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Treatment of a vaginit

For designation of the permanent inflammatory reaction in a vagina caused by certain reasons, doctors quite often use two equivalent terms – vaginit also a colpitis. The illness is shown suddenly: an itch, burning and painful discomfort during an urination.

The status of a dangerous disease to a vaginit is given by its activators – hlamidiya and trichomonads. These pathogenic microorganisms can become the reason of female infertility. Today the tendency of increase in incidence is noted: about 40% of women at least once by all means face a problem. Various factors can become prerequisites of a vaginit: the thoughtless relation to private intimate life, absence of elementary knowledge of hygiene of the sexual relations, sharp "jump" of distribution in the society of sexual infectious diseases, bad ecology and, as a result, an immunodeficiency in an organism.

Why arises vaginit

Distinguish from immediate causes of development of a disease:

  1. Candidiasis, clamidiosis, gonorrhea and many other venereal diseases. Hlamidiya and a mycoplasma – vaginit not the only microorganisms capable to provoke. In this plan also representatives of streptococcal, staphylococcal, gonokokkovy families, proteas and various fungal microbes are potentially dangerous.
  2. The weakened immunity as result of diseases of an infectious origin.
  3. Violations in work of endocrine system because of what diabetes develops, appear problems with a weight, ovaries suffer.
  4. Omission of walls of a vagina which changes its anatomic and physiological features.
  5. Change of normal microflora of a vagina as a result of abortion out of hospital or the wrong technology of syringing.
  6. Atrophic changes of sexual system owing to aging and different pathologies of vessels which interfere with good nutrition of mucous tissue of vagina.
  7. The thoughtless relation to private sexual life and negligence in relation to personal hygiene.
  8. Uncontrolled reception of antibacterial preparations.
  9. Allergy (for example, on latex or active ingredient of the medicine intended for dissolution in a vagina).

As a result of all factors which are listed above, microorganisms, alien for it, appear and fixed in the mucous environment of sexual system. The pathogenic microflora instantly generates a disease.

As the disease is shown

The sharp stage of a vaginit, first of all, is shown by plentiful allocation fabric underwear more white. Coloring, a smell and volume of a vaginal secret, undoubtedly, will let know to the woman that with it not everything is all right. The lasting vaginal secret – viscous and muddy. As a rule, it has a yellowish and sanious appearance which is given it by pus and presence of red blood little bodies.

If, having looked narrowly, in usual allocations it is possible to distinguish vials of gas, at a vaginita the separated foams and has the extremely unpleasant smell of fish that is inherent in a symptomatic picture of a trikhomonadny infection. At a fungal vaginit vaginal allocations of white color have a curds consistence.

Almost always at a sharp form of this disease there is a strong burning, hypostasis and an eritem of external genitals. The urination is complicated by severe pain in the bottom of a stomach which sometimes extends and on a waist. Body temperature at a sharp form of an illness does not increase, however can be subfebrilny if it is about deep defeat of walls of a vagina.

At a chronic form of a disease of the patient, generally complain of vaginal allocations, and the itch and other discomfort disturb them much less often than those women to whom made the diagnosis "the sharp vaginit". The chronic disease proceeds is long and can have some recurrence.

Diagnostics of a vaginit

Treatment of a vaginit is preceded by its diagnostics: to appoint the correct and effective therapy, the doctor needs to know the exact diagnosis.

For confirmation of a vaginit the patient passes complex inspection: analyses and survey by means of mirrors. If with complaints the girl addressed to the doctor, inspection with mirrors do not perform. The gynecologist can already define signs of a sharp or chronic form of a disease during survey. For pronouncement of the exact diagnosis wait for results of analyses.

Dab from a vagina allows to investigate microflora of female genitals to find various urogenital infections. These researches will show, which microorganisms generated inflammatory process in a vagina. Possessing necessary reliable information, the doctor will appoint suitable treatment.

How to cure vaginit

Treatment of a vaginit begins, first of all, from elimination of factors which cause and complicate this disease. Besides, the doctor does not lose sight and the diseases accompanying a vaginit and functional violations – their therapy also has to be thought carefully over.

For the period of treatment to the patient recommend to abstain from sexual contacts. In an ideal it is necessary to survey and if necessary to treat the husband or the young man of the woman.

Therapy of a vaginit complex: local and the general. Local methods are closely connected with traditional medicine as assume application of sedentary grass bathtubs with water temperature, is slightly higher than the room. Except phytotherapy use also other ways of treatment. If vaginit it is shown by a purulent or dense mucous secret, the vagina by syringing is irrigated with solution of baking soda (2 h. l. dissolve in 1 glass of water), and through a quarter of hour do washing by margantsovokisly potassium.

For fight against purulent fetid allocations are syringed by solutions for which preparation use sulfate zinc and sulfate copper. When the purulent separated disappears, procedures of syringing continue, using astringents (oak bark broth).

At a chronic vaginit by all means include special trays in the plan of treatment: after syringing procedure by solution of baking soda through a round mirror enter 1–1,5 tablespoons of 3% nitrate silver in solution and liquid 3–10% protargol. On the expiration of 3 minutes solution is deleted. Procedure is repeated by each 2–3 days.

The general treatment of a vaginit directed on maintenance of the normal vaginal environment depends on what microorganism caused an inflammation. So, if it is Candida, appoint solution of sulfate copper for a vagina irrigation. Also drills of 20% in glycerin in the form of tampons recommend to enter into a vagina solution. Vaginit, provoked by trichomonads, treat, appointing single reception through a mouth of 2 g of Metronidazole.

Antibacterial means and sulfanilamida have to be appointed only after examination, is how sensitive to these substances "responsible" of a disease. Preparations apply in the form of solutions, emulsions and tablets. Generally appoint Amoksitsillin (3 g once), Benzilpenitsillin (a single intramuscular injection in a dose of 4-8 million ME), Probenetsid (1 time orally in number of 1 g). Besides, for treatment use such preparations as Tetratsiklin, Kanamitsin, Tiamfenikol, Sulfometoksazol, Tseftriakson, Ciprofloxacin and Spektinomitsin.

Treatment of a vaginit folk remedies

Thanks to medicinal properties of some herbs it is possible to lower significantly the general discomfort which reason became vaginit. The camomile pharmaceutical will come to the rescue, chistotet, a sage, a calendula and a horsetail. Thanks to anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties these plants became the checked and effective medicine in fight with vaginity for a long time.

Dry flowers of a pharmaceutical camomile, marigold (calendula), leaves of a sage use for preparation of curative infusion: the dry raw materials (2,5 tablespoons) are filled in with 1 glass of abrupt boiled water and wait for 50-60 minutes until means is drawn on a water bath. Then the cooled-down medicine is filtered and applied to a vagina irrigation.

The grass of a chistotel is used for sedentary trays: the dried-up raw materials (2 tablespoons) are filled in by 1 l of boiled water and leave in a thermos for 3 hours, then filter and wring out.

The horsetail is applied also quite often in syringing: To fill up 2 tablespoons of a dry grass in a thermos, to fill in 2 Art. of hot water, to insist 3 hours.

Infusion from several species of plants differs in the increased bactericidal qualities, quickly removes an itch and relieves of burning: sage leaves, oak bark, flowers of a hollyhock and 2 parts of a camomile need to be crushed and mixed carefully, then to fill in with boiled water (2 glasses), to insist in a thermos 2,5 – 3 hours and to filter.

Mirsovetov reminds that all recipes of traditional medicine for treatment of a vaginit have to be by all means agreed with the attending physician!

How to prevent vaginit

Rules and recommendations are listed below, observing which, it is possible to secure itself not only against a vaginit, but also against other diseases of sexual and reproductive system.

  1. Treat responsibly rules of personal hygiene which assume a morning and evening shower, a podmyvaniye, frequent change of next-to-skin and bed linen. Give preference to linen from the natural "breathing" materials.
  2. Use laying and tampons without (flavourless) fragrances. With care treat intimate gels and sprays of unknown producers.
  3. Remember that sexual contacts have to be protected. As much as possible to secure itself, it is necessary to have the constant sexual partner.
  4. Strengthen immunity, regularly play sports and walk in the fresh air.
  5. Refuse use of contraceptive gel: its active ingredient, spermitsida, changes microflora of a vagina.

Finally we will note: you should not fall into despair if the unpleasant illness did not manage to be avoided. Supervision at the competent expert and responsible treatment will help to cope with a problem quickly. Good luck!

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