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Treatment of bronchitis

"And yours again coughs?" – mummy sighs. "And mine too, were exhausted already, we do not know, than and to treat this cough". Such talk can be heard very often. Both children, and adults have bronchitis. And here is how this disease is correct to treat and as to prevent it, to you will prompt

The beginning of a disease is very similar to some other diseases of respiratory bodies therefore the inexperienced person can pass it and the illness will pass into a chronic stage. What is bronchitis? Bronchitis, it when mucous membranes of a wall of bronchial tubes inflame. Most often this disease does not arise out of the blue, and develops after the postponed respiratory viral infection. This disease can arise and when against postponed a SARS bacteria of infectious character join.

How to distinguish

Bronchitis, as well as set of catarrhal diseases, begins with a classical picture: the head hurts, the person is disturbed by cough, body temperature increases, the person feels low. Independently to understand, whether really it is bronchitis – the person will not be able, consultation of the doctor is necessary. But nevertheless, before the doctor will make the exact diagnosis and will appoint treatment, to adhere to the basic rules.

  1. If you ail – stay at home.
  2. It is better to have a rest and spend time in a bed.
  3. The room in which you will be, has to be cool, room temperature about 20-22 degrees.
  4. Humidity indoors has to be about 50-70 percent.
  5. High temperature of air is unacceptable, it is higher than 25 degrees.

What it happens

Bronchitis is subdivided into categories and forms. There is a bronchitis of a sharp form and chronic. At the sharp – bronchitis develops quickly and some days and even can last weeks. Cough can be both dry, and damp, and also to change and be that deep, to pass in damp, with strong office of a phlegm.

During a disease, depending on that, bronchial tubes are how affected and their passability is broken, this disease divide into obstructive and not obstructive bronchitis.

In the first case small bronchial tubes are exposed to a disease, the phlegm increases and the mucous membrane swells. Cough at this type of a disease intensive, with a specific sound – whistle. Such cough is very dangerous to small children as because of spasms in bronchial tubes breath is at a loss and even there can be a respiratory standstill. Most often the disease flows in a chronic form.

In the second case – the diseased has a frequent cough which especially disturbs the person in the mornings. Becomes aggravated at approach of a new season, especially, when on the street it becomes cold and when on the street hot and air dry – cough temporarily recedes. If cough not to treat, it becomes pristupoobrazny and literally exhausts the person. Also distinguish the general weakness from the main symptoms, perspiration, color of an expectorant phlegm can change.

Reasons of developing of bronchitis

  1. The postponed viral infections.
  2. Bacteria.
  3. Overcooling of an organism.
  4. Smoking.
  5. Asthma.
  6. Dust.
  7. Toxic substances.
  8. Cold or hot air.
  9. Sinusitis, pharyngitis.

Main symptoms

  1. The main, general symptoms of recognition of an illness it is cough, dry or with the advent of the separated phlegm, the increased body temperature, weakness.
    Depending on a disease stage character of cough can change.
  2. The acute bronchitis can begin not with cough, and with a sore throat or irritation. The person will feel unwell, weakness. Then there is a cough which in couple of days will become damp and the phlegm of yellow or greenish color will start separating.
  3. If it is a sharp form of bronchitis – temperature can keep the high.
  4. The disease can last week and more.

How to treat

First of all, the patient of any age needs to pay a maximum of attention and to implement the following general recommendations:

  • to humidify the room;
  • to give to the patient it is a lot of warm tea;
  • to provide a bed rest;
  • at high temperature to allow to drink febrifugal preparations;
  • if bronchitis of infectious character – is better to leave the patient in a hospital, under supervision of doctors.

If the person is sick with an acute bronchitis, treatment by antiviral drugs is necessary. If the bacterial infection joined – it is necessary to appoint antibiotics. For simplification of fits of coughing to accept expectorant preparations, to drink grass infusions, to do inhalations, massage of a thorax and back.

At treatment of bronchitis at children it is necessary to know precisely, what type of a disease at the child. If it is allergic – to treat drugs against an allergy.

We treat cough grandmother's means

Simple drugs – infusions of herbs will help to cope with such serious disease as bronchitis. Special grass infusions help to improve otkhozhdeny phlegms, possess anti-inflammatory action. And along with observance of all recommendations and drug treatment, grass infusions considerably improve a condition of the patient.

Herb infusions can be got in a drugstore are there will be specially picked up ready collecting which need to be filled in with boiled water and to insist. The glycyrrhiza, a thyme, a linden, mint and a calendula belong to the main herbs. It is necessary to consider that it is necessary to accept grass collecting by the freshly brewed.

Recipe 1.

Cough can be cured simple means – to take fresh carrot, and to squeeze out of it juice. To dissolve the received juice with warm water, one part of juice, one part of water, to add sugar or honey – a teaspoon and to drink on one spoon 3 backs a day before food.

Recipe 2.

The excellent cough remedy is onions together with honey. Everything that is necessary, so it to crush onions, to mix it with honey in equal proportions (honey take liquid), and to accept after ate three times a day.

Also onions can be cooked in water or milk, to add there a little bit sugar and to accept several times a day. Good cure for the beginning cough.

It is possible to alternate these means to one more – juice scarlet with honey and water – to boil thoroughly before solidification and to insist.

Recipe 3.

To take in equal proportions (for example, a cup or a glass) honey, butter, vodka, juice of carrots and beet, 3 eggs. To mix all this and to insist in a warm cool place two weeks. To accept on a tablespoon every four hours.

For children.

Not all children want to be treated and take tasteless bitter medicine. Let's prepare sweet medicine for kids. It is necessary to take an ordinary chocolate, to mix with butter, cocoa and fat (pork). Fat needs previously to be kindled and mixed with chocolate and cocoa. To take bread or a sweet roll, to smear it with butter, and from above to cover with chocolate mix.

All a known cough remedy – a radish with honey. It is necessary to take a black radish, to cut it in half and to clean core, there to put honey and to leave for some hours.

Treatment of chronic cough.

Juice scarlet, honey, fat, butter and cocoa to kindle and mix, put in ware. To store medicine in a cold place. It is possible to use for prevention of catarrhal diseases.

Mustard plasters. We put correctly

Mustard plasters well help with complex treatment of bronchitis. To know the main thing when they cannot be applied:

  • at asthma;
  • to high temperature;
  • tumors;
  • skin inflammation;
  • to children till seven years.

Before applying a mustard plaster, consult to the doctor.

Mustard plasters need to be able to be applied correctly. At first to check integrity of packing, then follow the instruction. It is necessary to put them on a back (between shovels), a thorax.

  1. To wipe a damp rag that place where you plan to apply a mustard plaster.
  2. Lay the patient on a bed.
  3. Lower mustard plasters in warm water, take and impose them on skin.
  4. To blot excess water with a towel and to wrap up the patient.
  5. Accurately to turn the person from a back on a stomach and to continue procedure.
  6. To leave a mustard plaster for 5 minutes or it is more, everyone transfers burning differently.
  7. To remove a mustard plaster and to wipe a place warm water.
  8. To wrap up the patient with a blanket.

Treatment of cough nebulizer

Recently the compact nebulizer began to be used widely in house conditions. The doctor appoints necessary drugs which need to be added to the nebulizer and to carry out procedures in house conditions. Among the most effective preparations for treatment of bronchitis doctors note Lazolvan and Ambrobene.

Treatment about the help of the nebulizer yields positive results.

Bronchitis at pregnancy

Because of the weakened immunity future mummy in cold time can get sick with bronchitis. Treatment in this case has to be picked up individually. It is good to carry out inhalations, to make grass collecting, to drink much liquids: crimson tea, tea with a lemon, honey, milk.

Treatment of cough at pregnancy:

Dry cough:

  1. To accept warm broth of a root alteya.
  2. To add two teaspoons of syrup of a root of a glycyrrhiza to warm tea and to drink.
  3. To drink lakrichny tea of 2-3 cups in day.

Damp cough to treat syrup of a termopsis and other preparations which will be appointed by the doctor.


  1. Not to use yodosoderzhashchy preparations.
  2. Tetracycline antibiotics.
  3. It is impossible to take aspirin, codeine.


There is a number of exercises by means of which it is possible to help an organism to get rid of cough quicker. The gymnastics is also carried out only according to indications of the doctor.

  1. Pump. To bend down and to make a sharp breath a nose, exhaling – a little to rise. To execute 8 breaths, then a break.
  2. Eight. Will help a fast otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm. To bend forward and quickly to inhale a nose, to hold the breath. To count to eight and to have a rest. To make 8 breaths.


People who often have bronchitis, have to know that it is necessary to temper the organism, to avoid sharp overcoolings. If bronchitis – a consequence of continuous contact with various chemicals, it is necessary to replace a work place, the place of residence. To try to avoid places of a big congestion of people, especially in the period of epidemics.

If you treated bronchitis correctly, were patient and recovered, remember simple rules which will help you to remain healthy further. Spend in the fresh air more time, eat more fresh vegetables and fruit, become tempered and go in for physical culture.

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