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Nonconventional technicians of drawing

Very important since the earliest years to accustom the person to the fine. And what there can be more bright example for comprehension of beauty, than fine arts? But sometimes to interest the child not so simply. For this reason nonconventional technicians of drawing always enjoyed popularity in preschool institutions.

To work with a pencil and a brush boringly - much more cheerfully to spray paint on paper, to crumple a leaf or to draw own fingers! In this article will tell about advantage of drawing in nonconventional technicians and will acquaint with some of them.

Unusual it is always interesting!

Small children constantly are in a condition of studying of world around. They already know that the chair is created to sit, a blanket - to take cover, and a brush - to draw. Infinite series of "adult" rules and step aside. Nonconventional technicians of drawing break off templates of training of the child in the fine arts. Of course, before starting them, it is necessary to give address elements with pencils, pieces of chalk and brushes. Only after the little artist will acquire the main classical technicians of drawing, it is necessary to start the nonconventional.

Nonconventional technicians of drawing attract children with the spontaneity and freedom. There are no rules, and, above all - process. During such occupations develops not only vision and understanding fine, but also the imagination, dexterity, an ingenuity and a motility. Nonconventional technicians stimulate positive motivation, promote expression of identity of the child. The combination various the technician induces the child to think, independently to choose suitable receptions for creation of unique and more expressive works.

Nonconventional the technician of the fine arts develops use not only the touch sphere through perception of the world around and display seen on paper, but creates the huge ground for research of properties of subjects (paints, types of paper, auxiliary elements and dr). Also there is an active stimulation of inquisitiveness. The child starts perceiving substances and subjects in a new foreshortening - now it is possible to draw not only a brush, but also palms, a leaf from a tree or a stick. Nonconventional technicians of drawing develop a small motility of hands and fingers it is several times better, than classic methods. So, there are no restrictions in methods or tools, respectively, hands are not fixed in one situation, and are in the continuous and versatile movement.

Cheerful and unusual technicians of drawing create the easy atmosphere. The child studies and develops, without noticing it. The best way to bring up the child - to turn process into game. The same happens to nonconventional drawing - joyful pastime on advantage to reason, mentality and an organism.

And the most remarkable that regardless of art abilities of the child, each work will be unique and magnificent. The main thing - process, but not result! Nonconventional technicians of drawing develop feeling of an initiative, do the child to more independent and induces it to seek for absolutely non-standard and creative display of the feelings. Development happens harmoniously, comprehensively, and as a result the full-fledged and creative person grows up from the little playful artist!


Monotopiya is, probably, the simplest technology of nonconventional drawing. Any child will easily cope with it and will please parents with simple cheerful drawings.

The following materials will be necessary for work in equipment a monotopiya:

  • paint (acryle, gouache);
  • paper.

Put a sheet of paper in half to designate drawing border. On one party draw an image half. It can be the sun, a heart or a butterfly. Quickly, until drawing dried, put paper in half that the pure half of a leaf covered that that with drawing. Press the put paper and open - at you symmetric drawing turned out!

Marble paper

Drawing in style marble paper is a fascinating game which will be pleasant to each child. This reception is so extraordinary that will quite interest not only little artists, but also their parents. The most remarkable - it is impossible to create two identical drawings! Every time at you bright and unique patterns will turn out.

For drawing by method marble paper is useful:

  • foam or shaving cream;
  • water color paint or food dye of several flowers;
  • superficial saucer for mixing of paints and foam;
  • paper;
  • scraper.

Uniform layer distribute shaving foam on a saucer surface. Mix paints or dye with water. Saturated solution has to turn out. A brush or a pipette gather a little colourful solution and drip it on shaving foam. Repeat several times with different flowers. The same brush or a thin stick smear paint droplets on a foam surface that patterns and zigzags turned out. At this moment your unique drawing is created! Take paper and put on multi-colored shaving foam. Through couple of seconds accurately remove a leaf, wait half-minute that paint was absorbed and scrape off from it the foam remains. When foam leaves, you will see that on paper there was that unique drawing which turned out from the smeared paint droplets!

Drawings in style marble paper can decorate your walls or form a basis for creation of festive cards.


The essence of equipment consists in a surface tsarapaniye therefore drawing turns out. That is, in fact, the artist goes from the return and instead of receiving the image, applying paint on paper, he creates a picture, deleting paint coats. It is very interesting equipment in which many modern artists therefore if you feel in yourself creative potential work, but do not know how to express it - welcome to the world of a grattazh!

For drawing in equipment grattazh it is required:

  • cardboard;
  • wax crayons or water color;
  • candle;
  • ink or black gouache;
  • shampoo, shower gel or liquid means for washing of ware;
  • sharp stick (skewer, toothpick etc.).

Decorate a leaf of a cardboard with wax crayons or a water color. If you use pieces of chalk, you should not be greedy - let they will cover with a thick layer all surface. The only unacceptable color - black. If you draw a water color, coat a surface, let's it dry, and then rub a cardboard with a candle. Thus you will create effect of wax crayons. In ink or black gouache pour a little liquid detergent, properly mix and completely, cover with an even layer a leaf over a wax layer. Shampoo or liquid detergent it is necessary in order that dye laid down evenly and did not create stains. The black layer has to dry and only after that it is possible to start the most interesting - a drawing vytsarapyvaniye. A sharp stick to a protsarapayta drawing - at first contours, and then an internal surface. As a result at you the cheerful multi-colored image on an effective black background will turn out!

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