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Treatment of distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy

Recently in increasing frequency it is possible to hear from people not only advanced years, but also belonging to younger on age complaints on often disturbing them: a headache, dizziness, noise whether in ears, whether in the head, sleeplessness. Besides also memory with working capacity considerably decrease...

Many consider all listed symptoms as echoes of a stress, a sleep debt, contrast changes of weather, atmospheric pressure, magnetic storms, fatigue. You should not treat thoughtlessly such here "calls" which are given by our organism, after all all of them can be signs of chronic insufficiency of blood circulation in a brain. Physicians call this disease of distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy. This illness is how serious how to win against it?

What is the distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy?

This vascular disease affecting directly a brain has the chronic, slowly progressing character. As a result of structural changes also functions of a brain are broken. The name difficult aurally can be deciphered so: "distsirkulyatorny" in a literal translation means "with circulation violation", "entsefat" - a brain, "патос" - pathology. It is possible to call a disease still chronic vascular and brain insufficiency or an ischemic disease, but not heart, but a brain. The illness that gradually that in one site of a brain, in other there are microstrokes is dangerous, that is supply with blood and the oxygen and nutrients of fabrics of this site containing in it is broken, such sites can even be lost at all. The risk of developing of a stroke, epileptic attacks increases. In abbreviated form the illness is written with two letters "DE".

Why there is DE?

Allocate two main reasons:

  1. Atherosclerosis – increase of concentration in blood of the person of zhiropodobny connections – triglycerides, lipoproteins of low density, cholesterol. These substances, being besieged on stenochka of blood vessels, accumulate and form so-called "cholesteric plaques". When plaques are condensed, food of nervous cages is broken.
  2. Arterial hypertension – it conducts to local deterioration of a condition of small vessels, there are izvitost, stenoses (narrowings). When aneurisms are formed (even if also small), at pressure jumps there is a risk of their gap. Here in such here way the difficult vascular system of a brain also collapses.

What else diseases and factors promote development and progressing of DE?


The illness is subdivided into three stages, everything depends on expressiveness of symptoms. Each person has duration of the stages replacing each other is various, it depends on extent of defeat of vessels atherosclerosis and weights of a course of a hypertension, habits, emotions, a way of life, the accompanying diseases, heredities …

For an initial stage emergence of a periodic headache, dizzinesses, increased fatigue, irritability, differences of mood, tearfulness, meteosensitivity, sleep disorders, noise in the head of different intensity is characteristic. The person notices that to him will difficult concentrate, to remember where he put this or that important document (a use subject). There are difficulties with concentration of attention, transition just seeing activity to another. Storing of dates, phones, the planned affairs and events worsens.

The second stage – symptoms are even more aggravated. Distinctive feature – the person perfectly remembers that happened to him and his relatives a few years ago, in the childhood, youth, but does not remember at all that occurred this week, whether he this day drank drugs or not, closed a door at an exit from the house or not. Initials of the doctor, familiar people are forgotten. Drives at a dream in the afternoon, and here it is not possible to fall asleep till some hours at night. The jealousy, obstinacy, sensitivity, irritability are aggravated. It is possible to notice violations in coordination of movements, sluggishness, a poshatyvaniye when walking, weakening attention, a visual memory. Easy violations in the speech are noted. For example, the person wants to tell something, but suddenly becomes silent, does not find proper words to finish thought, the phrase. The word is at the tip of the tongue, and it is impossible to say it.

The last stage – progresses memory impairment, the speech is even more violated, words badly communicate in offers. Emergence of weak-mindedness (dementia) is possible, such patients cease to recognize the family, make inadequate acts. Sometimes, that such people leave the house on walk or in shop, and then are lost.

Symptoms can be accurate, pronounced, frequent or indistinct, periodically shown.

It is necessary to suspect at himself (or the relative) violation of supply of a brain with blood in case you note not less than three symptoms for three months with frequency of repetition more once a week:

  • dizziness;
  • intensive headaches;
  • the accruing memory impairment;
  • noise in the head;
  • fatigue, drowsiness in the afternoon, working capacity deterioration.

Diagnosis of distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy

To stop progressing of pathological processes, it is worth addressing urgently to policlinic, to take a talonchik to the neurologist. The doctor for installation of the diagnosis will appoint:

  • general analysis of urine, blood;
  • blood test on lipids, sugar;
  • angiography (X-ray analysis of a condition of vessels of a brain);
  • survey of a condition of an eye bottom at the ophthalmologist;
  • otonevrologichesky research;
  • different types of the electrocardiogram;
  • doppler sonography, ekhotomografiya and other ultrasonic methods;
  • magnetic and resonant angiography, magnetic and resonant tomography.

Recommendations about treatment

Effective treatment includes the following components:

  • drug intake;
  • phytotherapy;
  • physical therapy;
  • diet;
  • massage and physiotherapy exercises.

The doctor begins treatment with therapy of the main disease which became the reason of distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy – a hypertension or atherosclerosis.

At permanent increase of pressure to the patient the preparations promoting his decrease and maintenance in norm are selected.

For normalization of an exchange of cholesterol and lipids statina are written out.

If there is a risk of a stroke, if necessary appoint the means for blood fluidifying interfering a tromboobrazovaniye.

Still the doctor writes out the drugs reducing expressiveness of symptoms:

  • at dizziness – vascular preparations (Kavinton, Cinnarizine, Tserebrolizin);
  • at a headache – analgetics (Andipal, Baralgin, Spazgan);
  • at memory impairment, decrease in mental abilities – the means allowing to improve a metabolism – (Aktovegin, Fenotropil, Nootropil, Piracetam);
  • at an adynamy, apathy, a depression – antidepressants;
  • at irritability, tearfulness – sedatives (tincture of the evading peony, a pustyrnik, a valerian, Persen, New Passit).

Also nicotinic, amber, lipoyevy, pantothenic acids, Glycine, vitamin and mineral complexes containing vitamins of group B, selenium, tocopherol, Retinolum, ascorbic acid, for example, the Alphabet, Duovit, Kvadevit are appointed.

At rough narrowings of the main vessels sometimes resort to surgical interventions:

  • to expansion of the narrowed vessel gleam by introduction to it of a special framework – a stent (stenting);
  • to removal of part of a vessel with further replacement by an artificial limb;
  • to formation of branches, connection of some vessels among themselves (reconstruction of vascular system of a brain).

Other useful tips

At emergence of the first signs indicating distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy, Mirsovetov recommends to take the following measures:

  1. It is necessary to lower for the benefit loadings at work, by all means to have a rest outdoors after long labor week.
  2. If you work around the clock or at night, it is necessary to refuse such work, having picked up other options of employment.
  3. You should not carry out a half of days behind the computer, the TV.
  4. Try to avoid negative emotions (anger, condemnation)
  5. Instead of detective stories, thrillers, fighters before going to bed watch comedies, listen to pleasant music.
  6. Train the memory, cogitative activity, solving skanvorda, crossword puzzles, rebuses, playing checkers, chess, dominoes, learn the verses which were pleasant to a song.
  7. Whenever possible several times a week carry out foot walks, jog, visit the pool.
  8. The contrast shower is very useful to vessels morning (or evening); bathtubs with addition of sea salt, coniferous extract, essential oils (a lavender, a valerian, a juniper).
  9. Eat properly. If have a hypertension, lower amount of salt in the dishes, avoid some canned food, sausages, sausages, a pickles. If it became clear that cholesterol in your blood is raised, reduce fat meat, sour cream, eggs, butter in a diet. At a food allowance surely there have to be vegetables, fruit, grain (buckwheat, brown rice, porridge, millet), the nuts (walnut and a filbert) which sprouted wheat kernels, fermented milk products, vegetable oils, greens, chick-pea, fish and seafood.

Herbs come to the rescue

And finally some recommendations from phytotherapists:

  1. For lowering of arterial pressure conduct courses of reception of infusions of a sushenitsa uliginose, a pustyrnik, a hawthorn, a melissa.
  2. For decrease in cholesterol use a course of treatment dandelion roots (they can be dug out or to get in a drugstore). Take a raw materials tablespoon, fill in 250 ml of water, boil thoroughly on slow fire of 3 minutes after bring to boiling. Close a cover and leave for 40 minutes. Filter means and drain in two drafts in 20 minutes before eat. A course – 30 days. During such treatment it is desirable to eat on one kiwi in day.
  3. Improves a condition of vessels, relieves of dizzinesses, noise in the head here such structure. For its preparation prepare 25 grams of a carnation (spice), 3 lemons grated 500 grams of sugar, 0,5 liters of vodka. Place spicy gvozdichka in a 3-liter jar. Will boil water liter. In 5 minutes fill in with it gvozdichka, leave to be drawn 2 hours. Then place polished lemons, sugar, vodka in bank. Add still boiled water (room temperature) to a coat hanger. Close a cover and put for two weeks in a dark place. Then filter means. A dosage for internal application is as follows: on 25 ml three times a day in 20 minutes prior to food. Drink all means and make a break for 7 days. But when medicine will come to the end, put to be drawn a new portion. On a course it will be required to drink 3 one-liter jars.
  4. Clover pink – infusion from florets or tincture. For preparation of curative infusion take a thermos, fill 2 tablespoons of the crushed clover florets there, fill in 300 ml of boiled water. In some hours means is ready. It is a daily dose which should be divided into three receptions and to accept in 30 minutes prior to food. If you want to make spirit tincture, 500 ml of vodka and 50 grams of pink heads of a clover are required. In a dark locker tincture has to prepare 2 weeks. Then start filtering and push-up of raw materials. In day it is necessary to drink one tablespoon of the turned-out tincture, it is possible to do it shortly before a dream.
  5. The calming collecting which will help to normalize a dream to remove irritability, will improve an emotional state. Mix together in bank 30 grams of leaflets of a peppermint, as much herbs of a pustyrnik, on 20 grams of rhizomes of a valerian and cones of hop. Previously crush all components of collecting. Then fill in a tablespoon of the collecting 300 ml of boiled water made by you, insist in a thermos one hour. Divide this infusion into three receptions, the last – before going to bed.

At emergence of the first symptoms signaling about possible violation of brain blood circulation do not postpone visit to the doctor. And if the diagnosis "distsirkulyatorny encephalopathy" is established, change the way of life, carry out appointments of the doctor and adhere to the recommendations offered in this article.

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