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Treatment of ulcers in language

The scattering small yazvochek in language first can seem insignificant defect which does not demand special attention. And here when the "soiled" place will inflame and will start hurting, it becomes clear: "sore" in itself will not descend therefore it is time to start being treated.

Yazvochki in language is represented by the erosive centers of an inflammation of a mucous membrane which are followed by an itch or painful feelings. The reasons for which there is this defect, there is a lot of. Mucous our principal organ of the speech can be exposed to destructive influence of external factors, and also react thus to diseases of a mouth or other somatic diseases of an organism. suggests to consider major factors which anyway can affect a condition of an oral cavity in general and health of language in particular.

Language surface ulceration reasons

To decide on character and sequence of treatment, it is necessary to establish the reliable reason which is the cornerstone of this unpleasant state. So, the factors provoking a dot inflammation of a mucous membrane of language can be divided into 3 big groups. Let's examine each of them one after another.

Mouth diseases.

  1. Aftozny stomatitis. In most cases this disease gets a chronic form and its current lasts for months, and even years. All this time the periods of an aggravation alternate with the remission periods. So-called afta – small ulcerations in an oral cavity and in language become a fruit of an illness. On the mucous both one yazvochka, and their whole congestion can be formed. Despite the modest sizes, afta are extremely painful therefore it is impossible to ignore a problem. The disease reminds of itself every time when the patient eats food or talks. At the corresponding treatment the aftozny ulcer passes on average in 6–7 days. However if the inflammation long does not pass and the wound begins to live long time, on its place there is a hem. As a rule, process of regeneration is dragged out for a month if treatment is accompanied by injuries or complications.
  2. Herpetic stomatitis. From the name it is clear that the causative agent of a disease is the herpetic infection. Externally the inflammation also looks as all known bubbles of herpes on lips. Only in this case multiple small yazvochka appear in the lower sky and the lower part of language. They, as a rule, have no accurate outlines, in the center of each bubble serous liquid is noticeable. The inflamed points in 7–10 days descend, without leaving behind traces.
  3. Simple stomatitis. At this disease there is generally only one izjyazvlenny wound, but in certain cases their quantity increases to 2–3 pieces. The yazvochka surface at this type of stomatitis is tightened by a whitish or yellowish-gray film.
  4. Kandidozny stomatitis. The disease known is more as the milkwoman, has the fungal nature of an origin. Yazvochki, appearing in a mouth, at this illness always white, and language and other sites of a mouth covers a whitish raid. The milkwoman, as a rule, "loves" kids, however with her also the adult can get sick.
  5. The recidivous necrotic periadenit, or aftoz Seton. The course of a disease has the specifics. First in the fabrics located under a mucous membrane of language and a mouth the condensed sites develop, and after a while on their place on a surface ulcers appear. They resemble convex dense plaques with the raised edges superficially. Each such plaque is filled with inflammatory infiltrate which main components are cellular elements, blood and a lymph. Ulcers bring to the patient severe pain. As a rule, they settle down language, on an internal surface of cheeks or lips on each side. Necrotic periadenit differs in the long, hard giving in to treatment current and can stretch for some months.
  6. Afta Bednar. Children of preschool and younger school age get to group of risk. The illness is expressed by small ulcers with a yellowish raid. Erosive process arises at insufficient care of an oral cavity.

Traumatic damages of surface fabric of language.

Wounds in language and other places of an oral cavity can be reaction to the external irritating factors. Among them most often occur:

  • casual biting of language teeth;
  • language injuries a toothbrush with very rigid bristle at intensive toothbrushing;
  • chips on teeth, and also the rough, badly processed or deformed edges of seals on teeth;
  • low-quality artificial limbs or adaptations for correction of a bite;
  • language injuries tools on reception at the stomatologist.

Sometimes the listed above factors become not the paramount reason of an ulceration mucous, and a certain starting mechanism which puts more serious factors provoking an inflammation in action. For example, rather insignificant microtrauma that the chronic "sleeping" aftozny stomatitis immediately was shown in a mouth by a plentiful congestion inflamed yazvochek.

General somatic diseases.

  1. There are periods in human life when its organism is considerably weakened. Decline of protective forces happens because of the infections caused by viruses, stomatitises because of an allergy, the general overfatigue or overcooling. The necrotic can develop in this moment gingivostomatit which is expressed by inflammatory erosive processes in mucous membranes of an oral cavity and language. The disease is accompanied also by other signs: a putrefactive smell from a mouth, the raised salivation, a yellowish-gray raid on gums and language, high temperature of a body. Ulcers thus have no smooth edges, differ in a raid of a green shade and high degree of morbidity.
  2. Tuberculosis. Quite often against tuberculosis of lungs secondary tuberculosis of a mouth develops. There is it when causative agents of tuberculosis rise up airways and get into a mucous membrane of an oral cavity. At first in a mouth and in language consolidations on which place small ulcers which will grow over time are formed a bit later develop. The big inflamed ulcers small, softened and krovotochivy. At the patient body temperature, as a rule, increases and symptoms of a general malaise are observed.
  3. Syphilis. The causative agent of a disease – a microorganism with a name a white treponema. When the incubatory period comes to an end, in a mouth there are yazvochka which remain during the entire period of a disease. They cover language, the sky, internal surfaces of cheeks and lips. At an early stage of syphilis the inflamed sites do not bring to the patient any discomfort, however after a while tolerant pain nevertheless develops. Ulcers long do not pass, healing on average 3–4 months, and leave behind the marks similar to asterisks.
  4. HIV. In certain cases diseases the ulceration of gums which sometimes extends on mucous cheeks and language is noted.

Treatment yazvochek in language

Before developing the plan of medical actions, the doctor will establish the primary source of an inflammation in a mouth and in language. Only after pronouncement of the concrete diagnosis start treatment mucous language. Specifics of treatment will depend on the reason which caused development of ulcers.

So, at herpetic stomatitis to the patient will write out the means belonging to group of the drugs which are harmful influencing a herpes virus. As external means on the mucous apply ointment to elimination of inflammatory reaction the Acyclovir.

Antifungal preparations are actual in treatment of kandidozny stomatitis. Antibiotics, corticosteroids and sulfanilamida treat aftozny stomatitis. Besides, during treatment of stomatitis (the version thus does not matter) the patient recommend to accept vitamin C for strengthening of a protective barrier of an organism.

For elimination of a necrotic gingivostomatit use antibiotics and antihistaminic preparations. Do not forget also about polyvitaminic means and a high-calorific food allowance. In certain cases the doctor sees need for application of the drugs stimulating work of cardiovascular system. After a disease in a mouth there are become lifeless fabrics which cut out, using local anesthesia. Wounds process antiseptics.

The small erosive injuries of language received as a result of a trauma in most cases take place. If regenerative process is dragged out, it stimulate by means of anti-septic tanks and wound healing means.

Doctors of specialized medical clinics are engaged in treatment of syphilis and tuberculosis. A human immunodeficiency virus – field of activity for the infectiologist. Against the main therapy carry out local treatment for weakening of painful symptoms struck mucous in a mouth.

Universal treatment yazvochek in language

Irrespective of the reason of an ulceration of superficial covers of language and a mouth, for knocking over of an inflammation and easing of pain it is possible to carry out local treatment which is the general for yazvochek any origin. Let's transfer the funds suitable for processing of the struck places:

  • brilliant green – is better not to find antiseptics;
  • hydrogen peroxide – can be used several times during the day;
  • gel preparations on the basis of lidocaine;
  • ointments and gels which part dexamethasone is;
  • Holesal;
  • hlorgeksidin for rinsings;
  • solution of baking soda;
  • the Furacilin divorced in half with water.

Phytotherapy will become the excellent assistant in this case also. There is a set of the herbs possessing antiseptic and wound healing properties. From them prepare broths and rinse them a mouth from 3 to 5 times a day. Let's provide the list of the most demanded herbs for elimination of ulcers in language:

Remember, treatment even one small yazvochka in language needs to be begun as soon as possible – only then it will begin to live quickly and without serious consequences.

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