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Treatment by honey

Since an extreme antiquity honey was appreciated as a special food product and used for treatment of many widespread diseases. Useful properties of sweet and fragrant natural gift in which creation bees toilers and abundance of flowers take active part, are caused by unique structure.

Scientists already studied about 300 components of composition of bee honey. Among them there is a large amount of fructose, glucose, a maltose, enzymes (the invertaza, a catalase, a lipase and others are especially significant), there are proteins, microcells, vitamins, essential oils, organic and inorganic acids, bactericidal and other useful substances.

There is a lot of kinds of honey, what honey to choose at this or that illness? This article will help to answer this question.

What grades of honey can be met at specialized fairs?

Properties of honey depend on different factors. For example, from since what flowers nectar, their habitat, time of collecting, weather conditions, breed of bees mainly gathered. In each city annually organize different trade fairs where come to show and sell the production beekeepers from different regions of our country. Honey is carried from Bashkiria, Adygea, mountain Altai, Ussuriisk reserves, the Volga region, the Far East … The color palette of honey very much differs. It can be light yellow, amber, green, reddish, brown, white … Aroma and taste very much differ. In a place of collecting nectar it is subdivided on mountain, meadow, forest, steppe, field, taiga. Honey can be mixed – at it there is a flower nectar from several plants which are absolutely differing from each other. And if in a sweet product nectar and pollen from one plant prevails, it is called by name by this plant. For example, here you can try such interesting grades of honey at exhibitions:

  • clover, oduvanchikovy, dyagilevy;
  • barkhatovy, araliyevy, limonnikovy;
  • cotton, alfalfa, espartsetovy;
  • podsolnechnikovy, crimson, apple-tree;
  • eucalyptus, propolisny, padevy.

Also it is not the complete list. already revealed to the readers secrets of lime honey. And today we will tell, at what diseases to give preference to akatsiyevy, donnikovy, chestnut or grechishny honey.

Advantage of akatsiyevy honey

This honey after visit by bees of a yellow or white acacia turns out. It is allocated with gentle flower aroma of an acacia and soft taste. And beloakatsiyevy lighter by the form. There is at this honey a characteristic – it very long time remains liquid and viscous, crystallization happens a year later after pumping out. If to eat such honey regularly, it lowers pressure, calms, is useful at nervous breakdowns, stresses, mental disorders. Has beneficial influence at sleeplessness, gastrointestinal, kidney and hepatic problems. It is outwardly used in the form of drops and lotions at conjunctivitis. Antiseptic properties use also at eczemas, neurodermatitises (in the form of ointments or water solutions). It is rich with fructose, it is well acquired therefore it is allowed even to diabetics. Does not cause allergic reactions. It is called sometimes "children's" honey.

Secrets of chestnut honey

Color at this grade dark brown, taste at it very specific – slightly bitterish and terpkovaty. It too remains about a year liquid, as well as akatsiyevy. In it there is a lot of manganese, copper, iron, vitamins. A melliferous herb is the chestnut trees growing in Abkhazia, to the Crimea in the Caucasus. Very positively influences vessels, strengthens their walls, removes puffiness, inflammations therefore it is shown by the suffering thrombophlebitis, a varicosity and violations of blood circulation. At this honey high bactericidal properties, for this reason it is recommended (to rassasyvat at quinsies a spoon of antimicrobic honey in a mouth or to rinse a throat it water solution), for processing of serious wounds, ulcers (bandages are applied). Improves appetite and a zhelcheotdeleniye, shchadyashche influences on mucous a digestive tract. Traditional medicine uses it at hoarseness of a voice, bronchitis, asthma and other illnesses of respiratory system. Glass stick it is possible to scoop chestnut honey and on some drops to bring in the nasal courses at rhinitis, sinusitis.

Than donnikovy honey is useful?

Melliferous herb is the herb the tributary, it happens yellow and white. It is considered that the honey collected from yellow flowers, more curative, and here with white – more fragrant, its smell is comparable with vanilla. In taste it is possible to catch pleasant sourness. It is ranked as the best grades of honey. At first this honey watery and transparent, but very quickly crystallizes, turning into amber or white fragrant weight. Donnikovy honey well influences vessels in a brain. It is recommended at cardiovascular pathologies. Positively proved at a hypertension, atherosclerosis, neurosises, migraine, sleeplessness, a varicosity, diseases of secretory system. Stimulates development and release of milk at the women nursing kids. Has bactericidal and soothing effect. It is used at treatment of inflammations of respiratory system. Honey well heals burns, wounds, cuts (even purulent). They can grease densely furuncles, and then to paste a plaster to a sore point. Soon the furuncle will ripen, will break, and pus will come to light. Periodically grease an inflammation place before its full clarification and healing. That donnikovy honey showed the curative properties better, drink on an empty stomach 100 ml of warm water in the morning, previously having stirred in it a tea spoon of fragrant honey. It is necessary to do it in 20 minutes prior to a breakfast for 10 days. Further the two-week break follows, and after a medoterapiya course repeats again. If you are tormented by sleeplessness, try to drink such structure approximately in 30 minutes before go to bed. Take 200 ml of hot milk or water, dissolve a tablespoon of donnikovy honey there and drink sweet medicine. At hemorrhoids donnikovy honey is added to enemas or sedentary trays in which infusion of a St. John's Wort, camomiles, mints or coltsfoots is poured previously out.

To whom is grechishny honey useful?

This widespread type of honey is carried to high-grade, for its production buckwheat nectar is necessary. The buckwheat is rich with calcium, iron, zinc, copper, pine forest, phosphorus and other microcells, important for the person. Honey can be dark yellow or at all dark brown, with reddish outflow. Aroma of grechishny honey distinguishes it at once from other versions. And it possesses taste terpkovaty, after its savoring "tickles" or "tickles" a throat. Also this dark product one of the first crystallizes, in 30 days after pumping out honey looks as kashitseobrazny weight with a set small and coarse-grained kristallik. The rich structure allows to recommend grechishny honey at a lack of vitamins B an organism, for treatment and prevention of strokes, aneurisms, heart attacks, hemorrhages in a retina, for strengthening of fragile vessels. It can be given to the children having measles or scarlet fever. In quality antiseptics it is possible to use at furuncles, purulent wounds and other skin inflammations. At an anemia, low hemoglobin, a breakdown the high-calorie drink consisting of a glass of warm milk and a big spoon of honey is useful. If do not love milk, make lime tea when it becomes warm, add a big spoon of grechishny honey, after its dissolution place 2 tablespoons of good red wine in a glass and drink everything. With a high arterial pressure eat before each meal on one or two teaspoons of grechishny honey which will bring excess liquid out of blood, thereby reducing pressure. During treatment by honey try to avoid strongly salty products, add a cranberry, a guelder-rose, a black-fruited mountain ash, grapes, apples to the diet, then pressure will quicker come to norm indicators.

And some general recommendations for those readers of who will resort to treatment by honey. If you want that the use of honey brought to an organism more benefit, accept it as a separate product, without mixing with other components of food. It is better to accept honey to food or in some hours after a meal. If you are chilled, a rassasyvayta, savor a spoon of medical honey until it completely is dissolved in a mouth, so he will show more strongly the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, will destroy pathogenic flora. Do not put honey in water or tea if their temperature is higher than 40 degrees, at high temperature many useful substances of honey collapse.

Do not forget about this sweet and tasty medicine capable to fill with energy and to improve health. Careful with this means it is necessary to be only that who is inclined to an allergy to beekeeping products.

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