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Application of a red brush

In the last decades appeared in packing drugstores with the plant having the interesting and strange name – a red brush. And at forums the subjects telling how to many women this plant helped to get rid of gynecologic problems even more often meet and to become mothers.

The curative force of a red brush is great, it revitalizes not only sexual system, gives help at different diseases. decided to tell in detail about this plant, its properties, indications to application, features of reception.

Collect a rhodiola four-membered (this official name) in Mountains Altai. The district there surprising, it was chosen by a set of the plants allocated with medicinal properties. The second name – a red brush, got accustomed in the people more, it is given because at a grass of this a shchetinisty bushy look, color of roots red because of high content of antotsian and betaines. Only in mountains it is possible to inhale the purest vivifying air after which there is a wish to soar, fly over the earth. Approximately same action at the red brush growing there: she as if inhales forces and life in the sore, exhausted by loadings body, gradually restoring its functions. And, influence is carried out on an etiology, but not on symptoms and consequences.

Interesting data on a red brush

If visit Altai, will surely hear here such legend of this green fairy. Once upon a time there was in the mountain gorge the lonely shaman who even in a dream talked to the nature. In a dream to it places with curative herbs, useful water opened, he heard and remembered wise recipes. And once the butterfly predicted to it a meeting with an unusual plant. In reality and it happened: he saw a treasured plant on a mountain track, about an ice stream. Backs wonderfully were similar to a brush, and when washing painted water in brightly red color. The plant helped the shaman to cure many, appealing to it about healing. Wounds at soldiers, hunters healed. Illnesses receded, even tumoral processes resolved. Divine gift in old times called the grass capable to restore the dying-away vital processes, to banish an old age from a threshold. You can meet in literature and other names of this plant – a rhodiola four-membered, four-part, four-separate, four-made an incision and even cold.

Chemical composition of roots

The official medicine became interested a lot more years in a red brush back. To confirm properties about which healers and herbalists spoke, it was necessary to study compound components of roots. As made. According to the latest data of laboratory researches, here that is found in roots:

  • the main substance which allocated roots with curative properties is a glycoside salidrozid;
  • antotsiana and betaine;
  • antraglikozida, sterols, flavonoids;
  • tannins, essential oils, organic acids;
  • proteins, lipids, sugar;
  • gum, wax, tertiary alcohols, phenols;
  • copper, chrome, manganese, zinc, silver, nickel, cobalt, molybdenum, selenium and others.

Medicinal properties

What actions on an organism the preparations made on the basis of roots of a red brush possess?

  1. This adaptogenny, moderately toning and immunomodulator. It is capable to increase considerably working capacity, both intellectual, and physical, to awaken own protective forces of an organism.
  2. Preparations from roots remove the spasms arising in brain vessels.
  3. Normalize blood formation and blood circulation, both brain, and peripheral.
  4. Are capable to reduce quantitative indices of free radicals, to oppress growth and development of cancer cells.
  5. Are shown to the patients who transferred a chemotherapy course.
  6. As infections which reasons bacteria fungi or viruses are help to suppress a resolvent.
  7. Promote the best accretion of bones at changes, accelerating this process.
  8. Restore hormonal balance in a human body.
  9. Mastopatiya, endometriosis, menstrual and climacteric frustration help women to get rid of the milkwoman, constant inflammations of women's bodies, adneksit, colpitises, myomas, fibromiy, cysts on ovaries, a polikistoza. If the reason which led to infertility leaves, ability to conception and incubation of the healthy kid comes back again.
  10. Raise a potentiality, well influence a spermatogenesis.
  11. Rejuvenate an organism, start regeneration process (restoration and updating) of the damaged and weakened cages.

Indications to application provides the list only of some diseases and states at which the red brush can significantly improve a state:

  • anemias, leukoses;
  • absence monthly at women or severe pains at their emergence;
  • endometriosis, myomas, milkwoman, cysts, polikistoza, mastopatiya, erosion and other gynecologic problems;
  • frigidity, nervous breakdowns, epilepsy;
  • oligospermiya, sexual powerlessness at men, adenomas and prostatitises;
  • infertility, both female, and man's;
  • diseases of adrenal glands, lymph nodes, dysbacteriosis;
  • pyelonephritis, cystitis, fractures, AIDS;
  • bleedings uterine, climax;
  • hypothyroidism, diabetes;
  • concussion or spasms of a brain;
  • the increased intra cranial pressure.

Dosage forms

From acquired in a drugstore (or well proved online store) raw materials do broth, tincture, collecting. Some buy ready tincture. But if you make it, the medical effect will be brighter. Here is how tincture prepares. Take a pure vessel, for example, a one-liter jar. Place roots of a rhodiola four-separate there. As a rule, they are already very well crushed by the producer. Raw materials 30 grams undertake. It is filled in with qualitative vodka – 300 ml. Close the jar a cover and put in a dark locker. Periodically stir up a jar that extraction of active ingredients was uniform and full. Medicine is ready in 25 days. Filter it through a gauze, carefully wring out. It has to have pronounced red color. The dosage can make from 15 to 40 drops three times a day. But in the first days of drops will be 15. Listen to the organism if well transfer treatment, without severe pains and exacerbations of the hidden diseases, gradually increase a dose. It is necessary to drip droplets in 100 ml of water, taste will be slightly terpkovaty. The course can be from 3-4 weeks to several months, but with breaks in treatment. Each patient has all individually. Reception is carried out approximately in 30 minutes before plan a meal. At female diseases long-term treatment, has features, the MS will mention them later.

For broth preparation it will be required to you enameled cinnamon, 1 tablespoon (without top) well crushed backs and the begun to boil water in number of 250 ml. Still the cover is required. Korets put in a kastryulka with the boiling water (a water bath), gas after boiling of contents is diminished, and in 5 minutes in general is disconnected. Under the closed cover insisting is carried out about 45 minutes. Now accurately filter remedy. It is necessary to accept it in quantity from 50 to 100 ml three times a day. It is necessary to do it in 30 minutes prior to meal. It is desirable to add a tea spoon of natural honey at broth reception. Treatment should be begun with smaller doses, making at first on a tea spoon of raw materials. If sharply expressed by-effects (or exacerbations of illnesses) are not present, gradually the quantity of raw materials is brought to the norm stated above.

Phytotherapists consider that in tincture concentration of active useful components is higher, than in water broth.

The red brush and outwardly is used. For this purpose solution for syringings becomes. They are shown at the milkwoman, a colpitis, ureaplasmosis, a bacterial vaginosis, a vulvovaginita, endometriosis and for normalization of vaginal microflora. 0,5 l of warm boiled water and 1 tea spoon of tincture will be required (or 1 glass of broth). Syringings are carried out in a bathroom before going to bed if there is an opportunity, and in the morning. Drag out procedure for 10 minutes. Begin a course after periods, its duration – 7 days. In certain cases - more long.


It is impossible to carry out treatment in the following cases:

  • at fever, hypersensibility to compound components;
  • if indicators of a blood pressure are higher 180/100;
  • nervous and mental excitability;
  • allergy and intolerance of preparations;
  • pregnancy and feeding of the kid breast milk.

Special instructions

  1. To strengthen adaptogenny action, it is allowed to use a red brush with a magnolia vine, a rhodiola pink, zamanikhy, eleuterokokky, levzey.
  2. At treatment of a thyroid gland or other endocrine violations good results are yielded by joint reception with roots of a silverweed white.
  3. At treatment of gynecologic illnesses application of a rhodiola by a round-leaved, pine-forest uterus, four-membered with a wintergreen, zimolyubky is allowed. Then recovery or approach of desirable pregnancy happens quicker.
  4. If the woman accepts hormonal or contraceptive preparations, the red brush cannot be drunk at this time.
  5. Simultaneous reception of this plant is incompatible with other herbs containing phytohormones (it is a glycyrrhiza, a durnishnik, hop, a sage, a clover).
  6. In days of periods treatment is not carried out.
  7. If the woman has lowered estrogen, it is recommended to take dosage forms from a red brush only in the second phase of a cycle, that is after estimated date of an ovulation.
  8. At the raised estrogen treatment is begun at once after monthly, that is from the sixth day of a cycle (at a bit later). Treatment before arrival of the following monthly lasts. Then break, which number of days equally to duration of bloody allocations. And again repetition of a cycle.
  9. All receptions should be made to 16 o'clock in the afternoon, differently it will be difficult to fall asleep, after all the red brush gives cheerfulness and tones up an organism.

Here the nature gave such valuable abilities to the Altai grass. Let the correct use will help you to improve health. And you can receive answers to the arising questions at the phytotherapist or the treating doctor.

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