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Useful properties of green tea

Associations which arise at the mention of green tea, it is a beautiful tea ceremony, amber drink, transparent, magnificent on taste, which will not be compared to anything another. About advantage of green tea it is possible to talk for hours. Give together with we will understand that, green tea and as it is correct to use it is how useful.

This rich green tea

By scientists it is proved that green tea possesses hundreds of useful properties, is capable to strengthen immunity, to speed up work of all human organs. Especially, useful properties of green tea prove at the people inclined to nervous breakdowns. Also green tea is the magnificent antidepressant and excellent drink capable even to increase sexual energy.

Many women with success apply green tea not only as health drink, and and to fight against excess weight.

Green tea is a magic drink! He satisfies thirst, removes toxins and strengthens immunity. It is enough to drink couple of cups of green tea in day of everything to feel fresh.

The also green is necessary for those people who spend at screens of monitors and TVs much time. And to people who live in the big dusty cities to drink green tea simply surely!

Tea – antidepressant

Except above-mentioned useful properties of tea, this drink is the healer of souls. So call magic work of green tea in China.

Tea is an excellent stimulator. Give together with Mirsovetov is representable that we in China. There is a tea ceremony. We feel quietly and with calm. Using tea, we understand that all problems remained far behind, and that understanding and the solution of the problems which were so disturbing us came. Feel how it became easy for you? It is work of green tea.

At the regular use of green tea in a human body there is a reorganization to the best. Every day of people feels more vigorously, it is active and able-bodied.

Structure of green tea

In China there are a lot of various grades of tea and each grade can be given the name, but that each of grades of tea contains many useful properties – obviously.

Green tea contains many vitamins and hundreds of organic substances and connections. We will get acquainted with the most known components of drink together with

Alkaloids possess medical action. Green tea does not contain pure caffeine, and there is a theine which influences a human body much more softly. Theine stimulates physical and intellectual activity of the person. Theine does not work as caffeine. Its action is softer and if to compare exciting action after the use of coffee which contains caffeine, the theine containing in green tea is capable to give to the person of cheerfulness. Unlike caffeine, theine is quicker removed from an organism and does not cause accustoming.

Vitamin P. It is very necessary for a human body. Vegetable bioflavonida which affect an organism positively are a part of this vitamin: strengthen immunity, help to cope with inflammatory processes and allergic reactions, positively influence cardiovascular system and even destroy cancer cells.

Tannin impacts to tea that unique grass relish to which we got used. Tannin also possesses the mass of positive properties, strengthens vessels, improves work of cardiovascular system and digestion, brings harmful substances out of an organism and even destroys microbes.

Amino acids. Them contains in one cup of tea - 17! Including substance which positively influences work of nervous system. In green tea a set of organic acids, minerals which increase useful properties of green tea.

Catechins possess powerful antioxidant action. Catechins prevent process aging of an organism, so, this substance – the real elixir of youth! Also catechins prevent development of many diseases connected with cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal device.

In green tea in a percentage ratio – 25% make vegetable proteins which are very nutritious. And to keep all useful properties of curative drink, it is necessary to learn to make green tea correctly.

We learn to make tea correctly

When we correctly make tea, we receive the drink rich with all vitamins. Vitamins of group B, A, C and P, potassium, zinc, copper and many others at the correct zavarivaniye of green tea, sate our organism, allowing to cope with many illnesses.

So, we will begin with that it is desirable for you to have well water. If it is impossible, buy usual non-carbonated drinking water in shop. From the crane it is better not to take water as it has a high rigidity, and for tea soft water is necessary. It is possible to pass water via the filter.

We pour water in a teapot and we boil it. When water begins to boil, melt away boiled water a scalded teapot, warm up its walls.

Dry spoon take the necessary amount of tea leaves. As a rule, Chinese take one teaspoon of tea on a half-glass of water. If for you to such seems strong, make one teaspoon on a glass of boiled water. Each grade of tea is ready certain time. Do not forget about it.

We fill in our tea leaves with water. Still it is necessary to know that each grade of tea needs to be made water of various temperature. On average water temperature has to be not higher than 80 degrees.

After we filled in our tea leaves with boiled water, it is necessary to close a cover a scalded teapot and to wait a couple of minutes, it so-so time of a zavarivaniye of green tea. Our golden mean.

When tea is ready, it needs to be poured in cups accurately, as if turning a cup that drink was identical taste and concentration.

We lose extra kilos by means of tea

Nutritionists recommend to people who keep to a diet and conduct active fight against extra kilos, it is obligatory to drink some cups of green tea in day. Tea not only sates an organism with useful vitamins and minerals. Tea lowers appetite.

There are express diets which basis is green tea. For example, if you need to get rid in a day of 1-2 kilograms, make green tea in milk in a proportion on 1 liter of milk a pinch of green tea and drink this drink the whole day. Do not love milk? Then make green tea and add milk to tea leaves, proportions 50:50. Drink the turned-out drink the whole day in the small portions, it is possible to add a honey spoon. In total it is necessary to drink two liters. Because green tea has diuretic effect, the organism will be left by excess liquid and you will find former ease again!

For those who wants to accelerate a metabolism, it is necessary to use the made green tea together with ginger, cinnamon, a lemon or mint. Make two grams of tea leaves on 100 grams of water and add the necessary ingredients to drink.

Recipes of beauty on the basis of green tea

If you wash every day ice cubes from broth of green tea, your skin will simply shine, will become healthy and well-groomed!

Green tea struggles with skin diseases, helps to get rid of wounds and even burns. Simply put to a sore point or wipe an affected area an ice cube from strong made green tea.

Recipe of velvet skin. Fill in 2 teaspoons of green tea with boiled water liter, then boil 10 minutes and pour out the received mix in a bathroom. Take a bath within 15 minutes.

Also remember to achieve result and to derive pleasure from the use of drink, your tea has to be qualitative and bought in specialized shop!

Storage of green tea

It is necessary to store tea correctly. A lot of things depend on it! That the portion of the green tea bought in shop brought you pleasure and benefit, do not forget that it is necessary to store tea in a dry dark place. If in your room humidity of air makes more than 70%, tea can start growing mouldy and in it bacteria will promptly breed. It is dangerously to drink such tea!

It is desirable to store tea in glass or porcelain jar with a tight cover. Experts advise to store tea at a low temperature, it is desirable in the refrigerator on the lower shelf.

It is impossible to leave tea open and not to store near cosmetics and products with a pungent smell.

Carefully! Contraindications

  1. Pregnant women and the feeding women should use green tea with care and no more than two cups in day.
  2. Children till 12 years can allow to drink green tea, but only not strong, and poorly made.
  3. It is impossible to use tea on a hungry stomach.
  4. Do not wash down with dish tea which are rich in iron, it can lead to anemia.
  5. It is undesirable to people to take strong made drink with cardiovascular diseases.
  6. In large numbers tea can lead to a sleep disorder, tachycardia.
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