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Treatment of tuberculosis folk remedies

Tuberculosis – a dangerous infectious, infectious disease. Infection happens at communication with already sick person through air or through infected large and a small cattle. To distinguish tuberculosis not easy. He likes to hide behind a mask of other diseases. At treatment of tuberculosis important both drug treatment, and food, and a way of life.
Лечение туберкулеза народными средствами Tuberculosis – a dangerous infectious, infectious disease. Infection happens at communication with already sick person through air or through infected large and a small cattle. Catch through food. Pre-natal infection meets. The scientific name – Mycobacterium tuberculosis or Koch's stick. Distinguish pulmonary tuberculosis and extra pulmonary. Earlier tuberculosis of lungs was called a consumption, by tuberculosis of skin, mucous membranes – a scrofula, an internal – a bugorchatka.
In the world every third inhabitant is infected. The situation in the countries of Africa and Asia, the South and Central America is especially dangerous. Last year in Russia of the diseased there were about 350.000 people. In Ukraine – 700.000. Also it is an iceberg top. And how many the unregistered patients walk the streets, uses public transport, eats in dining rooms, goes to work. Some people do not suspect that are sick with tuberculosis. And if earlier tuberculosis was considered as an illness poor, now the illness does not choose, and mows all at whom weakened immunity or who is hereditarily predisposed to this illness.
It could appear so that someone in your environment got sick, someone drooped, lost hope. Someone was treated and could not recover, at someone intolerance to modern to medicines. This article for such people.
To distinguish tuberculosis not easy. He likes to hide behind a mask of other diseases. Whether only in time the made fluorography and a X-ray analysis will help to define you are sick. Therefore it is desirable to pass planned medical examinations each half a year-years.
At treatment of tuberculosis important both drug treatment, and food, and way of life. And sometimes and will, resistant desire to survive. As an example there is a wish to cite Nikolay Morozov's history (1854-1946) — the Russian revolutionary populist, the scientific, honorary member of Academy of Sciences of the USSR. He spent quarter of the century in prisons, was ill a heavy form of tuberculosis, itself recovered without any tablets and the help of doctors and lived the remained life the healthy person. But our article about other.

Folk remedies

Лечение туберкулеза народными средствами Sick tuberculosis it is impossible to smoke and it is necessary to find opportunity to work at air. Very much visit of salt caves helps. Availability of salt in air brakes an inflammation in lungs, and potassium ions easily filter into blood, improving exchange processes in an organism.
During an illness people strongly grow thin therefore it is recommended to eat more the proteinaceous products and products containing fat: meat, liver, brains, milk, yolks, oil, caviar, various porridges. It is told about animal protein, it gives antitubercular immunity and stimulates oxidizing processes that helps fast digestion of vitamins. Onions, garlic are also obligatory. Salt is necessary.
It is desirable to drink pair milk every day, about a liter. There is no opportunity to get milk every day – heat usual milk and dissolve in it charcoal for disinfection of intestines. Drink milk slowly that the meteorizm (gases) did not torment.
At an illness fat – bear, dog is very useful. It should be kindled in milk and to drink warm (the main thing that fat was kindled). Add a fat teaspoon on a glass of hot milk. It, fat, often consume in the Caucasus among mountaineers. For this purpose mix on a glass of pork melted fat, beef, mutton and a third of a glass dog. Together to boil everything on a water bath and to drink 3 times a day on 2 tablespoons in a warm look. If this form of reception does not suit you, smear this mix cooled down on bread as oil, having slightly salted. On supervision, in a month of reception lungs are filled in with fat so densely that lokalizovyvat sore points. This way helps even at very heavy forms of tuberculosis.
Often such mix helps: to squeeze out 20 lemons, juice to filter, pour in bank. To enclose there 10 fresh eggs in a shell. To bank to coordinate a fabric slice, to leave for few weeks in a dark place. You will notice upon termination of term that the shell was dissolved, then add 400 grams of the real honey there, a glass of good cognac and everything mix. Pour mix on bottles. Drink 2 or 3 times a day on 50 ml, before having stirred up a bottle. Store in a dark place.
Accept iron. There is no need for tablets, simply in apple thrust about ten pure nails from iron (not steel!) also leave for days. After that apple can be eaten. On the date of enough 3 apples. But if you near at hand have no apples, simply put in a glass with water a big iron nail for 24 hours. Then drink 3 times a day on 1 tablespoon, vzboltav in advance. Surely then rinse a mouth that iron did not spoil teeth.
Replace water sometimes with a gain from bran and oats. Cook hour, filter, drink it that density, which to you to liking. It is good to add honey, but then it is necessary to boil thoroughly once again. On the date of 2 glasses.
It is necessary to eat with the patient each 2 hours after ate, to swallow a crude yolk with lemon juice that helps to struggle with an illness.
In fight against an illness helps to swallow of tar. (And it big) to divide its drop into three receptions. To wash down.
Here very old folk remedy for treatment of tuberculosis: undertakes on one glass of juice of a radish (better black), juice of beet, juice of carrots, the real honey. Everything is filled in in a bottle, dug in for 13 days to the earth. Then before food it is necessary to accept on a liqueur glass 3 times a day (do not forget to vzboltat).
And this purely folk Russian remedy (especially gentle persons I ask not to read). Urine from the healthy eight-year-old boy. Morning. On an empty stomach. Half-glass. After several days the phlegm starts otkharkivatsya strongly, cough is softened. In 3 months obvious improvement of health.
Those who has tuberculosis, sweat at night, and then feel is weakened. I advise for the night to rub off myself water. To add alcohol or vinegar to water. From sweat the sage on milk helps: to fill in with a glass of the boiling milk a grass teaspoon. To accept inside.
For cough the patient helps to drink very warm infusion from a grass of the Icelandic moss (h. l. on a glass of water).
If it is difficultly to cough up a phlegm and it accumulated much in a breast, I advise to drink hot infusion of an alteyny root.
At bleeding drink of cold gains from the knitting fruit (blackberry, a mountain ash, a pear, pomegranate) facilitates a state. Or extract from uterine horns on 15 drops a day.
During crisis (strong bleeding): to seat the patient, on heart to put a wet cold rag and often to change it. Feet – in heat (hot-water bottles). To accept inside a tablespoon of saturated solution of salt. Here is how to prepare it: a salt tablespoon with top, we part on a glass of water. It is good to mix and when salt is not dissolved, to allow to stand until the deposit lays down on a bottom, and above there will be a layer of pure liquid. Accurately to pour pure part of solution in new ware and to keep in readiness for such cases.

Any of these recipes perhaps will also not cure, but will unambiguously alleviate suffering of the patient. Pick up for yourself more convenient recipe. Or change them. Also do not forget – strengthen the organism. Protect the health.
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