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Treatment of laryngitis

With arrival of fall the number of the patients expecting the turn to the therapist or the ENT specialist in corridors of policlinics considerably increases. And as a result of inspection the doctor makes different diagnoses: ORZ, SARS, tonsillitis, laryngitis …

If to trust statistics, each of us at least once in the life faces laryngitis symptoms. Once – means, consider yourself as the lucky. There are such categories of people who have this illness often. For example, teachers, tutors, announcers, actors. Also respiratory diseases are promoted by an autumn cold snap, rains, the penetrating wind. Blot feet, the organism overcools and heating is not included yet … Therefore today will acquaint readers in more detail with the reasons of emergence of one of diseases of respiratory organs - laryngitis, its types and the principles of treatment.

General information about a disease

For laryngitis the inflammation is characteristic, swelled throats, vocal chords, a nadgortannik. What is the vocal chords? These are two folds of a mucous membrane which cover muscles and cartilages. It is necessary for formation of sounds that these sheaves that were narrowed, extended. However at an inflammation of a sheaf look increased, angry and swelled up. Therefore when passes air through them, the sound is strongly distorted. The voice at the sick person changes, becomes hoarse or even disappears at all.

Laryngitis can be an independent disease, but most often it accompanies cold, diphtheria, whooping cough, tuberculosis, scarlet fever, measles, flu.

Emergence reasons:

  • most often the inflammation arises because of overcooling;
  • air inhalation not by a nose as it is necessary, and a mouth;
  • the polluted, dusty air;
  • throat overstrain;
  • pathogenic microflora with invasion of viruses or bacteria.

Characteristic symptoms

At the beginning of people feels a shchekotaniye or irritation in a throat, in a throat dryness is felt, there is a wish to swallow to a thicket a saliva, pain, discomfort when swallowing liquid and firm food joins. Later dry, pristupoobrazny, suffocating cough joins, physicians it still call barking. One more main distinctive symptom – a voice at the patient hoarse, hoarse, sometimes it vanishes at all. Happens that lymph nodes swell up. In some cases patients complain of the complicated breath of air or short wind. And here temperature seldom rises above 38 °C. As you can see, on the listed signs it is simple to distinguish laryngitis. For specification of the diagnosis the doctor carries out a laringoskopiya.

Types of laryngitis

Sharp laryngitis – the typical inflammatory process extending on a throat and adjacent areas. Most often on the mucous bacteria or viruses take root, start breeding there actively. The excessive tension of the voice device can sometimes be the cause, such happens at singers, actors, teachers. At the correct treatment and observance of all recommendations the disease passes in 10 days, without passing then into a chronic form.

If nevertheless laryngitis periodically repeats, that is gains chronic character, patients on reception at the doctor complain that vocal chords constantly get tired, the voice "sits down", there is a wish to clear the throat, clear a throat that the voice became again ringing and habitual, but not hoarse. Addictions – smoking and alcohol can provoke chronic laryngitis.

If the voice device is subject to frequent daily loadings because of professional activity, doctors note that laryngitis at the patient the professional.

Catarrhal laryngitis belongs to an easy form of a disease, at the correct treatment it quickly passes without trace.

At a hypertrophic form the voice which was become more hoarse on sheaves the doctor sees the formed "small knots". During treatment sometimes it is necessary to resort to cauterization of these outgrowths or even to delete them surgically.

Atrophic laryngitis is already thinning of a mucous throat, a voice always hoarse, at the strong exhausting cough crusts with blood streaks depart. This illness meets at fans of hot dishes more often.

Diphtheritic laryngitis can accompany diphtheria, on a throat the white raid (membrane) is formed. And if it separates, that is risk of obstruction of a respiratory way.

Children have also a stenoziruyushchy laryngitis at which there is a stenosis (narrowing) of a glottis, thus partially or completely intake of air in lungs is at a loss. At this form of a disease urgent hospitalization and control of the doctor of a further state, and also the measures preventing progressing of hypostasis of a throat and a spasm is required. The fast and correctly picked up treatment will allow to avoid tracheotomy (a throat operation).

Much less often tubercular and syphilitic laryngitis meets today.

General principles of treatment

If the diagnosis was confirmed, not less than a week it is necessary to stay at home to take care of the health. And the first recommendation of the doctor is a voice rest. Yes, it is desirable to sit in silence to remove stress from vocal chords. And, at whisper load of sheaves does not decrease at all. In certain cases it even increases. Without emergency, do not speak. Only if it is necessary to tell something important, do it not in a whisper, and a low voice. Exclude the factors irritating inflamed mucous throats: cigarette smoke, alcoholic drinks, dust, chemicals. Restoration of a throat is disturbed by sharp spices, cold or too hot food and drink. The moistened air improves a state. It is good when in the apartment there is a humidifier. If such device is not present, do steam inhalations more often. It is possible to do inhalations with addition of essential oils, infusions or broths of the herbs possessing antiedematous properties and reflex expanding a throat gleam. Are useful – a myrtle, an eucalyptus, an anise, a lavender, a juniper, fennel. It is enough to drop 5 drops in a small amount of boiled water and then accurately to breathe curative steam, having taken cover a towel. Special inhalers or other adaptations are sometimes used.

Carry out several times during the day rinsings of a throat warm infusions of herbs (flowers of a camomile, sage leaves).

At the moments when it is difficult to breathe, impose on a foot (or calves) mustard plasters, then their distracting action is shown, and puffiness of a throat decreases. Many years ago the teacher on pharmacotherapy gave us, then still to students, a piece of good advice: if the child has an attack of the barking cough when the breath is complicated, it is necessary to lower immediately his legs or handles in hot water. That is to make such tray during which the gleam of airways reflex will extend. Such council helped out me and my acquaintances in life more than once.

At dry cough of the exhausting character doctors recommend to accept the following preparations: Tablets "Libeksin", "Kodelak"; drops or dragee "Sinekod", "Stoptussin" (drops), "Gedeliks" (syrup or drops). If cough unproductive, it it is necessary to suppress. But if there is a slime that it departed better, expectorant means inside are written out. It can be infusions of herbs – a marjoram, a thyme, a violet three-colored. Also droplets on a vegetable basis "A chest elixir", "Pertussin", "the Doctor Megohm" and others will approach.

Add natural honey to warm infusions of herbs. Warm milk and alkaline mineral water, for example "Yessentuki" are useful.

It is possible to use as local antibacterial therapy aerosol preparations for an irrigation. Among them "Bioparox", "Kameton", "Ingalipt".

The rassasyvaniye of sugar candies and pastils "Strepsils", "Bronkhikum", "Suprima-Laure", "Septolete" helps.

At the increased temperature we will allow reception of Paracetamol or the combined drugs ("Koldreks", "Ferveks"). warns the readers that before buying or using a preparation, it is necessary to read its instruction attentively.

If the doctor considers it necessary, in more hard cases will appoint antibiotics (or antiviral means) or an irrigation glucocorticoids, cauterizations. These procedures are done by the ENT specialist.

When to call "Ambulance"?

There are cases when the illness proceeds with attacks of short wind, incessant cough, threatening with asthma. At emergence of such disturbing symptoms at once call "Ambulance", after all emergency measures can be demanded. Pay special attention to the sick children or people inclined to allergic reactions. Suddenly arisen asthma attacks at cough at such people and kids can even be life-threatening, a so-called stenosis (croup).

To avoid unpleasant consequences, do not hesitate to ask for the qualified help experts, carefully implement their recommendations. National methods of treatment and doctor's advice will help to get rid quicker of laryngitis, to return a pleasant voice, to kill pain and swelled. To warn diseases of respiratory organs, carry out a hardening. It is better to begin it in the summer. Then your organism will be steadier against causative agents of diseases, including sharp laryngitis.

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