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Treatment of enuresis at children

When the child independently masters a pot, all mummies breathe sigh of relief: the problem of "pampers" and infinite change of panties is settled! And what to do if time is turned back and a bed of the kid in the mornings again by the wet?

As parents have to behave

The scientific name of this "trouble" - enuresis, or an urine incontience. Children who already were 4 years old face it most often. By the way, wet "incidents" count up to achievement of 4-year age by the child as norm, after 4 years of life - pathology. Are not insured from a disease and 6-7-letki, and boys by 3-4 times suffer more often than girls. Probably, and it is not necessary to speak as parents and the child - very much a question delicate are strongly upset and confused!

Nevertheless, anything shameful is not present here. Mirsovetov insistently pays attention of parents that treatment of enuresis begins not with visit of the doctor, and with confidential conversation with the child of the house. Some mothers specially do not focus attention of the son or daughter on "a wet bed" supposedly once again not to injure the child. It in a root not a right approach.

It is necessary to talk about it by all means, after all treatment of any illness begins with its understanding and acceptance.

The child cannot understand yet why wakes up wet, - so there are a fear and shame. To abuse the kid, to try to shame it is categorically forbidden! On the contrary, it is necessary to be at such loss for words to calm and encourage him. The child has to be sure - him contrary to everything love, and mother and the father will help to cope with a problem to him surely.

Types of "children's" enuresis

  1. The primary - lets know about himself at night when the child sleeps tight while the bladder needs to be emptied by all means.
  2. The secondary - is caused by the congenital and acquired violations of health of somatic and mental character. It is shown at any time.

Factors of development of an incontience of urine in children

  1. The congenital and acquired pathologies of development of urinogenital system. For example, anatomic discrepancy of volume of a bladder I will increase or inflammatory reaction as a result of an infectious disease.
  2. Delay in development of nervous system.
  3. The excessive connivance to whims doing the child spoiled, or very strict methods of education.
  4. Quarrels and scandals in a family.
  5. Emotional shock (accustoming to kindergarten, school, change of a residence), a stress, a strong fright.
  6. Heredity - if among relatives already there were cases of mental disorders, epileptics or chronic alcoholics, the probability of development of a disease in the child increases by 5-6 times.
  7. Popularity of diapers, so-called "pampers" which continuous use detains formation of a conditioned reflex of the child to an urination. In this regard, mother needs to limit time of stay of the child in a diaper - to use them only during walks, for example.
  8. Sleep disorders - both the superficial uneasy dream, and very deep can cause enuresis.
  9. Experts note that the most part of little patients suffers because of unripe nervous system which "does not manage" to send to a brain a signal that the bladder just about will relax. With age the problem itself sputters out.

Influence of an illness on the little patient...

... the indelible. And than the kid is more senior, that more strongly he worries. The earlier parents will consult with the doctor, rather it will be possible to correct a disease and to nullify it. Prolonged enuresis develops feeling of own inferiority in the child. One children become irritable, whining, aggressive and easily excitable, others - shy, timid, closed. At all problems with study, as a rule, begin - information is badly acquired. Because of a delicate problem it is heavy to children to communicate with contemporaries.

When "to sound alarm"

It is necessary to address to the district doctor, the nephrologist or the urologist immediately, if:

  • in the morning parents find a bed of the 5-year-old kid wet some days (weeks) in a row;
  • the child started over again to urinate in a bed after long time when already weaned it to do;
  • the child often does not manage to reach a toilet during the day.

Treatment of enuresis medicines

Any preparation is accepted a course from 1 to 2-3 months. It is necessary to be ready to that the illness after a course of treatment can come back again therefore the doctor, as a rule, appoints some courses of treatment in a year.

The main reason which caused enuresis defines specifics of treatment. For example, if the incontience of urine appeared against an infectious disease of an urinary system, not to do without antibacterial therapy. Also such groups of drugs as antidepressants, adaptogens and nootropa can be involved.

New enuresis medicine - Adiuretin-SD uses a huge demand today. Means drip in a nose. Active ingredient of a preparation, desmopressin, allows a bladder to be filled up to that volume which will allow the child to wake up the dry.

Other quite effective remedy - Driptan. Its application is actual when the reason of enuresis is covered in violation of nervous regulation of activity of an urinary system. The preparation weakens smooth muscles of a bladder, thereby increasing it in sizes, and liquidates involuntary compression which is an immediate cause of a spontaneous urination.

If the tone of a bladder is lowered, parents have to watch that the child forcibly emptied a bladder each 2-3 hours. Supplement treatment with drug intake which raise a tone of smooth muscles (Minirin, Prozerin).

If the reason of an unpleasant illness, as they say, "in the head" at the little patient, the doctor appoints the preparations regulating exchange processes in a brain - Nootropil, Pikamilon, Persen, Novopassit.

The general massage and remedial gymnastics become obligatory additional actions to the main treatment.

Traditional medicine advises:

  • to mix a sage, a lavender and a coriander in the form of essential oil, adhering to a proportion 3:2:1. The turned-out medicine needs to be sprayed on the room (2-5 drops on one session). The course of treatment makes 20 sessions.
  • hawthorn flowers, grass of a horsetail field to mix mint leaves, a grass of a St. John's Wort in equal parts. 1 dessertspoon is filled in with 1 glass of abrupt boiled water and wait for about a quarter of hour, cooled and filtered. Accept on a half-glass to 5 times a day, the last reception at 16.00
  • mint leaves (one part), sage leaves (one part), grass of a pustyrnik (two parts), valerian root (one part), St. John's Wort grass (two parts), acorus root (one part) are mixed and prepared the same as means in the previous recipe. Only take this curative drink for an hour to a dream.

As to parents to help the child

  1. To control that the child fell asleep and woke up in the determined hours. It is better to postpone active games and the TV to morning, and for some time to a dream it is simple to communicate or read the book. Short-term evening walks are useful. The mattress in a bed of the kid has to be average rigidity, but not soft. Experts advise a little to raise a bed from that party where the kid has feet.
  2. Unostentatiously to limit desire of the child to drink in the evening and before going to bed, filling missing amount of liquid since morning. Better shortly before a dream to offer it a slice of cheese or a handful of salty nutlets (everything that is capable to detain liquid in an organism).
  3. Externally it is impossible to show even the slightest discontent or irritation at the sight of the next wet spot in a bed. Fear "to get to disgrace" at mother only will remove the child on some steps backwards in treatment of enuresis. It is necessary to assure him that it differs in nothing from other children that a problem its temporary and it will get rid of it soon.
  4. Before going to bed it is necessary to track that the child descended in a toilet. For the night the pot is left near a bed in case the kid will wake up. That darkness which many children are afraid, did not become a hindrance for a spravleniye of natural need, in the room leave to work a small night lamp of the muffled luminescence.
  5. If mother took the responsibility to awake the child at night to seat him on a pot, she has to remember that it is necessary to do it at the same time. And in a dozing state it is impossible to lift the kid, it is necessary to be convinced that he completely woke up, otherwise the urine incontience problem only to be aggravated.
  6. Disposable diapers for the night are categorically forbidden to be put on! Then it does not make sense to undertake any measures for treatment of enuresis at all.
  7. Parents have to aspire to that the family became for their kid a shelter from everything of that only he can be afraid, that smooth water where it is possible to be sure of the need and the importance in every way.
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