a set of other useful plants. The most widespread look which can be met on counters of shops – a peppermint. It appears that except this look, in the nature there is field, dlinnolisty, lemon (it is a melissa), apple and even a curly mint. And there is more to come! The science allocates more than hundred subspecies of this wonderful plant. Among them it is possible to meet absolutely unusual copies. For example, mint with taste of chocolate or orange.

Useful properties of mint

Применение мяты Does not know about useful properties of mint unless the child. It is widely used in medicine, cosmetology, pharmaceutics and even cookery. Many hostesses noted – addition of mint does taste of dishes brighter and nasyshchenny.
The most popular type of mint – peppery. It renders the soothing, antiemetic, spazmolitichesky, calming and zhelchegonny actions. Besides, it positively influences work of vessels, strengthens blood circulation, improves work of intestinal muscles. Mint is used often for disposal of heartburn and a stomach pains.
As a part of mint about 3% of essential oil are allocated, it contains air, flavonoids, tannins, menthol which allow to use mint as a bactericidal plant. Broth of mint has disinfecting effect, and is applied at inflammatory diseases. The menthol which is a part of mint is widely used in production of toothpastes, powders and lotions for an oral cavity, due to disinfecting action.

Peppermint in medicine

Применение мяты Mint is often used in treatment of diarrheas. For example, at nausea and vomiting. Mint broth is very often appointed to pregnant women in the period of the first trimester when often there is a toxicosis. Infusion of mint will become excellent means for prevention of gastritis and stomach ulcer of a stomach.
One more property of mint which does it irreplaceable at treatment – anti-inflammatory. Mint infusion quickly and safely treats pharyngitis, quinsy, bronchitis, cold and many other respiratory diseases. For disposal of cold it is enough to drink in day three cups of tea with mint is not only it is tasty, but also it is useful! At the exhausting cough it is possible to carry out inhalations with mint oil.
If you are tormented by migraines, simply attach sheets of a peppermint to a forehead. Such way of treatment was opened not so long ago, but it already managed to win general popularity. At purulent diseases doctors advise to put the gauze moistened in mint juice to a wound place.
Infusion of mint prepares very simply: 10 g of leaves to fill in 400 ml of boiled water and to allow to cool down. Such infusion helps from many illnesses. Pressure goes down, processes of fermentation in intestines are suppressed, vomiting and a stomach pains disappears, passes the raised nervous tension. Also by means of infusions of mint it is possible to cure a SARS, gastritis, cholelithiasis, hepatitis and many other diseases.
However mint has contraindications. It is not recommended to use mint infusions to the people suffering from the lowered arterial pressure. Also you should not be treated by mint broths and to use fresh mint to the people having intolerance to any components of a plant. Doctors forbid to add to the diet or to be treated by mint to women in the period of a lactation and to children till five years. Mint – it is undoubted, a useful plant. However you should not use it in large numbers. Otherwise you can have serious problems with a dream, arise cardiac pains, and also an abyss a sexual inclination.

Peppermint in cosmetology

Применение мяты From mint it is possible to prepare lotions and masks for care of face skin and hands. Besides, trays and compresses from mint – procedure, pleasant and useful to a body. Want to look fresh always and it is young? Mint to you in the help! For this purpose freeze mint infusion in an icetray and wipe it face skin daily. Such ice considerably will refresh skin and will bring it into a tone. Curative properties of mint depend on a dosage – in small quantities you will be able to remove an inflammation from the damaged skin sites, and having increased a dosage, will achieve inflow of blood to skin and emergence of a flush.
Mint infusion will be ideally suited for the withering skin. For its receiving it is enough to fill in a tablespoon of leaves of mint with a glass of boiled water. Wipe the received infusion face skin 3 times a day. If to add a tablespoon of lime color to mint and to allow infusion to cool down, the remarkable compress for flabby skin which will have the tightening and refreshing effect will turn out, removes fatigue traces on a face.
Elasticity will help to return to skin a mint srub. It is very simple to prepare it. For this purpose you will need mint infusion, warm milk and the oat flakes processed in the coffee grinder. Carefully mix all ingredients and apply with the massage movements on face skin. Oat flakes will remove from pollution skin, milk will softly moisten it, and mint will present feeling of freshness.
The separate attention is deserved by mint oil. It is often used in the cosmetic purposes, as antiseptic and a resolvent. Using mint oil, you will be able to slow down process of aging and withering of skin. Essential oil of mint with great success is applied in treatment of acne rash, solar burns and to complexion improvement. It is enough to drip to steam of drops of essential oil in any vegetable (linen or olive), and natural cosmetic is ready.
Remember that mint, as well as the majority of medical plants, has contraindications. Also she can act as strong allergen. Therefore it is necessary to use it with care. If you have a varicosity or have individual intolerance to mint components, it is better to refuse its use and external application.
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