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Treatment of a bursit

Joints can hurt because of different diseases – arthritis, arthrosis, a bursit. Here also suggests to talk about a bursita, its types, symptoms, ways of treatment of today.

General information about a disease

Bursitom physicians call pathological process at which the circumarticular bags which are settling down between bones and sinews in such places inflame a certain mechanical pressure is created. In Latin the bag sounds as "bursa" therefore the disease and was given such name. In a bag at this pathology exudate collects, it still call an exudate. Most often shoulder, elbow, knee, coxofemoral joints, Achilles tendon area are subject to a bursit. On a clinical current the disease happens subsharp, sharp, recidivous (returnable), chronic. On character of the activator of a bursita subdivide on:

  • the nonspecific;
  • specific (tubercular, gonorrheal, brutsellyozny, syphilitic).

On character of exudate they can be hemorrhagic, serous, purulent. At purulent bursita in circumarticular bags not simply sinovialny liquid collects, and there is a gnoyeobrazovaniye. If at the person the hemorrhagic bursit, in exudate by means of researches it is possible to see many erythrocytes (blood components) which appeared there because of hemorrhages of vessels. Complication of a bursit is a congestion in a bag of salt of different elements.

Can be the reasons of development of a bursit:

  1. Infections – streptococci, staphylococcus and other gnoyerodny microbes are capable to cause a bag inflammation about a joint. And microorganisms on lymphatic ways or through grazes, wounds on skin get there.
  2. Injuries – the illness often pursues athletes (tennis players, football players, cyclists, weight-lifters, martial artists). And, at repeated injuries there is a risk of a chronic bursit, the complicating movement which is followed by severe pains. Bruises and microinjuries too conduct to damage of a sinovialny bag and inflammations.
  3. Constantly repeating mechanical irritations – they conduct to exudate accumulation that provokes extension of a bag about a joint, by the sizes it becomes similar to a tumor.
  4. Diathesis, allergic and autoimmune reactions – when in an organism is a lot of antibodies, involvement in inflammatory process and a circumarticular bag is possible.
  5. Intoxications, violations of a course of exchange processes.

Cases when bursit suddenly are frequent starts developing without influence of any external factors and internal reasons.

Symptoms of a bursit

In a zone of a sore joint the tumor a little similar to a bag with water is gradually formed. By sight the tumor elastic, a place it reddens. To the touch swelling hot, painful. The more load of a joint, the more intensively usually pain. Happens that bursit is followed by temperature increase of a body.

The elbow bursit – the most widespread of all types. From it many tennis players suffer.

The humeral bursit has an effect a hand pain at implementation of some movements. If process only began, at the beginning increase in a circumarticular bag not strongly noticeable. When pressing a shoulder, its morbidity is felt. Pain arises when the person raises hands, does rotary motions by means of shoulder joints. Bursita, affecting a knee joint, on a number of signs and manifestations remind arthritis. When the illness affects a back surface of a bag, emergence of such complication as Baker's cyst is possible. This new growth has such big sizes that takes also a shin. The cyst not only spoils a type of a foot, but presses some nerves that disturbs a normal innervation. There can be a paralysis of muscular tissue of a shin, that is muscles.


At suspicion on bursit it is necessary to address to the surgeon or the traumatologist. At first the doctor will examine the patient, will ask on where pain then it appeared is localized, what is the time already disturbs the patient. To estimate the general condition of an organism, to reveal inflammation signs, it is channelized on the general blood test.

Important element of research – ultrasonography of the struck area or a X-ray analysis of a sore joint. They allow to make the diagnosis precisely.

In some cases the puncture allowing to take away sinovialny liquid for carrying out further researches becomes.

Recommendations about treatment

There are 2 ways of treatment of a bursit – conservative and quick.

If bursit it is caused by pathogenic microbes, it is necessary to eliminate an infection. In such cases antibiotics in the form of injections or tablets, capsules are usually written out. If the disease occurred because of tuberculosis, certainly, first of all antitubercular means are appointed. For removal of an inflammation in a circumarticular bag and disposals of the patient of pain are appointed the following drugs and actions:

  1. Fixation of a joint by method of rigid bandaging to reach rest and temporary immobilization.
  2. Rubbing in in sick area of ointment under the name Diclofenac, Ortofen, creams Ketonal or Dolgit.
  3. The use in the Ibuprofen, Ketoprofena, Diclofenac in the form of tablets.

In mild cases of such therapy it is enough that in 8 days symptoms of a bursit receded and restoration of the damaged joint area began.

Sometimes the doctor appoints injections directly in an articulate bag. You should not be afraid of such procedures. At first anesthetic, and then the Hydrocortisone, antimicrobic means is entered.

At purulent and chronic bursita sometimes the doctor resorts to a joint bag puncture to clear it of contents, to process an internal cavity an antibiotic.

After a sharp stage, reduction of pain the patient can be channelized in a physiotherapist's office for carrying out an electrophoresis, a parafinoterapiya, warmings up, procedures with currents of different frequency, microwaves of a certain force. Many patients are helped by acupuncture, acupuncture.

What does traditional medicine offer?

  1. Warm compresses with infusions or broths of medicinal herbs - a burdock, a sabelnik, a comfrey, a St. John's Wort, a yarrow.
  2. The cabbage leaf is capable to help. It is removed from a head of cabbage, cut off a large vein, roll on it a rolling pin that juice acted. Then this leaf is imposed on a sore joint that party that adjoined to a head of cabbage, and then fixed by means of a kerchief or wide bandage. It is best of all to do such applying before going to bed then to lay down under a blanket. Or it is necessary to warm a joint a woolen product. It is necessary to change leaves at least in 4 hours. Instead of a leaf of cabbage it is possible to take a big leaf of a burdock.
  3. At a chronic bursit the honey compress is recommended. It is necessary to take liquid honey and to apply on a sore point. To put a napkin and to wrap up a towel. It is possible to add onions juice to honey.
  4. Salt compress. Take 200 ml of hot boiled water, dissolve in it a salt tablespoon. Put bandage or a gauze in some layers, dip into salt solution, slightly wring out. Straighten on a sore joint. From above put a package, wrap up with a towel or a warm scarf. In some hours the salt compress should be removed. The course usually makes 10 procedures.

At the timely address to the doctor the patient quickly recovers. But if the case started, can join a bursit an infection, miozit, adjournment in a cavity of a bag of some substances, for example, calcium salts. Here then surgery will already be required.

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