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Turtles: contents and leaving

Buying a turtle, it is necessary to understand, first of all that this living being, but not simply amusing toy for children. Turtles are not really beautiful, are not able to caress or play, but it does not mean that with them it is possible to treat or not to feed roughly many days. It is necessary to look after a turtle, as well as any pet.
Buying a turtle, it is necessary to understand, first of all that this living being, but not simply amusing toy for children. Turtles are not really beautiful, are not able to caress or play, but it does not mean that with them it is possible to treat or not to feed roughly many days. It is necessary to look after a turtle, as well as any pet.

Krasnoukhy turtle

Красноухая черепаха Most often we in the house have krasnoukhy turtles. As well as any turtles, they live long: not exchange is 30 years old in good conditions. But the unprepared and irresponsible owner can reduce life of a turtle till 2-3 years.
Krasnoukhy turtles belong to water, it is necessary to support them only in spacious akvaterrariuma. So, for one turtle the aquarium on 100-150 liters is necessary. Though krasnoukhy turtles will see off almost all the time in water, the land where they could have a rest and take a walk is necessary for them. Some owners of turtles are limited to that stick a plastic island to an aquarium wall. But it not an exit. It is difficult for turtle to climb up it, gradually rising slope will be much more convenient for her. The inclined coast has to be rather rough that claws of a turtle easily clung to it. In shops special islands for turtles are on sale, they meet all necessary requirements (An inclined slope, a rough surface, the big area of "sushi"). The land surface has to be rather big – not less than a quarter of the total area of an aquarium. To you it will be easy to give to a turtle of sterns to get warm on an island where she will leave.
Water in an aquarium with a turtle needs to be changed completely once a month. It is desirable to settle water previously.
It is necessary for turtles warmly. Therefore we establish a lamp over an island. As the lamp at us will be a source of heat, recommends to buy the ordinary glow lamp – its thermolysis is simply remarkable. Especially, light of the glow lamp is so similar to the solar. If the lamp constantly warms an island, there is no need to warm up water, the turtle will be able always to get out and be warmed on an island. recommends: the island has to be at the level of 30 cm from edge of an aquarium if it it is too close to edge, the most bright turtles for certain will try to run away
Feeding of turtles
Красноухая черепаха Krasnoukhy turtles with pleasure eat both a crank, and mincemeat and the granulated forages. However, boiled fish is necessary for turtles for elimination of deficiency of calcium (give fish together with small bones, be not afraid, they will not choke). Try not to give them fat fish, like the capelin, a sprat, a mackerel. Meat should not be the main forage. The turtles who are "brought up" on meat inevitably have rickets. In a diet of young krasnoukhy turtles animal forages have to prevail, and with age it is necessary to give preference to vegetable types of a forage. Before achievement of two-year age of turtles feed every day, and that is more senior, it is possible to feed 2-3 times a week.
How to give a forage? In the beginning put a forage at the edge of water. When the turtle gets used, start feeding her on an island, having put a forage in a saucer with water. If in your akvaterrarium seaweed are planted, turtles will eat them. That they did not lack a vegetable forage, give them lettuce leaves, young cabbage and various pond seaweed. Not to a zabyvyta that turtles can eat small aquarian small fishes therefore feed them in time.
If claws of a turtle too grew – cut them manikyurny tweezers. The beak should not be cut, after all your turtle the predator and a keen edge of a beak is necessary to her for a food breaking.

Central Asian turtle

Среднеазиатская черепаха This species of a turtle is overland. They quite large – weight are 1,8 kg, length of an armor is 15-25 cm. Color of an armor the various: from light-red to the darkly olive.
In the nature the Central Asian turtle digs holes and actively only two-three months in a year move. Therefore at the contents it in house conditions it is necessary to create a spacious terrarium in which temperature, humidity level will be constantly controlled. The turtle can live in such terrarium for many years, without having any diseases. However, more often it let simply "to travel on the apartment. The matter is that the turtle cannot be supported "is free": having let it to live on a floor to the room, you risk to step on it at night, she can catch a cold from casual draft and be lost. Besides, the Central Asian turtles need to dig – and they dig that will find – garbage on a floor, carpets, slippers... So the terrarium is better. In it the turtle will be able to choose for herself corners with lower or high temperature, more damp or dry.
As well as for krasnoukhy turtles, in a terrarium the lamp, air temperature on a laying under a lamp + 25-28C is established. In summertime the turtle needs to be walked. Let out its sun, but watch that she did not eat something and was not run over by a car. It is best of all to support a turtle in the open-air cage (the it more, the better, the minimum size of the open-air cage 1 x 1,5 meter) where she will be able to dig in the pleasure, and to hide in the shaded corners, just as in the nature. However do not forget that the turtle digs holes up to 2 meters in depth so walls of the open-air cage should be dug at least on half-meter.
It is necessary to clean a terrarium once a month. Every week change water in a drinking bowl and partially replace soil. And once a month completely change a laying, wash out terrarium walls water with soap. That turtles were not ill, during cleaning a terrarium wash out disinfecting solutions, for example Betadin.
It is necessary to feed the Central Asian turtles with rough vegetable food – a rigid grass, cabbage, carrots, beet. The food is put in a feeding trough for one and a half-two hours then the remains of a forage need to be thrown out, and to wash a feeding trough.
Features of care of an overland turtle
Уход за сухопутными черепахами Overland turtles periodically fade. Only skin on pads and the head changes. At this time it is necessary to expiate a turtle in warm water with addition of 1 spoon of soda. After bathing skin is oiled the vegetable.
Besides, would like to pay your attention that for maintenance of purity care of a turtle enters and bathing is obligatory once a week. For this purpose we gather in a tray water (t + 30C) and we put a turtle there. Water has to cover it only on a third. Accurately we wipe a turtle water with soap, watching that soap did not get it to eyes. The turtle has to "to soak" in a tray no more than half an hour then it needs to be wiped. For strengthening of an armor it is possible to oil it after bathing by the olive. On corners of a mouth of a turtle the food remains sometimes dry up. They need to be washed away carefully during bathing.
If you correctly support the turtle, her claws and a beak will always be in norm. But if the stern and a laying too soft, strongly grows a beak and claws of a turtle. In this case they need to be cut. Look at a pad of a turtle on a gleam – you will see that tips of her claws are transparent and have no blood vessels. These tips can be removed. But do not try to make it ordinary scissors, you will need nippers. The grown edges of a beak too are bitten by nippers, and the uneven edge is straightened with a file.

Marsh turtles

Болотная черепаха They are widespread in a midland of Russia and often get to our houses directly from a native standing pond. Color of an armor can be both dark and olive and almost black.
The low terrarium (height about 30 cm) with the land is necessary for it (over the land the lamp that the turtle could get warm) and water part is necessary. Water height small, about 20 cm. Turtles eat and defecate in water therefore it needs to be changed often. The water is purer, the your turtle is more healthy.
Marsh turtles – predators, is useless to feed them with a kapustka. In summertime give them snails pond snails, earthworms, a large crank. It is necessary to feed marsh turtles at least 1 time a week. They are very clever and it is easy to teach to put out them the head from water to grab a forage. Even it is possible to accustom them to take food out of the pool, however to eat it all of them will equally escape in water, to them the instinct so orders. It is very interesting to watch them: if to give to a turtle the whole small small fish, she will turn it the head to herself and will swallow. And if fish is too large, the turtle will break off her on smaller parts. Be careful – their jaws are very strong, the feral turtle will not fail to bite you. But if not to offend them, turtles quickly get used to the owner, start putting out greeting the heads from water at his emergence.
To cut a beak and claws it is not necessary for a marsh turtle. Even very long claws for it not a hindrance, after all it a predator also breaks off production only by means of claws.

It is impossible...

It is impossible to hold any turtles without additional heating. It is impossible to feed turtles with one type of a forage. Only vegetable or only a live forage are equally defective. Harmonious "menu" has to consist only of a combination of vegetable and animal forages.
It is impossible to support krasnoukhy and other water turtles in an aquarium without the land (it can drown).
It is impossible to contain in one terrarium of turtles of the different size as in principle and it is impossible to place together some males – fights are inevitable.
And, at last, turtles cannot cook food in the same ware, as to people. Also do not forget about personal hygiene after contact with a turtle.

To support a turtle not really difficult, it is only necessary to care of her and not to forget that she the same living being, as well as we.
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