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Useful properties of grapes

Fall – the generous time, continues to feed us with the vitamins containing many vegetables, fruit, berries. Today will pay special attention to grapes and its medicinal properties.

Now it is simply impossible to pass by vegetable tents where in boxes appetizing clusters with large grapes flaunt. And in south countries these clusters decorate an autumn garden. The regular use of grapes can improve health.

Interesting about grapes

Historians consider that escapes of grapes were included into culture about eight thousand years ago.

According to the Bible, after a flood the grapevine was the first plant which was planted on the Mount Ararat known for all. Still ancient Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans understood that sweet fruits are very useful, them used at quinsy, exhaustion, a breakdown, a headache. In one cluster of spherical or elliptic berries can be from 15 and to 300 pieces. Their coloring is various: grades meet green, yellow, pink, blue, crimson, dark-violet berries. The quantity of grades already passed for 10000. Beautiful grozdochka are sung in verses, fables, myths, legends. One of legends tells, how exactly for the first time was poprobovan grapes. In ancient times wives most often were engaged in the house and economy, and husbands – agriculture and hunting. And once there was in one family a quarrel between the husband and the wife. The husband became angry, took offense and went to the wood. The man very much wanted to eat, the wife after all did not feed him with a lunch. Then it began to taste different berries which occurred in the path. Also his hands to beautiful clusters stretched. And what juicy and tasty these amber fruits seemed to it! Many people considered a grapevine as a symbol of wealth, power, fertility. Spaniards and Portuguese even have such tradition – to put on a New Year's table a dish with grape clusters. When time approaches to twelve nights, each family member takes on a grozdochka and with each blow of hours quickly puts in a mouth on a berry, making thus a wish. 12 blows – 12 months in a year and 12 made wishes.

Do juice, compote, raisin, wine of grapes (red, white, pink), to brandy, cognac alcohol.

Chemical composition of berries

When scientists were engaged in studying of berries in vitro, they were surprised. Here that is revealed for this day in grapes:

  • huge number of the antioxidants capable to protect cages of our organism from free radicals (them consider as nearly main responsible for aging and cancer diseases);
  • antotsiana, the their is more, the more intensively violet color of berries, antineoplastic activity is found in this pigment;
  • wine and other representatives of organic acids;
  • pectins, flavonoids, polyphenols;
  • glucose, proteins, is a little fats;
  • here only some of a big set of well acquired minerals and microcells: zinc, copper, calcium, manganese, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, is a lot of potassium;
  • from vitamins are found: tiamin, Riboflavinum, pantothenic and ascorbic acids, niatsin, folatsin, pyridoxine, tsitrin, carotene.

Eating kilogram of berries, the person receives about 800 kcal of energy.

Medicinal properties

Here what curative qualities are appreciated by physicians in grapes:

  1. Ability to lower arterial pressure at hypertensive persons, to remove excess liquid, to improve activity of heart "motor". Believe that fruits can protect the person from a heart attack.
  2. Interest causes that fact that, despite of a large number of calories, grapes does not lead to increase in weight, on the contrary, there is its decrease at obesity. There is an assumption at scientists that there are in grapes such substances which interfere with adjournment of fats. It is already proved that there is an improvement of exchange processes.
  3. Using regularly sweet and fragrant fruits, the person rescues himself from negative influence of stresses, a nerve strain, fatigue. It is explained by existence in fruits of vitamins of group B and antioxidants.
  4. Immunity strengthening, providing with cheerfulness, energy, vital forces.
  5. Grapes significantly improve a condition of lungs and airways, it recommend at cough, for the prevention of attacks of bronchial asthma.
  6. Stimulates eritropoez (development of erythrocytes) and work of marrow, hemoglobin lifts.
  7. It is established that juice from unripe berries reduces the increased temperature (heat).
  8. Contains flavonoids which can protect skin from negative impact of UV rays, solar burns at active recreation in days of holiday on the sea coast.
  9. Grape seeds oil is added to shampoo to strengthen and restore structure of hair. And gentle massage with this nutritious oil will improve a type of skin, the effect of rejuvenation and a raising of a tone will be swept up.

Grades and recommendations of experts

The greatest distribution and popularity received the following grades:

  • White sultana grape – does not contain noticeable stones, is cultivated in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, China;
  • Ayren;
  • Cabernet Sauvignon;
  • Cabernet Franc;
  • Riesling;
  • Chardonnay;
  • Merlot;
  • Isabella.

Of course, each person himself chooses the grade, proceeding from the preferences. And here opinion of experts in this respect:

  1. To clean kidneys, to bring "sand" and small concrements out of a gall bladder, it is desirable to eat light grades.
  2. Diuretic properties are more expressed at green, yellow grapes.
  3. Antineoplastic protection is provided by violet berries.
  4. Dark grades are shown for clarification of blood, improvement of blood formation and strengthening of heart.
  5. The muscat Alexandria is recommended at throat inflammations.
  6. Isabella – the good assistant in treatment of cough and Qatar of airways.


There is even such direction in medicine which is engaged in treatment by grapes. It is called an ampeloterapiya. Ampelos – so sounds the name of grapes in Greek. Grapes are applied to treatment of gout, tuberculosis of lungs, a chronic lock, bronchitis, by quinsies, nervous exhaustion, anemia, sleeplessness, stones in kidneys (mainly urat). Doctors advise to begin a course of treatment with small doses – about 400 grams of fruits a day. If by-effects it is not observed, gradually the amount of berries is increased. By the end of the fourth seven-day week it has to make 3 kilograms in days. The total shares on average on three receptions. At first you eat sweet berries in the morning, on an empty stomach. Plan the second reception before a lunch, approximately in 2 hours prior to it. And the third time eat grapes in 3 hours after the main lunch. And it is necessary to finish a course of treatment gradually, every day diminishing quantity of the eaten curative clusters.

And now will a little mention rules to which it is necessary to adhere in days of a vinogradolecheniye:

  1. It is impossible to overeat, grapes and so will give to your organism the necessary quantity of calories.
  2. Exclude smoked products, marinades, beer, sweet sparkling water, alcoholic drinks, fat products, a pickles.
  3. It is impossible to eat in common dairy products, then grapes them skvasit, in a stomach there will be "hurricane" and disorder of intestines.
  4. Avoid some rough vegetables (carry a radish, crude cabbage and beet to them).
  5. It is better to refuse for a while greens and other fruit and berries.

And one more important point: before treatment visit the stomatologist that he checked, whether there is no caries, and sealed up teeth if necessary. The matter is that the organic acids and sugar which are present at grapes berries promote destruction of the teeth affected with caries. After ate grapes, rinse a mouth or clean enamel toothpaste.

To whom are grapes harmful?

It is necessary to abstain from tasty berries at dyskinesia of zhelchevyvodyashchy channels, ponosa, dysentery, an exacerbation of an ulcer and gastritis. Grapes are contraindicated also at suppurations in easy, sharp stages of tuberculosis, bronkhoektatichesky illness. The suffering diabetes it is possible to eat only occasionally a little grapes of sour grades. Remember that at sweet grades there is a lot of glucose.

Thanks to sweet berries of grapes, certainly, in the absence of contraindications, you can fill shortage of vitamins or mineral connections in an organism, especially in autumn months, when grapes in our markets and shelves of shops in assortment, for every taste.

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