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Treatment of a gingivit

Gingivit - the most widespread inflammatory disease of the fabrics surrounding tooth. Most often children, teenagers and young people who it was not executed also to thirty yet face it.

Reasons of emergence of a gingivit

The factors promoting defeat of a parodont conditionally can be divided into two groups:

The general.

  1. Decrease in resilience of an organism against dysfunction of hormonal, cardiovascular and blood systems.
  2. Problems which place of localization is in a digestive tract.
  3. Deficiency of vitamins and useful substances in food.
  4. Diseases of an allergic and infectious origin.
  5. Toxicoses at pregnant women.

The local.

  1. Insufficient care of a mouth or total absence of hygiene as that.
  2. Formation of tooth plaques or firm deposits on an enamel surface.
  3. Pathologies of the zubochelyustny device.
  4. Damages of a mechanical origin.
  5. Defeats of chemical and beam character.
  6. The inflammation of limited areas (1-2 interdental nipples) is caused, as a rule, by tooth deposits, caries, the low-quality or partially deformed seals, mobility of a milk tooth.

Symptomatic manifestations of a gingivit

Disease severity is estimated on prevalence of the inflamed sites on a mucous membrane. The easy (initial) stage of a gingivit strikes first of all interdental nipples, the inflammation of average weight takes also a regional gum. Started gingivit covers all gum, including its alveolar (attached) site.

The disease does not break connection between tooth and a gum, only because of strong hypostasis and increase in volume of interdental nipples visibility of a profound desnevy furrow is created. Gingivit affects generally one jaw, most often lower, generalized its form can capture a mucous membrane of both jaws.

Patients feel discomfort in gums, an itch, suffer from an unpleasant smell from a mouth, bleeding of gums in the course of meal or during toothbrushing. The general health remains in norm, but at an aggravation of a gingivit the indisposition against temperature increase of a body can be observed.

At visual inspection it is possible to find hypostasis, cyanosis (a cyanotic shade) and a giperemiya (excessive fullness of vessels blood) the affected gum, its coarsening and increase in volume, single ulcerations, generally on interdental nipples, bleeding.

On a surface of teeth a lot of the soft dental plaque accumulates. It is explained by that patients do not brush teeth because of hypersensibility and morbidity of a parodont. In certain cases the raid gets a dark shade is a result of coloring by the pigmented parts of blood, dyes in food, elements of a tobacco smoke. Sometimes there is a firm raid of a greenish shade on teeth on a prisheechny site.

Diagnosis of a disease

Confirm gingivit, based on objective data and complaints of the patient. Inflammatory processes estimate on the following manifestations:

  • giperemiya;
  • bleeding and hypostases;
  • hypertrophy;
  • the localized or generalized territory of an inflammation;
  • sharp or chronic form of a gingivit.

Treatment of a gingivit

Treatment of a disease pursues some aims:

  1. To eliminate a paramount factor of an inflammation.
  2. To carry out a complex of anti-inflammatory procedures.
  3. Rehabilitation.

Weight of a sharp form of a gingivit within local therapy is removed by means of such actions as irrigation, by rinsings, trays, drawing medical compresses.

The doctor can advise the patient in house conditions to use rinsings by soda solutions, to accept vitamins (R, With and And in particular). To improve a protective barrier of a mucous membrane, appoint to rinse a mouth solution of an artificial lizotsim (protein of one egg and one teaspoon of salt dissolve in one liter of water) 5 times for 2-3 days. Also advise the patient to apply anti-inflammatory and keratoplastichesky ointments (Solkoseril, Methyluracil, Propotseum).

Treatment of a chronic form of a gingivit demands removal of deposits on teeth. Their removal surely is followed by a mouth irrigation antiseptics. If there is a need, carry out treatment of teeth, a prishlifovyvaniye of those teeth for which it is necessary, apply medical bandages and appoint physiotherapeutic procedures.

Strong puffiness after elimination of factors which provoked development of a gingivit, is removed by means of anti-inflammatory and antiedematous remedies: solution of Heparin or Geparinovy ointment, 10% of solution of calcium chloride, Hydrocortisone, juice of a kalanchoe, plantain, broth of oak bark. The listed drugs can be also injected by means of ultrasound.

The fibrous form of a gingivit assumes excision of hypertrophied areas of a gum. Good results are shown by cryodestruction. After intervention apply Geparinovuyu ointment, the Hydrocortisone on medical bandages. Also at this form of a disease carrying out skleroziruyushchy therapy which consists in use of the preparations causing aseptic irritation of affected areas of a gum with the subsequent replacement of their soft fabrics with connecting fabric is possible.

During skleroziruyushchy procedure after anesthesia enter into each nipple struck desnevy on 0,1-0,2 ml of solution of glucose 40%, solution of magnesium of sulfate of 25%, solution of chloride of calcium of 10%. The session is carried out by 3-4 times with breaks on one or two days. Preparations Maraslavin and Poliminerol also differ in Skleroziruyushchy action, put them by means of application.

Gingivit, complicated by ulcerations, treat the analgetic, nekrotiziruyushchy, keratoplastichesky and removing an inflammation medicines.

Procedure of clarification of teeth from a scale is actual for all forms and stages of a gingivit. Lead her to two stages: at first work on removal of naddesnevy deposits, then, on the second session, clean poddesnevy deposits. For efficiency of therapy also delete manifestations of necrotic desnevy and sosochkovy decomposition. Procedure by use of special tools is carried out until the wound surface is bared. It is processed preparations of trypsin and chymotrypsin. Such antiseptics as Dimeksid, Hlorgeksidin, Trikhopol are very effective.

Treatment-and-prophylactic actions at pathological conditions of soft fabrics of a mouth also assume use of physiotherapeutic procedures. By means of an electrophoresis, a darsonvalization, ultrasonic therapy, a flyuktuarization and phototherapy it is possible to improve a condition of gums significantly.

Also traditional medicine Gingivit offers the readers some interesting recipes which for improvement of a condition of gums were used still by our ancestors.

  1. To fill in one teaspoon of the dried-up grass of a St. John's Wort with a glass of boiled water. Within 15 minutes solution is drawn, waited when it cools down, then filtered. The prepared remedy rinse a mouth before going to bed.
  2. The old rusty nail is made red-hot and put it in small capacity with honey. Wait when honey gets a dark shade then the turned-out substance is rubbed in a gum before going to bed.
  3. One tablespoon of a dry grass of a devyasil is filled in with a glass of boiled water and 15-20 more minutes boil it. Then insist 3-4 hours, filter. The received curative solution rinse a mouth several times a day.
  4. To get rid of a strong inflammation and bleeding of gums, a half-teaspoon of soda mix with several drops of natural honey. Add 15 drops of peroxide of hydrogen to the received mix. These grease with medicine affected areas of a mucous membrane in a mouth.

Prevention of a gingivit

Shares on some stages. First, to prevent diseases of teeth and gums, it is necessary to adhere to preventive measures and in due time to treat the general diseases, to refuse addictions, to ensure a healthy balanced diet, to carry out careful hygiene of a mouth and regularly to visit the stomatologist.

Secondly, it is necessary to eliminate immediately caries and its complications, disease of a parodont, pathology of the zubochelyustny device.

And at last, it is necessary to pay special attention to restoration of the lost functions of zubochelyustny system because of loss of teeth, and also certain diseases.

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