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Useful properties of a helba

Long since was considered that on the curative properties of a helb it is capable to replace one thousand drugs. In the ancient time it was considered nearly as panacea, today it is used generally as seasoning by those who adheres to healthy food.

Advantage of a helba

Most often the helba is applied to get rid of cold, to remove temperature and complications after viral infections. Seeds of this grass help not only to cope with an infection, but also to lift immunity. It is possible to prepare vitamin drink, having drawn a tablespoon of seeds of a helba in 0,5 liter of boiled water, and then to add juice of a lemon and cranberry to infusion. Helbu first of all recommend to use to women as it contains vegetable analog of a hormone of an estrogen. Therefore it is used at an early climax, at pains in the period of periods and at treatment of female diseases. In the east prepare sedentary bathtubs with extract of this plant to treat female illnesses. And tea from seeds of a helba is recommended to drink to pregnant women and nursing mothers, and also who has inflammations of bodies of a small pelvis.

At stomatitis, an inflammation of gums recommend to hold ground seeds behind a cheek. And tincture from these seeds it is necessary to rinse a throat at quinsy. But most of all the helba is known as seasoning. She improves assimilation of proteinaceous products and fights against a meteorizm. For this reason, it is recommended to add to dishes to the beginning vegetarians which intestines did not get used to a large number of vegetables and fruit yet. By the way, the helba gives feeling of saturation, it is important at whom the increased appetite and who cannot gorge on a small amount of food. The helba and in cosmetology in preparation of srubs, soaps, masks and in care of hair is used.

Harm of a helba

There is an opinion that if the man will use a helba in a large number, it will lead to impotence and obesity. But as scientists that there were such consequences prove, it is necessary to use seeds literally in tons. Besides in some countries this grass just is also used in fight against impotence. Therefore recommends to consult before reception of a helba with the doctor that not to doubt anything. It is precisely proved that the plant has such side effects:

  • allergic reactions;
  • individual intolerance;
  • the speeded-up urination.

At any symptom which appeared after spice reception, it is necessary to address to the gastroenterologist and the allergist. It is possible to distinguish diseases of a digestive tract and food allergy from contraindications.

In medicine seeds of a helba are applied very widely thanks to the anti-inflammatory and calming properties. This seasoning will become the excellent assistant on the way to recovery of the people weakened after an illness of nervous, reproductive and respiratory systems. The Helba lowers heat, approaches as prevention of atherosclerosis, diabetes, locks. It is widely applied in traditional medicine:

  1. Helbu as medicine is used at catarrhal and pulmonary diseases. It is necessary to add two teaspoons of seeds to a glass of drinking water, to put on slow fire and to add melkoporezanny dates and a fig, it is possible to use as an additive and honey. To cook 10 minutes, then to cool, filter and accept three times a day on a half of a glass. Dairy broth will help to cope with dry cough: on a glass of milk to put 2 teaspoons of seeds, to boil thoroughly five minutes and to drink twice a day on a half of a glass. At a sore throat recommend rinsings by infusion: to add two tablespoons of seasoning to halfliters of water, to put on slow fire and to cook half an hour. After that to allow broth to stand 20 minutes, to filter and several times a day to rinse a throat.
  2. The female organism very sensitively reacts to reception of a helba. To nursing mothers for inflow of milk recommend to drink such infusion: to make with honey 2 teaspoons of seeds on a glass of boiled water, and to drink four times per day on a glass. For treatment of diseases of infectious character, at an inflammation of a uterus and vagina recommend to do syringing by strong infusion (on a glass of boiled water two tablespoons of seeds).
  3. To clear kidneys, the liver, a stomach from slime and slags use broth (2 h. l. seeds on a glass of boiled water). It will cover walls in bodies with slime which is useful at ulcers of a duodenum and stomach.
  4. At diabetes recommend to wet two teaspoons of a helba in water and to leave for night, and in the morning to filter and to drink the received infusion together with stevia broth.
  5. At anemia it is desirable to use daily a teaspoon of seeds together with honey or dates. With these products iron which in a large number contains in a helba, will well be acquired.
  6. To men for a raising of a tone recommend to accept 2 teaspoons of ground seeds with a cup of hot milk. And the sprouted helba seeds are considered especially useful to maintenance of sexual health.

Helba for weight loss

When speak about a helba for weight loss, mean yellow tea which part this plant is. This drink possesses diuretic action, well distils slime and is light laxative, so, clears an organism. Also the helba influences a metabolism, normalizing it.

To use a helba for weight loss, it is necessary to make for the night a tablespoon of seeds in a glass of boiled water, liquid does not need to be covered, it has to cool down at the room temperature. In the morning this broth needs to be mixed with stevia broth, adhering to proportions 3 to 1. A single dose – 1 glass. After drink mix, it is impossible to eat and drink three hours.

There is one more recipe for weight loss: to rub hundred grams of a root of ginger, to mix with a tablespoon of seeds of a helba, 0,5 teaspoons of a turmeric, to add caraway seeds, juice and a dried peel of a lemon on a knife tip, to fill in with halfliters of boiled water and to insist three hours. To take in a warm look on hundred grams for half an hour to food.

Course of reception of a helba for weight loss – three weeks.

Helba for appearance

Not only to health of an organism it is possible to apply a helba, but also and for appearance bodies, in particular to hair and skin:

  • as dandruff medicine, seeds use thus: kill them in water for 12 hours, then pound in paste by means of the blender and put as the mask on hair, is maintained by 20 minutes and wash away under warm flowing water:
  • in fight against baldness such recipe which was used still by the emperor Charles the Great will approach: to crush seeds and to add to them oil of black caraway seeds that dense ointment turned out. It needs to be rubbed in roots of hair, to leave for 15 minutes, to wash away under flowing water. To carry out procedure two times a week;

  • as the clearing face pack the helb can use (1 h. l.), stirred in cream (1 tablespoon) to apply mix on skin and to take 10 minutes. This mask will help to get rid and of spots;
  • for skin which needs moistening, such mask will approach: to mix a helba powder teaspoon, as much honey, juice of carrots and juice of an aloe. To apply on face skin for 20 minutes and to wash away under warm flowing water.

The Indian, Arab and Chinese doctors still use paste from a helba to cure inflammations on skin. But if you are not sure that at you is not present on this product of an allergy, at first apply ointments and masks on a small site of skin. In some hours look, whether there are no changes on it and then it is possible to use safely helby for appearance.

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