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Obtaining the guest visa in the USA

Obtaining the guest visa to the States is fanned by a set of hearings. Actually process is rather simple and consists of several steps. Send you the invitation, you give it to a courier service together with the existing international passport and two photos, pay services of this service. After it is necessary only to be in consulate on interview and quietly to pass it.
Виза в США Obtaining the guest visa to the States is fanned by a set of hearings. Some are related to reality, but the majority represents myths and legends. Actually process is rather simple and consists of several steps:
a) send you the invitation;
b) you send him to a courier service together with the existing international passport and two photos; pay services of this service then you are told date of interview in consulate.
It is necessary only to be on this interview and not to spoil business, having given in on myths and legends. I will tell readers of about the most widespread of them and as affairs actually are.

Necessary documents and interview

Получение гостевой визы в США 1. The guest invitation has to look as it is possible more solidly. The more the notarial seals and nakleechek will decorate it, the more strongly it will impress consular workers.
Actually the more tinsel on your invitation, the more suspicious it looks in consular eyes. The main thing that the real person having the American nationality was his author. I received the visa in the USA by the invitation handwritten on the pure sheet of paper which is not soiled the uniform press three times. It looked approximately so:
    To whom it may concern
    My name is Mary Wood. I'm an US citizen. My address is 2000 82th Street, Apt. 707. I want to invite my friend Svetlana Ivanova (date of birth: May 22, 1975) to be my guest.
    I’d like to invite Svetlana for 30 days. She’ll stay at my place during the visit.
    If you have any questions do not hesitate to call me any time. My phone number is: (718) 999-9999.
    Mary Wood.
Your following step after obtaining the invitation – to fill in the questionnaire of Nonimmigrant Visa Application (the visa of B2 – visitor for pleasure), in other words, the questionnaire for the guest visa. And here we smoothly pass to the following myth.
2. It is necessary to fill in the questionnaire by all means online, in English, directly on the site of embassy, then to unpack the filled option and to be with it in a courier service. At least, on the site such exact instructions are given.
Курьерская служба «Пони Экспресс» («Pony Express») If it does not grieve you to spend in vain time, can and arrive, as I once. Actually you should do double work: as soon as you are in a courier service "a Pony the Express" ("Pony Express"), to you right there will issue the blank form of this questionnaire and will ask to fill by hand in Russian. After filling give it to the operator: it will also fill in your questionnaire on the site of embassy in English, in passing asking you the specifying questions. When it finishes, you will need only to pay actually the visa ($140 today), 900 rubles for the services "Pony Express" and to hand them the passport and photos of 5х5 cm (especially for the American visa, and tell in a photographer's studio). In exchange will issue you checks and will report date and time of interview in consulate.
Concerning interviews there are separate myths.
3. To the unmarried and divorced women, especially young, visas in the USA, as a rule, do not give.
Sometimes such happens, but at all not as a rule. It is not enough only one floor and marital status for refusal. Nevertheless, it is possible to make secure: it is better if the woman is invited by the woman. Girlfriend, relative, good acquaintance, former classmate or colleague. I was invited at all by the mother's girlfriend that quite arranged consulate.
A lot of things depend and on behavior on interview. If more brightly to make up and dress up, completely to coquet and joke with the consular worker and thus to request the visa more than for a month, it, most likely, will start asking a set of additional questions. If answers do not suit it, can refuse – with high degree of probability.
4. For certain to receive the visa in the USA, it is necessary to get the certificate of the income to podstat to the mediocre oligarch and in general in every way to make impression of the man of means.
You are rich or are poor, does not matter; it is anyway better to show the certificate of your real income (if ask). Ask it almost always so keep in readiness. It is possible to prepare in advance (just in case) also various certificates on possession of property (the apartment, car, business, etc.), the marriage certficate and the child's birth. The main thing – not to thrust them everything under nose to the worker of a konsulat until he does not show willingness to look. Such desires visit them seldom. Those data that interest them, you already stated in Visa Application.
Собеседование I was on interview three times, and for all this time to me asked three questions:
1) whether I am going to work or study in the USA (is not present and once again is not present – differently will demand to issue the visa of other type)?;
2) whom is the inviting party necessary me?;
3) whether I am going to look at other cities of America or I will be limited to New York (better to be limited to one city)?
The only additional paper which I showed all three times, – that reference with the indication of a salary. Very, by the way, modest to the American measures – about 25000 rubles. The main thing – do not lose checks from "the Pony the Express", confirming that for the visa it is paid. They need to be shown surely, without it simply will not talk.
5. Consular workers are impressed by easy conversation with them in good English favourably.
By no means do not do it, even if you the professional translator or Candidate of Philology. I do not know why, but at consular right there works a conditioned reflex. Whether the person is taken for the spy, whether consider that any English-speaking will not want to come back home, whether simply they in the head had certain templates of interview in Russian, and the native speech confuses them. Generally, time is asked in Russian, on it and answer. At me few times there were cases when seized the people who are starting talking in English death grip. Easy conversation quickly turned into nervous debate with voices raised.
6. It is necessary to buy plane tickets in advance and to show them on interview.
Similar you are not obliged to do anything, and anybody will not demand it from you. Buy when receive the visa.
As soon as you are asked, whether you want the multi-visa for a year or on two, consider that it's in the bag. From you will take fingerprints directly from a consular window (it not sick), additional one hundred dollars if you like the two-year visa more, and will release back home. Now wait for a call from "the Pony the Express" – you will be told when to come behind the passport in which the brand new American visa flaunts. Or will deliver the international passport to the house if it is so more convenient to you. Here and all procedure.

Получение гостевой визы в США Finally some more councils and wishes for readers of
If address for the visa for the first time, limit stay in the States about three weeks or month, it is no more. Then there will be no suspicions that actually you go to work or somehow to be fixed there. You the tourist on holiday also have to return to favourite work (a family, business) from any country in time.
(And any other) it is better to address for the guest visa in advance, in a month - two to an estimated trip. And not in peak of a holiday season. I very quickly received visas in February, in March and at the beginning of April, but acquaintances complained that in the summer everything becomes more long.
Generally, if real and any other purposes, except travel for own pleasure, you have no your invitation, everything will be as it should be. Consulates are created to issue visas, but not to refuse them to everyone.
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