Useful properties of cowberry
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Useful properties of cowberry

Berries with a gentle flush, dark leaves with luster, also cost kustochka height not above a hummock. At once it is possible to guess that this riddle about cowberry. This small, low evergreen low shrub can be met in pine pine forest, the mixed wood and even in the marshland.

Fall – time of gathering the berries and leaves of cowberry possessing a set of useful properties people use some of them for a long time, and the part is studied now. In the people the plant was given some names: pine-forest berry, cowberry shrub, brusnitsa, boletus. Berries after the first frost are especially tasty. If it is not possible to be engaged in preparation, you will get cowberry leaves in a drugstore, and here berries will find in the market, agricultural fairs or in shops. In this article will tell, than cowberry is useful as to store it and to apply, whether there are contraindications to the use.

Interesting about cowberry

Such beautiful legend is connected with this plant here. Once the kind and careful swallow in a source got water of life. It in klyuvik gathered vivifying drops and departed over a coniferous forest to people that to sprinkle them and to present immortality. But the angry wasp that the good deed came true did not want, flew up to a swallow and cruelly stung a birdie. That severe pain and surprises screamed, water poured out from a beak. To people got nothing, but droplets got on a pine, a fir-tree, a cedar and a cowberry shrub. Therefore they also became evergreen since then. The swallow became angry about a wasp, bit off with it language therefore the wasp can only buzz.

It appears, this small plant is considered the long-liver, it can grow more than 200 years. Its rhizome settles down superficially underground, the first five years it expands, without being shown outside. And only then the six-meter rhizome gives the chance to five bushes to appear over the earth. Bushes grow not higher than 25 cm. Leaflets small, leathery structure, from above they dark green and brilliant, and from below are much lighter with brown tochechka (these are pieces of iron). A form at a sheet plate most often obratnoyaytsevidny or oval. At the end of May, the first decade of June can see white or pinkish florets which on 10 or are more collected in the hanging inflorescence – a brush. Bright red berries ripen in September, taste at them peculiar, sweetish and sour with a characteristic slightly bitter taste and tartness. If berries are covered by snow "cover", they with firmness will hold on under it until the end of winter.

Than cowberry is useful?

The set of curative substances contains in berries therefore the knowing people and appreciate it. I will list only some components, and then I will explain, with what medicinal properties they allocated to a boletus.

Vitamins and mineral connections: ascorbic acid, E, beta carotene, PP, Riboflavinum, tiamin, folic acid, potassium, manganese, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, copper.

Organic acids are presented oxalic, lemon, apple, benzole, salicylic.

There are at a large amount of sugar, a cellulose, pectins, tannins, flavonoids, lycopene, antotsiana, phenolic glycosides (the main of them - arbutin).

In seeds the fatty acids consisting of glycerides of linolenovy and linoleic acids are found.

Advantages of cowberry berries:

  1. The fine natural vitamin and mineral complex, long time keeping the nutrients. Besides helps the weakened immunity to resist to diseases in the period of a SARS and ORZ.
  2. Pectin guards in intestines that in it there was no rotting, the strengthened gas generation, toxic substances and slags were not postponed. Also the moderate laxative effect is shown.
  3. Berry is considered as a natural antibiotic, after all in it there is a benzole acid suppressing activity of harmful microbes and fungi. If you have a strong inflammation, and the doctor registered antibiotics from a drugstore, cowberry will strengthen their positive action, but thus will keep normal intestinal microflora. Moreover and heat will remove at feverish states. Physicians explain powerful anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action still with presence of an arbutin.
  4. Antotsiana, carotene, Riboflavinum and other components of cowberry well influence sight therefore berries are recommended to children, school students, elderly people and those who works hard behind the computer.
  5. Folic acid is important for process of blood formation, a reproduction.
  6. Pine-forest berry well lowers a blood pressure, does elastic vessels, revitalizes a cardiac muscle.
  7. Removes hypostases thanks to potassium.
  8. Promotes healing of wounds.
  9. Calms, helps to keep emotional and mental balance, in it there is also a merit of a tiamin.

Berries of cowberry are recommended to be used regularly at the following diseases and situations:

  • deficiency of vitamins B organism, flu, cold, tuberculosis, cough;
  • diabetes, extra kilos in weight;
  • hypertension, urolithic illness, hypostases;
  • deposits of salts, rheumatism;
  • enteritis, gipatsidny gastritis, locks;
  • neurasthenia, headaches, uterine bleedings;
  • for sight strengthening;
  • outwardly – at treatment of a microsporia, itch, stomatitis.

Medicinal properties of leaves

Not only tasty berries are useful, but also leaves. Here that contains in them: phenolic glycosides (valuable representatives - arbutin and metilarbutin), vaktsinin, lycopene, tannin, giperozid and other flavonoids, the knitting substances, gallovy, ursolovy, ellagovy, cinchonic acids; micro and macrocells are presented by iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, copper, cobalt, zinc … The rich chemical composition allows leaves to have here such positive impact on an organism:

  1. Disinfecting, antibacterial, diuretic and zhelchegonny action is caused by existence of an arbutin.
  2. Tannins of cowberry have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect.
  3. Decrease in indicators of glucose in blood at diabetics.

Dosage forms from leaves are useful at cystitis, stones in kidneys, enuresis, diabetes, arthritis, gout, osteochondrosis, hypertension.

Time for collecting leaves of a cowberry shrub – September, October when already attract to themselves bright berries. It is possible to prepare leaflets and in the early spring, but to do it before emergence of butonchik. It is considered that summer leaflets have no medical effect, they even blacken when drying.

Application in medicine

And now let's consider dosage forms which can be used for treatment. The fresh berries picked in the fall are very useful. If it seems that they sour, it is necessary them potoloch and to mix with sugar. During colds I do cowberry water (fruit drink). To Bør a glass of berries, I mash them, I add a little sugar, I mix. Meanwhile I boil water liter. After boiling I switch off gas, I allow water to cool down 3 minutes and I fill in berries. I cover and wrap up with a towel. It is good if mix stands some hours. During the day in the small portions (approximately on 150 ml) I drink everything. Mix can be given also to children during an illness. At desire infusion can be filtered. Such healing water will remove temperature, an inflammation, will strengthen an organism. And you will notice the diuretic and clearing effect at once. The filtered infusion recommends to rinse a mouth and a throat to destroy bacteria. If the phlegm badly departs at cough, such structure is useful: we squeeze out juice of berries, we add to it equal amount of the real honey, we mix. Expectorant means is ready. In day it is necessary to accept some tablespoons. If you wish to improve sight, in day eat on 3 tablespoons of toasted berries. In traditional medicine juice of a cowberry shrub is used for lotions at itch, herpes, for healing of wounds.

Many women in a cold season feel cystitis symptoms. Here useful will be cowberry leaves. Take 1 tablespoon of the crushed leaflets, fill in them with a glass of water, will boil and cook on small fire of 10 minutes. Rules of preparation of broths from leathery leaves are that. Close a lid and wait 30 minutes. Then it is possible to filter broth already. Drink it 4 times a day on a glass half. In three days symptoms will disappear, but it is better to continue treatment and to consolidate effect within 10 days.

Broth from cowberry leaves is given in the small portions to children at enuresis. But traditional medicine has in the arsenal more effective remedy at an urine incontience. All will need 2 tablespoons of a known grass of a St. John's Wort, 1 tablespoon of berries of cowberry and as much the crushed leaflets. The received mix we fill in 600 ml of boiled water, we cook on weak fire of 10 minutes, now fire is switched off. Having closed a cover, we leave for insisting for 30 minutes. Having filtered, to give to the child on 100 ml three times a day, the first reception after 14 hours, and the last – shortly before a dream.

At other diseases it is possible to make simply tea from leaves, having allowed it to be drawn by about 30 minutes, having covered a towel. The option of extraction of active ingredients in a thermos is possible.

Whether there are contraindications at cowberry?

Reception of cowberry at such diagnoses is undesirable as giperatsidny gastritis, an aggravation of ulcer processes, existence of uratny stones, a serious illness of kidneys. reminds hypotensives that they should be careful, using a cowberry shrub, and to control the arterial pressure.

Long storage of berries of a cowberry shrub

The nature made cowberry unique berry, having placed in it benzole acid. This preservative allows it to be stored long, interfering with formation of decay, a souring and fermentation. Useful components well remain if the touched berries to wash up, dry and freeze in special bags. It is possible berries and to dry in an oven, having established temperature no more than 60 degrees, periodically stirring slowly. Some hostesses do excellent liqueurs, kvass, sauces, marinades, tinctures, jam, jams. I very much like cowberry confiture, berry contains a lot of pectin therefore it zhelirutsya well.

Here how many remarkable properties at cowberry. It and vitamins natural will provide, and illnesses will help to overcome.

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