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Useful properties of a ginseng

Not for nothing the ginseng is called the king of herbs. Long since it was appreciated worth its weight in gold. Even appropriated to its curative roots own names, as well as to jewels, one of such names – "The great eremite".

It is a lot of myths and legends it is connected with this plant. It is allocated with supernatural force. Generally legends are connected with a root form, in the ancient time even was considered that this plant werewolf which can take the form of an animal or the person.

According to myths, this plant appeared from a lightning stroke and absorbed force of heavenly fire, according to other version – it grew from tears of the girl who cried on the died beloved and therefore the ginseng can present eternal youth and life. In translation from Latin "Ginseng" is meant by "panacea" that already in itself speaks about much. It grows generally in East countries, and also in North America and in Primorsk and Khabarovsk Krai of Russia.

There are some types of a ginseng:

  1. Real or ordinary.
  2. The five-leaved.
  3. The false ordinary.
  4. Japanese and other types.

All from them have salutary properties.

Curative properties of a ginseng

Cages of this plant contain a big set of chemicals. These are alkaloids, tannic and pectinaceous substances, starch, pitch, sulfur, phosphorus, vitamin C and many other useful substances. The majority them them are well studied by scientists, but is also such which still are a riddle. For example, it is not known, how exactly the organism is affected by polysaccharides, biologically active peptides and essential oils. Few years ago scientists made one more discovery in useful properties of a root, it appeared that in preparations of a ginseng is metal germaniye which, connecting to vitamin E, has good impact on health of the person.

Usually in the medical purposes use a ginseng root. But today scientists proved that in elevated parts of a plant too there are useful substances, such as glycosides. Therefore in traditional medicine apply also preparations from leaves, stalks, flowers and seeds. By skilled researches, it was proved that tincture from leaves of a ginseng makes the same medical impact on a human body, as well as tincture from its root. It is applied at treatment of diabetes, necroses and tropical ulcers, a syndrome of chronic fatigue, a hypotrophy, neuromental diseases and to restoration of forces after the endured stress.

Scientists consider as the most important opening for the last decade in studying of useful properties of a ginseng that fact that spirit extracts raise a blood pressure, and reduce – water. Also scientists noticed regularity in the use of a ginseng and weight reduction, but how exactly it works, so far maloizucheno.

The toning, stimulating and all-strengthening properties of a ginseng are well-known. Thanks to this plant it is possible to increase working capacity, to remove intellectual and physical stress, to improve appetite and to stimulate work of sexual functions. Also reception of a root well influences activity of cardiovascular system and the level of arterial pressure.

Preparations from a ginseng accept:

  1. After a serious illness, during restoration of an organism.
  2. To increase working capacity and to help an organism will cope with consequences of a stress, physical activities, to influences of environment.
  3. At strong overfatigue, both physical, and mental.
  4. When there are neurosises and sleeplessness.
  5. When the metabolism is broken.
  6. To stimulate activity of endocrine glands.
  7. When good styptic means is necessary.

Medicinal recipes from a ginseng

In East medical practice generally use water extracts, that is infusions and broths from a ginseng. In too time at us treatment by spirit tinctures is more widespread. Today production of medical preparations with forms of aerosols, emulsions and a suppository which treat a cancer of a stomach, a uterus, intestines and some other bodies is arranged.

To prepare tincture, it is necessary to take a dry root, to crush it to a condition of powder, to fill in with vodka (on liter of vodka of 30 grams of a root) and to insist within a month, periodically stirring slowly. To filter ready tincture. To take it for prevention twice a day on 20 drops for half an hour to food. A course – 1,5 months. Then to repeat month of a break and again a course. If it is necessary to treat tincture an illness, quantity of drops the doctor, usually establishes them 30-40.

To prepare tincture from a fresh root, it is necessary to wash out it water, to dry, crush and fill in with vodka, per liter of vodka of 100 grams of a root. To insist month, periodically stirring slowly, to filter ready tincture. For prevention take on 20 drops three times a day for half an hour to food. In a month do a break for 10 days and again spend on drink a course.

It is possible to use instead of vodka and 40% alcohol. The root is filled in in the ratio 1:10, insisted two weeks, then filtered.

To prepare extract of their ginseng, it is necessary to pass its root via the meat grinder, to mix with warm honey, in the ratio 100 grams of a root on 900 grams of honey. To leave for a month, periodically to mix a spoon, it is better wooden. To take on a half of a teaspoon for half an hour to food. Not to wash down with water. A course – three months.

Those who had a strong stress, should pass treatment by ginseng tincture. Drink it on 20 drops, for half an hour to food twice a day. A course of treatment – month.

To prepare jelly of their ginseng, it is necessary to mix 35 grams of a dry root from 700 grams of honey, and to insist about 10 days. To take three times a day on a teaspoon for half an hour to food. A course – two months.

To prepare paste from a ginseng, it is necessary to crush a root, to fill in it with hot water in calculation: two tablespoons of a root on three tablespoons of water to leave for three hours, then, constantly stirring slowly, to heat on a water bath and to cool. This paste needs to be used in the cosmetic purposes and for treatment of skin diseases.

To prepare broth, it is necessary to take three tablespoons of a root, to fill in with two glasses of water, to zakipyatit and boil thoroughly on weak fire about five minutes, then to filter and cool.

Medical tea is prepared thus: it is necessary to take dry powder from a root and to fill in it with the boiling water, adhering to a ratio 1:10, 10 minutes to allow to be drawn, then to filter. To drink tea on a tablespoon three times a day, for half an hour to food. A course – month.

Contraindications to reception

As well as any medicine, has at a ginseng also contraindications. You should not apply it if the person in an organism has inflammatory or infectious processes if there is bleeding, hypererethism or pregnancy. As the ginseng possesses exciting properties, it is necessary to apply it in the first half of day not to cause sleeplessness. does not recommend to use a ginseng and to hypertensive persons, especially if hot.

Alcohol intake and drugs with a ginseng at the same time is inadmissible. And here side effects at preparations practically do not happen. The main thing to accept the correct dose and if suddenly there was a headache or nausea, it is necessary to reduce a dose of medicine or to move away him absolutely.

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