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Treatment of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerosis call a chronic disease of elastic and musculoelastic arteries of large and average caliber. It when in a vascular grid start accumulating atherogenous (causing deformation) develops blood plasma elements.

Against this process connecting fabric expands and there are fibrous (cholesteric) plaques, vessels change, there is an ischemia and pathological violations in bodies to which through these vessels blood comes. At any stage of a disease because of sharp increase of arterial pressure or spontaneously (unjustly) the plaque can burst or be broken off. It leads to formation of blood clot and aggravates advance of blood on vessels even more.

Atherosclerosis reasons

Factors because of which our vessels suffer, up to the end are not studied. But what will be listed below, consider as weighty prerequisites for development of a disease.

  1. Chronic stress.
  2. Addiction to the fat products rich with the refined carbohydrates.
  3. Diseases of endocrine and exchange systems (obesity, diabetes, cholelithiasis).
  4. Arterial hypertension.
  5. The increased coagulability and viscosity of blood.
  6. Dislipoproteinemiya.
  7. Smoking.
  8. The predisposition to early atherosclerosis put not gene level.
  9. Hypodynamia.
  10. Age after 40 years.

Symptomatic picture of atherosclerosis

Character of symptoms is defined by a place where the disease "located". The main indicators of atherosclerosis call ischemic violations in bodies which were struck by atherosclerotic process and chronic deficiency of their blood supply.

Most often the chest and descending part of an aorta, coronal, general sleepy, brain, renal, mezenterialny and femoral arteries become a target of a disease. Existence of symptoms of several ateromatozny centers indicates generalized atherosclerosis.

Types of atherosclerosis

Aorta atherosclerosis.

The most expressed from all other types of a disease, but it is diagnosed much later because of a long latent current. It is most brightly shown at patients 60 years are more senior. The first signs - the increased speed of distribution of a pulse wave, the increased systolic and pulse pressure against normal, and then going down diastolic.

Pain behind a breast, a so-called aortalgiya, a symptom, rather rare, but characteristic for atherosclerosis, can sometimes disturb. Pain "presses" and "burns down", sending impulses to both hands, a neck, area between shovels, the top part of a stomach.

Randomly striking aorta sites, atherosclerosis becomes the reason of formation of aneurisms - pathological expansions of a gleam of an aorta. At big deformation of an arch of an aorta the voice becomes hoarse, there are a cough, short wind, a dysphagy (the complicated swallowing). Can also disturb dizzinesses, faints, spasms if sharply to turn the head sideways.

Atherosclerosis of coronal arteries of heart.

It can be expressed in various degree - as insignificant size by plaques, and full obstruction. When the gleam of arteries decreases by 75%, the clinic of stenocardia of tension is formed, and against already available atherosclerosis there is a spasm of coronal arteries. The Spazmirovannost does not satisfy need of a myocardium for oxygen and as a result causes typical manifestations of coronary heart disease.

Atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain.

At early stages proves a headache, frequent changes of mood, memory impairment and a dream, "jumps" of arterial pressure. Later there are symptoms of neurologic character (asymmetry of a cranial innervation, tendinous reflexes, a muscular tone). Cardinally features of mentality change: phobias, an egocentrism are formed, there is an uncertainty in itself and faintheartedness. Strongly memory on the facts occurring in real time worsens.

Atherosclerosis of mezenterialny arteries.

At this type of degenerate change of vessels are observed violation of normal activity of a gastrointestinal tract and so-called "a belly toad": development of sharp pains of pristupoobrazny character in the top area of a stomach where there is a digestion. They proceed from 1 to 3 hours, are similar to a stenokardichesky attack (it is possible to stop by means of nitroglycerine). Besides pain patients complain of an abdominal distension, an eructation and locks.

Atherosclerosis of renal arteries.

The clinic of this type of atherosclerosis is characterized by vazorenalny symptomatic arterial hypertension which against atherosclerotic process gains malignant features: in urine of the patient there is a protein, erythrocytes, cylinders. Directly over area where the gleam of a renal artery is narrowed, in certain cases it is possible to listen to systolic noise.

The obliterating atherosclerosis of arteries of the lower extremities.

Weakness and chronic feeling of fatigue in muscles of shins, a chill and a sleep in feet are noted. When walking people suffers from severe pain which disappears during short-term rest (a syndrome of the alternating lameness). At such form of atherosclerosis of a hand and foot constantly cold, skin of a pale shade, with a course of disease there are skin trophic violations (skin is strongly shelled, on it ulcers are formed, gangrene is possible). Weakens or at all pulse on the back party of foot is not probed.

Diagnosis of atherosclerosis

The diagnosis is confirmed by means of kliniko-laboratory and tool researches.

  1. At a biochemical blood test find the increased percent of cholesterol and triglycerides, lipoproteid of low density and lipoproteid of very low density, fatty acids in the patient.
  2. The roentgenoscopy of a thorax shows consolidations and expansion of an aorta in a breast and a peritoneum.
  3. The method of an isotope renografiya allows to find violations of sekretorno-excretory functions of kidneys if there are suspicions on atherosclerosis of renal arteries.
  4. Extent of defeat of vessels is established visually on distance which the patient can overcome without foot pain.

Treatment of atherosclerosis

Therapy of the struck vessels is based first of all on the program of the general improvement of an organism. It is healthy food on a table, systematic fight against extra kilos, disposal of addictions, prevention and treatment of a hypodynamia.

The people having atherosclerosis have to adhere to a low-calorie diet. Having reduced the volume of the consumed animal fats, it is possible to limit considerably accumulation of cholesterol on walls of vessels. And vice versa - prevalence in a diet of vegetable fats, vegetables, fruit and vitamins is only welcomed.

To prevent absorption of exogenous cholesterol, appoint preparations Holestiramin, Kvestran, Kolestipol. The amount of the general cholesterol, triglycerides reduce, at the same time increasing the level of lipoproteid of high density, by means of Niatsin and Enduratsin. Also for these purposes Klofibrat, Miskleron, Bezafibrat use. Surely appoint the preparations influencing cholesterol synthesis - Lovastatin, Pravastatin, Simvastatin, Flyuvastatin. Doses of drugs and duration of a course of treatment are established by exclusively attending physician.

Prevention of a disease

Mirsovetov offers the readers some simple recipes which will help your organism to remain healthy most long. The main thing not to be lazy - to prevent any illness much more simply, than to cure.

  1. Tell "no" to meat of fat grades, fat dairy products, honey, sugar, confectionery. Limit salt consumption. Give preference to eggplants, garlic, carrots, onions, boiled fish, sunflower oil, berries, - these products will help your vessels to avoid formation of cholesteric plaques and blood clots.
  2. By all means refuse cigarettes and carry out at least the most elementary physical exercises not less than 30 minutes 3 times a week.
  3. The practician is a lot of and techniques the Tibetan medicine developed for prevention of atherosclerosis: use of phytopreparations which clear a liver of toxins is supposed. Also the complex of procedures includes treatment by bloodsuckers, acupuncture and acupressure. The great popularity was acquired by such techniques as a moksoterapiya (treatment by wormwood cigars) and a stounterapiya.
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