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As it is correct to twist a hoop

The sports exercise machine familiar to much a hoop, women use in fight against excess weight. A wasp waist and the tightened buttocks – here to what it is possible to come if every day to twist a hoop. It is possible to become really more harmonous by means of such easy way? Many girls cannot still believe in efficiency of this sports exercise machine. How to learn to twist a hoop? We will also talk about it.

Now it is possible to get confused in a set of programs for weight loss. Use of various exercise machines and auxiliary sports tools yields certain results. Fitness trainers claim that if every day it is correct to twist a hoop, it is possible to reach good results. Of course, this sport cannot be carried to effective, here to achieve the objective simply twisting the abuse-hup will not turn out, it is necessary to adhere to a certain way of life (run, swimming, healthy nutrition) and then it is possible to count on good result. It turns out that if we wish to find a "osiny" waist and to pump up gluteuses a little, it is necessary to be engaged systematically. In day it is possible to allocate only 30 minutes, plus a certain diet, and in a month it will be already possible to brag of the first results.

Why it is worth paying attention on an abuse-hup?

The hoop is the inexpensive and simple sports exercise machine in use. To learn to twist a hoop the child will be able even, and at children it turns out where it is better, than at heavy young ladies.

Let's find out why it is worth choosing this sports equipment and what will be advantage:

  1. Improvement of a vestibular mechanism. To begin never late, even in 40-50-60 years it is possible to start training.
  2. At the correct use of a hoop it is possible to improve work of heart, vessels and respiratory organs.
  3. Muscles become stronger.
  4. During torsion of a hoop there is a light massage of belly muscles and bodies. In particular, occupations positively influence work of intestines.
  5. At rotation it is possible to develop sense of equilibrium.
  6. Prevention of emergence of cellulitis.
  7. Excess fat from hips and a waist leaves.
  8. In a minute it is possible to lose from 15 calories.

The advantage of application an abuse-hupa is obvious. So before learning how it is correct to twist a hoop, Mirsovetov suggests to find out subtleties of a choice of this sports equipment.

We choose an abuse-hup

In the 80th years of last century the choice of hoops was very poor. They differed in the size and material. On sale it was possible to meet only 2 options an abuse-hupov: plastic and metal for children and adults.

Now the range an abuse-hupov considerably extended. In sports shops it is possible to see such variety of hoops, what even it becomes feel a little ill at ease as it is possible to cope with such adaptations.

From the presented variety we will consider the main groups:

  1. Classical hoop. It can be made of soft plastic or iron. Externally looks as a usual circle, without any additions.
  2. Folding hoop. The convenient option, consists of separate blocks (from 4 and more units) which are fastened among themselves. Such an abuse-hup it is possible to take with itself in a gym or on rest. It is simple to store it as it does not take a lot of place.
  3. The weighted. Can be plastic or metal, filled with small particles. It is more difficult to twist such hoop, but the effect will be visible quicker.
  4. Massage abuse-hup. On a surface of a hoop there are rollers or balls from rubber which have massage effect. They well influence area of buttocks, waists and a press.

  5. With the built-in tachometers, sensors of control of time and quantity of the spent calories.
  6. The combined. Combine some types at the same time. For example, the abuse-hup can be plastic, filled with small particles and with rollers for massage. Such option is considered the most effective in fight against excess weight.

At a choice of a hoop try to consider all recommendations of the trainer. So, it is necessary to select an abuse-hup, proceeding from own parameters of weight and growth. Pay attention to apparatus weight – it can fluctuate ranging from 250 g to 3 and more than a kg. Consider that it is easy to untwist an easy hoop, but it is difficult to stop, and heavy, on the contrary – it is difficult untwisted, but easily stops.

If you plan to get rid of extra kilos in a waist and hips by means of a heavy hoop, take an interest at the seller, what filler is inside. Perhaps, the magnetic radiation of a filler will have negative impact on your organism.

Not to be disappointed, better at once to test stock directly in shop. So you will be able to decide on type of a hoop and to choose suitable model.

How to twist a hoop

Everyone will be able to master equipment of the address with an abuse-hupom, and here is how it is correct to twist a hoop to achieve certain results – familiarly not to each. recommends to begin trainings with situation "feet on width of shoulders" or to put them a little more widely. In such pose it is easier to learn to twist a hoop, to hold it on a waist and to feel its action. After fact-finding exercises it is possible to start development of more difficult technique. You will need to put feet together. In such situation it is possible to achieve good results, to strengthen buttock and belly muscles, and also a bearing.

Do not forget about breath. The main thing in work with an abuse-hupom – it is impossible to hold the breath. That is, if you on a breath vigorously twisted a hoop within 30 seconds, and then "exhausted", efficiency of such training is reduced to zero. It is very important when muscles are in the weakened state to make an exhalation and when are strained – a breath. Then a large amount of oxygen passes through lungs, fat is better burned.

Mastering technology of work with an abuse-hupom, it is important to twist vigorously a hoop and to change the direction. For example, we twist 4 minutes in one party, and then – in another. The body has to remain motionless, and the hoop will turn due to efforts of muscles of an abdominal tension. Women with thin or convex hips can face that the hoop will press on stones or to fall. To avoid similar, it is necessary to get a hoop with soft rubber balls.

When twist a hoop, it is better to raise hands over the head up and to link them in the lock on a nape. Periodically "walk" an abuse-hup on all body, raising it up, lowering down to knees.

Exercises for a waist:

  1. Put feet together, part hands in the parties in a waist. Rotate a hoop at first slowly, gradually accelerating, then again slowly and again quickly.
  2. Deliver the right foot a little ahead to the left. Develop shoulders, press brushes to shoulders. Rotate an abuse-hup, from time to time change feet. It is possible to go in general small steps, rotating a hoop.

How to make buttocks and hips harmonous:

  1. Put feet on width of shoulders, part hands in the parties. Rotate a hoop, gradually displacing it from a waist on hips and back.
  2. Sit down, part hands in the parties, put feet on width of shoulders. Twist a hoop, gradually becoming straight and again squatting. Exercise repeats from 10 to 15 times.

Besides the main rotations of a hoop on a waist and hips, it is possible to do exercises, simple, but rather effective for weight loss:

  1. Take a hoop in hand. Rise on toes, hands up, cave in, make a breath.
  2. Take a hoop in hand, lift it up, bend, cave in in a back. During performance of exercise try to look in the middle. Take away the right foot back, try to keep balance within several seconds. Now return to a starting position and replace a foot. Breathe correctly: an inclination – an exhalation, a starting position – a breath.
  3. Sit down on a chair, raise hands up. Hold a hoop vertically. Bend feet and detain them in air over an abuse-hupom. Straighten feet, detain them in such provision of 5 seconds, return to a starting position.

How much time you need to be engaged with a hoop?

To reach a certain result, it is necessary to be engaged in day at least 10 minutes. It is best of all if to pass to 2-times trainings: in the morning and in the evening for 15 minutes. Fat starts being burned after 20 minutes of training, but for the unprepared person such loading will be difficult. Over time you will understand, how much time you need for your organism. It is better to choose intensity and duration of training individually, but remember that you should not be engaged more than 40 minutes. If there is a desire and time, it is better after trainings with a hoop to do exercises on flexibility and a press.

Easier to take out a rhythm, be engaged under favourite music. You have to know that with heavy an abuse-hupami it is necessary to handle with care as for want of habit on a body there can be bruises. To avoid similar, put on dense trousers or a belt.

When you do not be engaged

It is possible to make a break in occupations and it is necessary. For example, if at you began monthly, it is better to have a rest and not to load an organism. It is extremely undesirable to twist a hoop if you have diseases of abdominal organs or internal. It is better to consult at first to the doctor if he resolves – then start twisting a hoop, gradually increasing time.

It is forbidden to twist a hoop on an empty stomach and right after food, to the people who underwent operations and to pregnant women.

To learn to twist a hoop easily, the main thing - to have desire and patience, and then at you precisely everything will turn out!

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