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Treatment chistotely

In ancient times Greeks noticed such fact that when swallows fly - starts blossoming chistotet and when they go on the South, it withers. Therefore they also gave this plant the name "lastochkina grass". And in the Russian medicine "chistotet" the name a grass received thanks to the medicinal properties.

First of all, in ancient times treatment the chistotely was carried out for the purpose of disposal of skin diseases, such as deprive, freckles and pigmentary spots, warts and eels.

Useful properties

Orange juice of a chistotel contains a number of alkaloids, many of them have bactericidal properties. Also the plant is rich with carotinoids, flavonoids, saponita, essential oils and enzymes and is the cardiostimulating substance.

All these components in a compartment have the spazmolitichesky, calming and zhelchegonny effect. Also this herb excitingly affects vessels therefore after its application arterial pressure can increase slightly. In traditional medicine this grass treat stagnation of bile, sluggish work of intestines, a digestive tract illness. Besides, to them cure gout, rheumatism, diseases of a liver and an infection which are transmitted sexually.

Curative substances are in roots, juice and in plant leaves. The peak of medicinal properties falls on the blossoming period, there is it in spring months. Herbalists recommend during collecting a plant, fixedly to examine each branch not to miss fungal defeats. It is necessary to choose a grass only of juicy color and without mechanical damages. Otherwise curative properties can be lost.

Effectively local treatment by plant juice for an izlechivaniye from polyps in a rectum and in a bladder. Also juice is used for treatment of initial manifestations of a red volchanka, to them cauterize condylomas, and also warts.

Contraindications to application

Danger of a chistotel consists in its chemical composition. So, among useful alkaloids it is possible to meet and dangerous, such as heleritrin which causes local irritation, sangvarin which makes narcotic impact on an organism therefore there are spasms, and gomokhelidonin which is poison.

Therefore application of a chistotel to strictly contraindicated pregnant women and mothers, the children feeding with breast milk, that who is sick with epilepsy which have serious mental diseases, bronchial asthma, stenocardia. There is also an individual intolerance of a plant. Also you should not apply juice of a chistotel on a wound, previously without having diluted it with water because it can strengthen inflammatory process. It is accurately necessary to accept chistotet and inside as it provokes locks.

How to treat the chistotely

  1. To prevent development of metastasises in patients with cancer tumors, apply infusion of a chistotel, a nettle and a calendula. For its preparation take the listed herbs in identical parts, mill and make one table spoon of grass mix on a glass of hot water, then pour in a thermos and insist. It is necessary to drink infusion two times per day, in the morning and in the evening on a half-glass on an empty stomach.
  2. Often all chistotely struggle with warts, callosities, and also eliminate polyps, condylomas and periodontosis. Juice of a fresh grass is applied on sick part of skin. And here for fight against polyps in a rectum, juice previously dilute in calculation 60 ml of water on 6 drops of juice. And for disposal of tooth sharp pain put cotton wool which needs to be moistened in juice of a kalanchoe and chistotel to the inflamed site.
  3. To cure prostate adenoma, vodka and juice of a plant are mixed in equal proportions. Treatment is begun on one droplet per day, every day the quantity of drops increases by one until they do not become 30. Then follows on each droplet in day to take away according to the same scheme. When the course terminates, it is necessary to make rest for 10 days and to begin all course anew. This treatment it is worth carrying out once a year.
  4. Infusion of a chistotel, in a proportion a tablespoon on a glass of water, drink at cancer tumors in an internal. It is necessary to take on a tablespoon 3 times a day for half an hour to food.
  5. At tuberculosis and a cancer of integuments, eczema prepare a plant ointment, take 20 grams of powder from a grass, 70 grams of vaseline and 10 grams of lanolin and mix, this ointment three times a day process an affected area of skin.
  6. At cold and bolezny nasopharynxes in a nose dig in couple of drops of juice of a grass, wait for 5 minutes and again two droplets, and so drip until in one nostril the full pipette of juice is not poured out.
  7. If the stomach hurts, it is possible to drink a tea spoon of juice of a plant, 3 times a day to food (it in the first day). And in further days to drink on a table spoon too 3 times per day. Also at malfunctions in work of a stomach and liver accept infusion of a chistotel, within two months.
  8. To cure female diseases, do syringes of halfliter of infusion of a chistotel. 2 times a day are syringed. And to struggle with mastitis, it is necessary to grease cracks on nipples with juice of a chistotel and to allow to be absorbed two minutes, then carefully to wash up a breast.

Medicinal properties also the oil prepared from a chistotel possesses. For its preparation it is necessary to take a glass jar, to put in it the dry and crushed grass, from above to fill in with sunflower oil which before it within one hour was pasteurized on a water bath. To add apricot and peach oils in bank. Then to put oil for an hour per a warm place, and then to transfer, on the contrary, to a cool and not light place, it is most correct to put to the cellar and to leave for a week. Periodically oil needs to be shaken up. After a week oil is got, filtered and parted with pure vegetable oil in equal proportions. Ready oil is used for external application, stored in the refrigerator in dark glasswares.

How to store chistotet

If you need to prepare a lot of grass, for thorough treatment, it is necessary to prepare a special place for its storage. It can be equipped on an attic or in a dry, warm shed. In sunny hot weather chistotet it is possible to dry on air, the main thing that on a grass sunshine because under their influence changes not only a color of flowers and leaflets did not get, but also medicinal properties are lost. It is correct to dry plants it is necessary, having suspended them or having put on special racks, then, it will not be necessary to care constantly of turning a grass, and in too time it will be evenly dried from all directions.

For treatment the dried chistotet will be suitable for use within three years. After the plant dries, it needs to be put in a pure bag from paper or a matter. Track that the room it was well aired, had not bright lighting and it was not struck with fungi.

As the plant is poisonous, he needs to be collected in gloves and to watch that juice did not scatter in eyes, it will be better to collect chistotet wearing spectacles. That the grass did not decay further when drying, to bring together them only in dry weather.

Mirsovetov recommends strongly to warn the attending physician about an initiation of treatment chistotely to avoid side effects and not to do much harm to an organism. And strictly adhere to a dosage, do not forget that it nevertheless a poisonous, though medical plant.

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