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Rest in Turkey

Once you glance in Internet open spaces, and to look at this information ocean something about rest in Turkey, at once see lines: "Turkey is a live history. Turkey it is not forgotten … Turkey is a hot sun and surprisingly transparent and clear water. Turkey it is healthy Turkey it is popular!"

Once you glance in Internet open spaces, and to look at this information ocean something about rest in Turkey, at once see lines: "Turkey is a live history. Turkey it is not forgotten … Turkey is a hot sun and surprisingly transparent and clear water. Turkey it is healthy Turkey it is popular!"
What does the country of four seas conceal in itself? Turkey – a heavenly spot with the richest culture, unforgettable east fairy tales and magnificent dishes. Many say that, having visited here once, there is a wish to come back again and again therefore there is a wish to tell in more detail about rest in this mysterious country, Turkey.

Weather in Turkey

Turkey though rather small country, but climate in its separate parts considerably differs. Therefore it is necessary to take into account to what corner of Turkey you go to rest and to be prepared definitely. If you decided to have a rest on coast of the Aegean, Marble or Mediterranean Sea, do not forget protective cream because during a swimming season (April-October) the sun here very bright and quite can significantly spoil to you holiday. The coast of the Black Sea is more damp and here often it is raining. And in the east of the country and in Central Anatoly climate continental. And it means that winter in these regions of Turkey cold, and summer hot and dry.

The visa to Turkey

For Russians the visa to Turkey is not required as on border you can get so-called "visa brand" which is valid for a period of up to 2 months. At itself it is necessary to have only the international passport valid within three months from the moment of your alleged departure from the country. Do not forget that it disposable, and at repeated entry into Turkey it is necessary to get new even if period of validity of the first did not end. This pleasure will cost to you $20.

Customs rules

Any currency can be imported on the territory of Turkey without any restrictions. And here to take out more liras, than for $1000 you will not be allowed. It is quite possible that at customs you will be asked to register the mobile phone as here and there it is mentioned that so Turkish authorities try to support domestic producer so be just in case ready to it.

Hotels of Turkey

One of specific features of the Turkish hotels – all entertainments settle down in their territory. Therefore in hotels of Turkey the infrastructure is very developed. It is natural that it is practically necessary to pay for everything. Notice that in each hotel the system of payment. Somewhere it is necessary to pay at once and to you will give the receipt (it is only not necessary by purely Russian tradition this receipt right there to throw out, after all preservation can save it from annoying misunderstanding and hassle). Somewhere issue the accumulative card, and you pay off when leave – options a set. At the majority of hotels the beach (it is frequent even at "threes" and "two-room flats"). And to use a beach at bar or restaurant make the small order, and it is not necessary to overpay for a plank bed and an umbrella. The average price in a night in the Turkish hotel from $123.
In the elite district of Istanbul the Hilton Parksa hotel where in each number will provide you the hair dryer, the conditioner, the TV and phone settled down. If you arrived with the small child, can ask also a crib. At hotel there is a dry-cleaner, a laundry the fitness center and it is a lot more services which will significantly facilitate to you life.
And absolutely near Alanya will hospitably open for you a door of Acropol Beach Hotel 3 *, constructed only in 2004. In this hotel will provide you an Internet cafe, the doctor, lessons Turkish, a place for volleyball, basketball, badminton and other sports. And you will find the conditioner, a minibar, the safe, satellite TV and phone in number. Also you will be able to take pleasure in fine landscapes of the Turkish nature from a small balcony which is in each number.

Sights of Turkey

One of the brightest places of Turkey is Ancient Troy. Ruins of the city described in the Illiada were found only in the middle of the 19th century. Many centuries Troy was considered as the mythical city, but this opening proved its existence. On this place many various settlements remained. There it is worth visiting if only to inhale aroma of antiquity.
Most likely that, having gathered for rest to Turkey, you decide to visit Istanbul. It is interesting that this eternal city scattered the small streets at once on two continents and is divided by the Bosphorus Strait. Try not to forget to look in Istanbul at St. Sophia Cathedral. This one of the most known places striking not only historical value, but also art scope. Other place which should be visited in Istanbul is a mosque, postoroyenny in honor of the sultan Suleiman. It is famous for that is the biggest mosque in the city and in it magnificent acoustics. And already about the bridge connecting two continents and there is nothing to speak – surely look at this wonder of the world. Perhaps, it not too will fascinate you by the beauty, but here with scope will strike, it is exact.
One of symbols of Ankara is Haji Bayram mosque which almost became the successor of the temple of Augustine and Rohm.
And, having a rest in Izmir, you can look at some of the most ancient statues with images of the Neptune, Tsetsera and Diana who remained since Rome. And though they are dilapidated, but it is worth looking at them. For fans of the present in Izmir there is a Park of Culture where there passes the lion's share of city actions.
And in what you area would not go to rest, any place in Turkey is impregnated with antiquity history. Therefore even if you will not manage to look at any wonder, be not upset, any place can present the mass of impressions, it is only necessary to see it.

And finally, it would be desirable to tell about several essential moments for vacationers in Turkey. In Turkey the Turkish lira is used. Exchange rate is changeable 18,2-18,9 rubles for lira therefore in advance before arrival to the country do not hurry to change currency. Jars are opened usually at 8.30 and work to 17 with a lunch break (12-13.30). Also the currency can be exchanged in points of an exchange and in post offices (here always the most favorable rate). In general at desire you can always pay off and dollars. In Turkey they are almost accepted, sometimes even the price leaves lower in dollars, than if you paid off with liras.
Pay also attention to that, at rest in Turkey it is desirable to buy drinking water because tap water is strongly chlorinated, being thirsty in principle it too it is possible.
In other questions it is always possible to rely on the guide provided by tour operator.
We wish you pleasant rest and unforgettable impressions.
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