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Treatment of an iyersinioz

Iyersinioz is sharp intestinal infection, dangerous to the person, which carriers are animals. The illness is complicated by symptoms of intoxication and allergic reaction from what many internal and systems of an organism suffer. Inhabitants of regions with moderately humid climate get to group of the greatest risk.

Disease sources

Infecting agent – a special bacterium an iyersiniya which differs in a low threshold of sensitivity to various conditions of environment. Still iyersinioz it is known as "an illness of refrigerators": the pathogenic microorganism survives, gives posterity and in general perfectly feels at a temperature below 40 °C, does not fear cycles of freezing and thawing at all, there can be long time in the earth or water.

But there is at a microbe also a weak spot. The bacterium is afraid of a sunlight, does not take out boiling and perishes under the influence of household chemicals. Health hazard is constituted by toxins (waste products) of a microorganism which influence in the most destructive way a condition of an internal of the infected organism.

As "vehicle" the harmful bacillus chooses small rodents, cattle and dogs in rural areas and mainly mice and rats in city. The microbe gets to a human body through food of an animal origin, grain which was in direct contact with excrements of rodents, and also through the water infected with iyersiniya.

In extreme cases of non-compliance with hygienic norms and rules the microorganism passes from one person to another through the general ware.

Adults who do not complain of health, with the iyersiniozy face seldom. At children and people with the weakened immunity and slow chronic diseases the illness proceeds in very heavy and expressed form. Large flashes of incidence are very rare: they can happen unless after the use in food a large number of people of obsemenenny food.

Kinds of an illness

iyersinioz divide into different forms depending on specifics of manifestation of an infection. Allocate:

  • gastrointestinalny form. The disease affects a stomach (gastritis develops), a thick gut and an appendix;
  • generalized form. Iyersinioz "eats" all organism: sepsis develops, the liver, kidneys, lungs and covers of a brain suffer;
  • the mixed form. As a rule, under blow of a pathogen two bodies – a stomach and lungs, for example get;
  • secondary and focal form. As a result of the proceeding earlier infectious disease dysfunction of a cardiac muscle, intestines, joints and skin develops.

If to speak about force of manifestation of an illness, iyersinioz classify on easy, average, heavy and septic. The infection can proceed in a sharp, chronic and recurrent form.

Symptomatic picture of an iyersinioz

The latent period of a disease lasts 1 – 6 days. Manifestations at an illness specific therefore divide them into some syndromes.

Points to an all-toxic syndrome:

  • strong fever and fever of which sometimes it is impossible to get rid for 8 – 10 days;
  • intensive headache;
  • general weakness;
  • painful ache in muscles and joints;
  • lack of appetite;
  • violation of work of nervous system.

If against the general poisoning the system of digestion most of all suffered, note:

  • nausea and vomiting;
  • severe pain in a stomach;
  • disorder of intestines in the form of diarrhea.

Occasionally iyersinioz becomes the emergence reason on skin of spotty rash, small hillocks or separate points. In certain cases at having this disease observe a so-called symptom of "socks and gloves" when feet and brushes become covered by ring-shaped spots. Most often rash is shelled and brings to the patient a burning sensation.

Almost always iyersinioz "beats" on joints, holding down them severe pain and causing puffiness.

The heavy form of a disease is expressed:

  • all-toxic syndrome;
  • rash;
  • increase in a liver and spleen;
  • painless increase in lymph nodes;
  • sore throat;
  • problems with digestion;
  • symptoms of an acute appendicitis.

If the illness proceeds easily, its treatment will take at most 2-3 days, the heavy course of disease is tightened for 10 – 14 days, and symptoms of dehydration are soon added to the main symptoms.

Sometimes, that iyersinioz proceeds almost bessimptomno, however the organism all the same suffers as because of this infectious disease can develop hepatitis, pyelonephritis, pneumonia, meningitis and even sepsis.

The special attention is paid to a secondary and focal form of an illness which in 2–3 weeks can succeed any of forms of an iyersinioz. This kind of a disease develops because of autoimmune reactions owing to which the organism starts considering the fabrics as allergens.

In most cases secondary iyersinioz accepts shape:

  • polyarthritis. Complication concerns, first of all, feet and brushes – it affects their joints in multiple places. It is shown by strong puffiness, but skin over struck the usual color does not interchange the position;
  • monoarthritis. Only one big joint – knee or coxofemoral, for example suffers;
  • knotty eritema. Skin on shins, hips and buttocks becomes covered by big small knots painful to the touch (from 2–4 to 10–15 pieces) of which it is heavy to get rid as they slowly resolve;
  • syndrome of Reuters. Arthritis, uretrit, conjunctivitis - symptoms of these diseases are shown at the person at the same time;
  • myocarditis, thus heart failure is absent;
  • enterokolita which is followed by severe pain in a stomach and intestines dysfunction.

Iyersiniya are also capable to provoke violations of work of vegetative system which main signs are expressed as excessive perspiration, "jumps" of pressure and marble skin color.

As diagnose iyersinioz

Suspicions on this infectious disease can appear at the therapist or the emergency doctor, but the last word remains for the infectiologist.

To confirm the diagnosis, it is possible to investigate excrements, urine, blood, bile or cerebrospinal fluid of the patient on existence of a microbe. Also procedure of bacterial crops of a phlegm or washout from a rotoglotka is actual.

To find a harmful bacterium not so simply – 28–30 days can be necessary for experts for this purpose. If the patient is interested in express diagnostics, regarding anti-genes of a microorganism conduct research of its biological secrets.

In case of an affirmative answer the patient needs to consult with a number of "narrow" experts, among which gastroenterologist, the cardiologist, the nephrologist and the neurologist.

Treatment of a disease

Even an easy form of an iyersinioz treat in the conditions of an infectious hospital as the artful illness can be transformed to a chronic state. Thoroughly to suppress activity and activity of the activator, courses appoint:

  1. Antibacterial and antimicrobic preparations. The patient accepts them until he does not stabilize temperature then the course of treatment of an iyersinioz is prolonged for 2 weeks. One antibiotics can replace with others not to cause accustoming reaction.
  2. Gemodez and Reopoliglyukin's introduction with the purpose to clear an organism of pathogenic toxins.
  3. Antiallergic preparations not to allow development of a secondary form of an iyersinioz.
  4. Anti-inflammatory medicines of a non-hormonal origin.
  5. Polyvitaminic preparations and natural enzymes for stabilization of a metabolism.
  6. Preparations which "treat" microflora.
  7. Immunotherapy.

Whether are compatible iyersinioz and traditional medicine

Mirsovetov recommends strongly not to make independent attempts to cure an illness, using national recipes as it is fraught with development of serious complications. But when the difficult period of fight against a serious illness will be behind, it is possible to help the organism to be restored quicker, applying one effective reliable tool – a juniper.

This gift of the nature promotes the general strengthening of an organism, improving composition of plasma of blood. Treatment will not demand expenses of forces or time: fresh berries of a juniper need to be chewed and taken daily carefully on an empty stomach. The course begins with 1 berry, every day quantity of "medicine" increase by 1 piece. The maximum daily dose needs to be brought to 12 berries then the quantity of the eaten juniper starts being reduced – also by 1 berry a day. It means that treatment of an iyersinioz takes 24 days. It is checked that by means of this method it is possible to improve significantly the general health, to raise a tone of an organism and to strengthen immunity.

    Pay attention that are strictly forbidden pregnant women of berry of a juniper!

To prevent iyersinioz, it is enough to observe personal hygiene and to watch quality of the used food. You have to be sure that products which appear at you on a table, passed careful sanitary control. The same requirements concern also quality of drinking water. Besides, it is impossible to leave the slightest chance to rodents in houses.

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