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Types of arrows for eyes

If you consider that by nature your eyes are not attractive – you should not be upset. Perhaps, you simply are not able to do the correct make-up. In this case to make eyes attractive shooters, different in a form, will help.

The make-up with shooters was always fashionable. They go practically to each woman, irrespective of a face type, a hair color and eyes. Mirsovetov pays your attention that there are different types of arrows for eyes, about them we today and we will talk.

It is a little history

Black strips on the centuries of the woman were drawn still in the ancient time. From history we know that the queen Cleopatra liked to decorate the person by means of the extended arrows. It also differed in it from other women of Ancient Egypt. At that time eye shadow was tried to be used so that to be similar to a sacred animal – a cat. Did it by means of powder which received from ore and copper.

Necessary tools

Favourably to emphasize the advantages, it is necessary to learn to draw arrows. Only one stroke of a pencil the expressiveness look can add, visually to increase or reduce eyes.

For creation of a unique image it is possible to use:

  • pencil;
  • shadows;
  • eyeliner.

When using a pencil it is possible to draw an arrow with soft border, or to lead round mucous eyes. If you want to draw an arrow during a century – choose not a firm pencil (read designation of PM – semi-soft). The fat and soft slate pencil will be suitable for internal part of an eye. If you wish that the make-up remained fresh the whole day, buy waterproof cosmetics.

Shadows it is better to draw a smoothed arrow. Then it is easier to correct its form a pencil.

When using a rare eyeliner you receive the accurate line. It will be much brighter, than pencil. It is simpler to draw with liquid ink very thin strelochka. But, unlike the pencil line, the eyeliner need to be able to use.

If you only start mastering drawing of arrows and the line turned out not equal – it will be more difficult to correct it. It is better to use an eyeliner which has a pencil form. It will be easy to draw with such tool an arrow of any form: direct or curved.

Also there are also professional eyeliners for drawing of arrows. They are on sale in small jars and have gentle texture. Makeup artists apply paint with a thin slanted brush. Cream eyeliners allow to draw a straight line.

What types happen

Shooters for eyes can have a different form, to be pale or on the contrary, fat.

Let's consider popular types of arrows:

  1. Cat's eye. Such shooters drew ancient Egyptians. They gave to an image of originality and in too time allowed to look unusually. To learn to draw the line simply: it is necessary "to bring" a little an upper eyelid and to raise arrow "tail" up to a temple. Then the turn of the lower part of an eye comes – it too bring, draw a contour and connect both lines. It is possible to draw arrows "catlike" differently: to leave "tail" sharp or having receded only one-two millimeters to draw round the main arrow one more – thinner. And if to make it other color – the unusual evening option of a make-up will turn out.

  2. The color. You should not be limited to standard shades for creation of arrows. Recede from a framework and draw brown, heavenly, green and even crimson lines. A shade choice – on your discretion. Remember that the color arrow has to be drawn very accurately. If at you it is impossible to make at once the accurate line, try to draw a thin contour with a black pencil, and then guide it in the chosen color. will open for you a small secret: if you wish to make a beautiful arrow, you need to use an eyeliner, shadows and brasmatik one tone.

  3. The thick arrow will add density to your eyelashes. But will draw it difficultly. Therefore at first it is necessary to draw a thin line, and then to walk on it once again a pencil. In that case she will become a little more fat. It is possible to use for drawing of such make-up both a pencil, and an eyeliner, and it is desirable to take a short thick brush. If you decided to decorate an eyelid with shadows, walk the applicator with the chosen shade on already drawn arrow.

  4. Half. It is original to emphasize eyes it is possible thus: take a soft pencil and draw a line in the bottom of a century, then through growth of eyelashes, but only to the middle. If you wish to allocate eyes, it is possible to apply on an eye corner a few light shadows with nacre. Shooters will stylishly look. But if your eyes can reduce small, light nacreous shadows even more them.

  5. The Egyptian. Such type of an arrow now again gains popularity. It is not difficult to draw them, and its "tail" can settle down both on lower, and on an upper eyelid.

  6. Shading. If you wish to refresh and diversify the make-up, it will be simplest to apply an eyeliner or shadows on an eyelid, and then to pound arrow border. If your eyes a little convex or big, this option just for you, and it is necessary to use a black or brown eyeliner.

  7. The dual. To draw such arrows rather difficult, but the spent time wholly will pay off excellent result. A double thin arrow which begins from the middle of an eye and comes to an end at the end of an upper eyelid, still call "eyes of a kitten". At first you will need to draw one line from edge of an eye to a nose bridge, and to try to draw an arrow most close to the line of growth of eyelashes. It is not necessary to lead up it until the end of an internal corner of an eye because a main objective of a dual arrow - to bring a tip. Do not forget that both lines should not be connected. Between them there has to be a free space which will be filled with shadows of a light shade. Thus, the look will seem deep.

  8. Wings. This type of arrows will suit blue-eyed girls. It is necessary to draw them to the one fourth line of an eyelid. Thickness can be different: from thin to the thick. The last option will give to your image a certain impudence.

  9. Gentle line. Is suitable for a daily make-up and romantic appointment. Shooters do eyes seductive. Try to draw the thin line which is not going beyond an eye corner.

  10. Style Merlyn. It is easy to draw such arrows. It is necessary to draw a line (try to make it thin) on a century, and to remove "tail" up. It on the contrary, has to be thick, than the main line of an arrow.

  11. Shooters Hepburn – wide, with thin "tail" upward. The film actress liked to surprise the audience with the unusual make-up with fat shooters.

Each woman has to know it

That who is only going to learn to draw arrows, and also to those women who are able to do it long ago, will not prevent to examine such councils:

  • if you have some for forty, do not draw an arrow only on a lower eyelid. So you considerably will narrow eyes;
  • guide a direct arrow easily – delay a few fingers an eyelid;
  • do arrows only on the semi-covered eyes. On widely open or closed eyes the line will turn out not ideal;
  • do not draw a wide arrow at one stroke – put at first thin, and then gradually thicken it;
  • it is not necessary to do one continuous line because at once difficultly to draw a straight line. Walk a pencil two times in one place;
  • do not forget about symmetry. If your shooters are drawn not equally, the make-up will not be accurate.

Experiment and do not despair, you by all means will draw an equal strelochka which will give to your image special charm.

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