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In total about ultrasonography during pregnancy

Each pregnant woman, as a rule, looks forward to the moment when for the first time sees the kid. Thanks to ultrasonography this moment comes earlier, than in nine months. And what this happiness to see how your peanut yawns, or sucks a finger. Everything that it is necessary to know about ultrasonography during pregnancy – today for readers of

Principle of safe ultrasonography: so it is not enough, as soon as perhaps.Each pregnant woman, as a rule, looks forward to the moment when for the first time sees the kid. Thanks to ultrasonography this moment comes earlier, than in nine months. And what this happiness to see how your peanut yawns, or sucks a finger. Everything that it is necessary to know about ultrasonography during pregnancy – today for readers of

What is the ultrasonography

Аппарат УЗИ есть практически в каждом городе, и любая будущая мама может увидеть своего крошку еще до его рождения Ultrasonography is an ultrasonic research. In other words, diagnostics by means of ultrasound. And, in spite of the fact that the ultrasound was open earlier, than the x-ray beam, is used for diagnostics it not so long ago. And so for such short term of ultrasonography became a compulsory procedure in inspection of pregnant women. The device ultrasonography is practically in each city, and any future mother can see the crumb till its birth. How this device works? It generates unheard a human ear sound waves which being reflected from organism fabrics, send a reciprocal signal, and it in turn also gives us the image on the monitor.
Earlier examination was conducted the probe (the special sensor) directly from the outside of an organism. But at such ultrasonography and the picture was not accurate, and the power of a sound wave too big, and the patient had to be prepared in advance – to drink liter - one and a half liquids. Now, in the latest equipment the probe was replaced with the vaginal sensor (it is entered into the pregnant woman's vagina, but only on early terms), reduced the power of the ultrasound, and the accuracy of inspections increased.
Moreover, if only two-dimensional ultrasonography (when on the monitor not clear outlines of a fruit in black-and-white tones were visible) was earlier public, now exists three - (3D) and even four-dimensional (4D) ultrasonography who allows to see the color picture in dynamics, in detail to consider each body of the kid even on early terms of pregnancy. But there is more to come.
By means of a dopplerometriya (kind ultrasonography) of vessels the doctor can even estimate both a blood-groove of a placenta, and blood circulation (so and supply with oxygen) the kid. Earlier similar researches were impossible.
Here quotations. Usual ultrasonography of a small pelvis – 800 rubles, ultrasonography (3D, 4D) with an assessment of its bodies, a photo and the conclusion – 1200 rubles of Dopplerometriya of vessels – 800 rubles. And if you wish to make video of the kid – 300 rubles. The prices vary from clinic to clinic, but in principle are very much even available.

When to pass ultrasonography

УЗИ Many mothers run on ultrasonography actually from the first days of a delay. Here is not necessary. Ministry of Health does not recommend passing of ultrasonography till 10th week of pregnancy without special indications. Yes, on early terms to you will confirm the fact of pregnancy and even will tell, if pregnancy polycarpous. But without the powerful reasons, such as and a waist, ultrasonography it is better to ignore bloody allocations, belly-aches. Though to solve to you.
Pass the first "obligatory" ultrasonography on 10-12 weeks. During this ultrasonography the doctor will determine the exact term of childbirth, will tell you in general about pregnancy course. And, of course, will allow to listen to a heart of the kid.
The second ultrasonography if it is so possible to be expressed, more interesting. In 20-24 weeks will already show you your karapuzik. If it 3D-UZI, for you increase each handle and a leg that you looked at quantity of fingers. And still the kid will surely yawn or will smile. And you, at last, learn what color to buy a dowry – the doctor at your desire will define the child's sex. The expert will have an opportunity to look at development of an internal and to be convinced of absence of malformations.
The third ultrasonography becomes already before childbirth in 32-34 weeks. The doctor again will examine bodies of the kid, his prelying, other features, important for childbirth. However, you entirely will not see the kid – too he big. And here he will surely wave with the handle!

Advantage of ultrasonography

В процессе УЗИ доктор может диагностировать отклонения развития ребенка, проблемы протекания самой беременности и еще много-много чего For what do to all pregnant women ultrasonography? And not once, and three-four, and even more. In the course of ultrasonography the doctor can diagnose deviations of development of the child, a problem of course of the pregnancy and still there is a lot of that. will provide the list of that can tell us ultrasonography about our child. Future mothers, read careful, and ponder upon each point.
So, by means of ultrasonography of the device it is possible:
  1. to confirm pregnancy on early terms;
  2. to define number of the born children (after the sixth week) – that twins did not become you a surprise, and you could be prepared for its emergence morally and financially, and doctors could watch development of pregnancy and make the right decisions);
  3. to define exact age of a fruit (in the first trimester of pregnancy);
  4. to diagnose extra-uterine pregnancy (on early terms) – to avoid surgical intervention and to correct a situation without operation;
  5. to define pathologies of a course of pregnancy (peeling of a placenta, interruption threat, a uterus hyper tone and so forth) – to keep pregnancy;
  6. to reveal fruit malformations – to make the objective decision on necessary interruption of pregnancy (if defects are not compatible to life) or to carry out necessary treatment (if it is pertinent);
  7. to be prepared for some features of childbirth – to learn the mass of a fruit, to define its prelying, to diagnose existence or absence an obvitiya an umbilical cord, to specify the term of childbirth;
  8. to know the child's sex.
  9. in certain cases ultrasonography can turn unwanted pregnancy in desired, after all many mothers, having heard a heart beat of the child, decide to keep to it life.
Трехмерное ультразвуковое исследование 29-ти недельного плода You attentively read all these nine points. And now think that in case of refusal from ultrasonography, you very much complicate life to the doctor – he is compelled to act blindly. Yes, skilled obstetricians can learn a lot of things at usual survey. A lot of things, but not all! And after all only one wrong step can do bigger harm to the kid, than twenty-minute ultrasonography.
    I will tell one case. On the seventh month of pregnancy my sister put on preservation. Ultrasonography showed that it damaged a fetal bubble and waters started leaking. It was impossible to give birth at that moment in any way as the baby could not survive. Doctors appointed intensive therapy, absolute rest and fought per every day. Thus almost daily watched amount of waters at ultrasonography not to pass that moment when the child is threatened by danger. So two weeks then Polinka was born proceeded. Now she is two years old, the little girl active and healthy. Here also judge advantage and harm of this research, after all besides three planned ultrasonography, to the baby made nine more unplanned.

Indications to ultrasonography

For obligatory passing of ultrasonography there is the whole list of indications. УЗИ во время беременности
  • For example, chronic diseases – diabetes, various diseases of blood. In this case it is necessary to pass ultrasonic research. Moreover, the doctor geneticist which visit is now obligatory, in case of existence at your native these diseases, will channelize you on free ultrasonography. So, of course, not all are lucky, but it practices in many policlinics.
  • The doctor and in case in your family and furthermore you personally, had cases of not born pregnancy, a dying down of a fruit, abortions, uglinesses or hereditary diseases will insist on ultrasonography. In this case you will be directed on special blood test which is carried out twice for all pregnancy and allows to find out probability of developing of various diseases from your kid.
  • If you before pregnancy worked in chemical laboratory or the X-ray room, ultrasonography too is obligatory.
  • Strong reason for passing of ultrasonography are suspicions on violations during pregnancy – whether it be an otsloyka of a placenta, threat of interruption or a dying down of a fruit.
You are absolutely healthy? You never serious were ill anything? And any chronic diseases in your family it does not appear? You simply lucky woman! Your kid was very lucky. But, let's give discounts for a mad rhythm of our life, disgusting ecology, constant stresses. Only these, and it not everyone, factors can become the reason of many problems. Why not to make secure? Only twenty minutes and you will be absolutely sure that threatens nothing to your peanut.
    On the sixteenth week of pregnancy by results of ultrasonography the diagnosis "heart disease and some deviations in development of a brain" appeared. We with the husband were shocked. No similar hereditary violations in our families existed, pregnancy was desired and planned, and here such! The doctor tactfully held back that if the diagnosis will be confirmed, we should make the decision on pregnancy interruption. But 3D ultrasonography in the specialized regional center completely disproved the made diagnosis. The doctor was shocked, everything asked who us so "competently" surveyed. After all the child was absolutely healthy and even waved to us with the handle simply from the screen. From this situation I drew for myself a conclusion: it is better to pass once ultrasonography on the modern device in specialized clinic, than to listen to the doctor of usual policlinic, the having only antediluvian equipment.
And if by results of ultrasonography your pregnancy proceeds not so cloudlessly as it would be desirable – be not upset! Yes, the share of serious deviations at children is great, but you should not panic at once – the doctor will surely rescue a situation. The hyper tone is treated in a week by a bed rest and vitamins, threat of interruption of pregnancy will disappear after the correct therapy, and obvity an umbilical cord not such terrible business (I without problems and consequences gave birth to the son with single obvitiy umbilical cords). The medicine develops promptly, and many diseases are treated in a womb or corrected, as a last resort.

To do or not to do?

Последнее время стало модным делать фотографии младенца в утробе или даже записывать на диск настоящий видеоролик с проделками карапуза у мамы в животике Everything in this world is relative. Especially in medicine. When you drink soothing, especially you do not reflect as the liver will feel. And with ultrasonography. At the moment harm of ultrasonography for mother and a fruit is officially not proved. For this purpose large-scale researches have to be conducted, and the last time them carried out in the seventies the last century. Since then a lot of things changed, now ultrasonography carry out on the modern equipment which has the smaller power of a signal and other range of radiation. Also the admissible time interval – till 30 minutes during which the ultrasound is safe for a karapuzik and mother is officially established. Yes, and radiation lasts less than a minute, the rest of the time the device works for reception.
    Lately became fashionable to take the picture of the baby in a womb or even to write down on a disk the present video with tricks of the peanut at mother in a tummy. Undoubtedly, it is lovely, and years later the kid with pleasure will watch "film about himself". Only not so it is harmless. After all it is frequent to receive the "beautiful" picture, the doctor strengthens the power of a signal and this signal not a moment, but some minutes lasts, and still it is not known how will affect on health of your kid. Therefore does not recommend to abuse similar innovations, reasonably estimate risk!
Recently on a network article in which the shocking ultrasonography consequences for the child were told walked. In it it was said that the ultrasound leads to violation of structure of DNA and failure in normal formation of fabrics of a fruit. Strange one – words was not told about that what results of researches became a basis for such gloomy conclusion. So far only that the ultrasound increases temperature of fabrics a little is officially proved. Therefore in the presence of indications, you should not be afraid of this research. After all, as we already know, it is much more advantage of ultrasonography, than harm.
    Once I read that for the child of ultrasonography is heard, how for us beep of the train. Honestly, from the experience I will notice that during ultrasonography the peanut in a tummy constantly spins, knocks hands, and sometimes and turns away a back so that neither the floor, nor other necessary characteristics to the doctor do not manage to be seen. Yes, and after procedure he behaves quite violently.
Perhaps really it is unpleasant to the kid or even influence of a sound wave is sick. And each mother has the right to solve, how many time to her to pass ultrasonography, but not to be strictly according to the schedule approved by Ministry of Health. To solve to you, dear mothers. But as in any business, an extreme are excessive: you should not ignore completely this procedure, but also to run on ultrasonography in a week too it is not necessary. Think of the child and listen to the intuition – after all maternal heart will not tell lies.
Health to you!
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