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The most useful products

Nutritionists of the whole world conduct disputes on to this day what products are useful to health, and in what food it is better to refrain from the use. This dispute of hundreds of years, but concerning advantage of some products all doctors and nutritionists unanimously agree in opinion. publishes for you the list of the most useful products.
Самые полезные продукты Nutritionists of the whole world conduct disputes on to this day what products are useful to health, and in what food it is better to refrain from the use. This dispute of hundreds of years, but concerning advantage of some products all doctors and nutritionists unanimously agree in opinion. publishes for you the list of the most useful products.


In every respect useful and remarkable fruit. First, the acids containing in apples, help to fight against putrefactive bacteria therefore apples are very useful to a stomach. They are useful and to work of cardiovascular system. Secondly, the substance (kvertsetin) which is slowing down growth of cancer cells is a part of apples. Nutritionists also recommend to eat one-two apples for a mid-morning snack for completion of necessary microcells. And the variety of grades allows to satisfy even the most pretentious taste.
Во всех отношениях полезные и замечательные фрукты
    Smart apples dessert from Remove a core from apples and cut apples on plates. Dip each of them into sweet batter and fry in a large amount of oil. Separately prepare sugar syrup to which a little cream and vanillin is added. On a pirozhkovy plate put 3-4 segments of the fried apples, from above sprinkle syrup and generously strew with cinnamon, coconut flakes or ground walnuts. The tasty and useful entertainment is ready.


Onions not simply useful product, but panacea from all diseases. Every day we add onions almost to all dishes of our table, but even we do not reflect, what well of vitamins, minerals and microcells contain both root onions, and their green escapes. Onions well influence work of a liver, thyroid gland, cardiovascular system. It improves immunity and treats catarrhal diseases.
Лук не просто полезный продукт, но и панацея от всех болезней Juice of onions treat cold if to put grated onions on heels for the night, in the morning you will forget about cold. Such curative effect is reached due to the special substances which are available in onions – phytoncides. These substances detain reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and are capable to destroy them completely.
It should be noted that onions practically do not lose medicinal properties even at heat treatment. Therefore you have a set of options to provide supply of your organism with useful substances all the year round and, and, at very low price.
    Remarkable addition to meat from onions from Cut onions with thin rings, remember it a hand. Mix with chopped fennel and parsley, and add pomegranate kernels. The ideal and useful additive to fried meat is ready.


Чеснок богат полезными веществами и так же силен в борьбе с простудными заболеваниями As well as onions, garlic are rich with useful substances and is also strong in fight against catarrhal diseases. Besides garlic normalizes flora of your stomach, killing harmful microorganisms. This product is useful also to that reduces the content of cholesterol in blood. Of course, in the raw garlic is much more useful, but after heat treatment garlic loses the unpleasant smell. In days when you are able to avoid close communication with people, eat couple of segments of fresh garlic, it will well affect your organism.
    Ideal sauce for fish from garlic from Pass a head of garlic through a chesnokodavilka or very small chop. Add amount of chopped greens, equal on volume (parsley and fennel) and the same share of shredded walnuts. Fill in with olive oil and lemon juice. Let's be drawn a little. Ideal sauce under fish is ready!


Потрясающий воображение богатством витаминов и минералов корнеплод One more tremendous imagination richness of vitamins and minerals root crop. Carrots contain beta carotene which turns in our organism into vitamin A. Carrots are very useful to sight, also it prevents developing of cancer diseases, especially a skin cancer. For anybody not a secret that the glass of carrot juice will provide every morning you equal golden suntan in the summer. It is better to use carrots in the raw because after preparation it loses many the useful substances.
    Tasty carrot salad from Grate carrots on a large grater, add raisin, shredded walnuts, and the crushed garlic. Dress salad with mayonnaise. The tasty and useful snack will decorate even a holiday table.


Орехи могут служить как дополнительным ингредиентом блюда, придающим ему пикантность, так же и самостоятельной закуской, позволяющей «заморить червячка» On transfer of all useful substances containing in nuts all space of this article will leave. Nuts are rich both vitamins, and minerals. They raise a potentiality at men and a libido at women – such natural viagra. Nuts are also useful to work of heart, to sight, by 25-30 percent reduce risk of a disease of diabetes. Nuts can serve as the additional ingredient of a dish adding it a savor, also and the independent snack allowing "to have a bite".
    Useful dessert from nuts from Mix some types of nuts, add a little cut fruit or dried fruits and fill in all with honey. The useful dessert can serve as an ideal breakfast also.


Если вы хотите быть здоровыми и полными энергии, то должны отказаться от мяса в пользу рыбы If you want to be healthy and full of energy, have to refuse meat in favor of fish. This product is useful already to that reduces probability of developing of coronary heart disease. Besides, the nonsaturated fatty acids which are present at fat fish in a large number are a good barrier to subsidence of the cholesterol coming to an organism together with other food. Try if not completely to replace meat with fish, at least to include fish dishes in the diet more often.
    Secret of preparation of fried fish from That your fried fish was especially tasty, before preparation leave fish at some o'clock to potomitsya in such sauce: salt, pepper, dry mint, the crushed garlic, lemon juice and vegetable oil in equal parts. The fish fried after such marinade is especially appetizing.


Молоко, равно как и кисло-молочные продукты очень полезны для организма Milk, as well as fermented milk products are very useful to an organism. Milk contains so necessary to an organism the calcium strengthening bones. Pregnant women are recommended to drink surely in day a glass of milk for maintenance of level of calcium. Fermented milk products, are more right the bacteria containing in them, normalize work of a digestive tract.
    Useful milk porridge from For the night wet beans, peas, wheat, pearl barley in a cup. Next day add to grain on a handful of hazelnuts, a peanut, raisin, pine nuts, cook some time on water, then filter, fill in with milk and cook already to readiness of grain. For giving of juicier taste add couple of spoons of honey to porridge.

Green tea

Пить каждый день зеленый чай – это не просто дань моде, это очень полезно для здоровья It is not simple to drink every day green tea a craze, it is very useful for health. Green tea reduces risk of strokes, improves immune system. Of course, it is not about tea in bags. To drink drink, really useful and valuable to health, buy only loose tea and it is desirable made in those countries where use of chemical additives is forbidden.
    Soft drink on the basis of green tea from Make green tea in the traditional way. When tea is already ready, filter it and add 2 teaspoons of honey on 200 ml a mug and three segments of a lemon. Stir tea before full dissolution of honey. Now add about ten cubes of ice. Tasty, useful, zhazhdo-and zharoutolyayushchy drink is ready.


Мед является природным заменителем сахара By right can be called as a useful product. Honey is natural substitute of sugar. And that honey perfectly removes an inflammation at the chilled throat, perhaps, for anybody not a secret. But honey not only remarkable means for treatment of catarrhal diseases, it is useful as well to work of cardiovascular system. Honey is a useful product not only for internal application: the become candied honey will be an excellent srub for your skin. It is useful to be covered with honey in a bath or a sauna, useful substances of honey will rejuvenate your skin.
    Honey fruit from Cut the washed and peeled fruit ringlets thickness about a half of centimeter, spread out fruit on the baking sheet oiled vegetable and fill in with honey. Put in the warmed oven and take 7-10 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. Before giving on a table it is possible to strew with shredded nuts or coconut flakes. The tremendous and useful dessert will pleasantly surprise your guests.


Уникальный фрукт, может похвастаться также и уникальными свойствами Unique fruit, can brag as well of unique properties. Bananas remove stresses and fill become invalid. They contain a huge amount of vitamin A, About, besides, bananas contain a quarter of a necessary daily dose of B6 vitamin. Bananas normalize work of intestines and wonderfully replace a depletive. The iron containing in bananas increases hemoglobin level in blood. To crown it all, useful properties of this product consist and in normalization of activity of cardiovascular system, providing a brain with oxygen, neutralizations of the increased acidity of a stomach. But you should not forget that the power cost of banana – 90 kilocalories on 100 grams therefore it is not necessary to be fond strongly of bananas that who worries about the waist.
    Shish kebab from bananas from In the summer outdoors when nearby a brazier, you can prepare a fantastic bananas dessert. Get bananas on skewers and take over the heated coals. Then clean, cut it on ringlets about 1 cm thick, and then fill in with chocolate glaze. Before giving on a table it is possible to strew with coconut flakes or shredded nutlets (in this case pine nuts are especially good).


Как черные, так и зеленые оливки обладают массой полезных для организма питательных веществ, витаминов и микроэлементов Both black, and green olives possess the mass of nutrients, vitamins and microcells, useful to an organism. So, for example, olives are especially generous on vitamin E, and also on iron. Olives can be eaten as an independent dish (the black olives sprinkled by lemon juice and strewed with red pepper of a coarse grinding are especially good by a breakfast, for example), and in dishes (some olives will add savors to a rassolnik, will add a delicate taste to salad). It is useful to eat also and olive oil. Try to do all salads on its basis. Except useful properties of an olive as food, possess also esthetic abilities – it is possible to decorate with them any dishes very beautifully.
Except olives also avocados are rich in vitamin E. It also contains and a lot of potassium which is necessary for prevention of a hypertensive illness.
    Vitamin E salad from Mix the tomatoes cut with cubes, cucumbers, onions, avocado, black olives in a cup, chop and add greens and lettuce leaves, a can of corn and shredded walnuts. Add lemon juice, dry mint, and fill salad with olive oil. Such salad not only is very useful, but also is charming the multi-colored brightness.
It is not enough know, what food are useful and than are useful, it is also important to consider features of the organism and to regulate food taking into account these features. The healthy and balanced nutrition is capable to work wonders.
It is known that health of an organism begins with healthy nutrition. Therefore treat yourself with all love and care. wishes you health and … bon appetit!
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