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Treatment of an adneksit

Timely treatment of inflammatory infections of external genitals (vulvit and vaginit) leads to fast recovery of the woman. If it is thoughtless to treat a problem, pathogenic microorganisms get from a vagina into ovaries and uterine tubes, provoking development of a strong inflammation there.

To get rid of an infection of internal genitals much more difficult. The inflammatory disease of appendages (ovaries and uterine tubes) is called adneksit. The statistics claims that every third young woman is familiar with this illness not by hearsay, and more than in half of cases adneksit gets a chronic form.

Causes of illness

  1. The first place among factors, defiant adneksit, occupy infections which are transmitted by means of sexual contact. Chlamydial, gonokokkovy and trikhomonadny microorganisms become causative agents of a disease, in certain cases the inflammation develops against vigorous activity of golden staphylococcus.
  2. The second widespread prerequisite of an adneksit are the unprotected intimate relations, some sexual partners for a short interval of time, premature renewal of the sexual relations after the birth of the child, interruption of pregnancy or gynecologic surgery.
  3. Decrease in the general immunity of an organism. Stresses, overfatigue, the wrong diet do women more sensitive to different infections, including to an adneksit.
  4. Overcooling.
  5. Intrauterine spiral.

Signs of an adneksit

The course of inflammatory process can be sharp and slow.

The symptomatic picture of a sharp adneksit is very eloquent: the woman is tormented by intensive pain in the bottom of a stomach. Usually unpleasant feelings are displaced to the right or to the left. Painful "echo" envelops lumbar and sacral area of a back and a rectum. Almost at once there is a vaginal separated – purulent or serous. The increased temperature, the "heavy" head, fast fatigue, an unpleasant ache of hands and feet complicate a current of an acute disease.

The chronic disease develops because of timely correct treatment, sharp as a result of absence. Slow adneksit give out the following signs: the main indicator of such state there is a same aching pain, as at a sharp form, but the woman not constantly, and generally the day before monthly and after their end suffers from it.

One more sign of a chronic adneksit, dispareuniya, brings the mass of inconveniences in intimate life of the woman. This state is shown by pain and unpleasant feelings during sex. Does not do and without various frustration of a menstrual cycle: oligomenore, amenore, dismenore.

The chronic form of a disease gains lines of a sharp adneksit after nervous overexcitation, overcooling, the postponed catarrhal diseases. Because of the started chronic adneksit impassability of uterine tubes develops sooner or later or are broken activity of ovaries – the woman is threatened by infertility.

Methods of diagnostics of an adneksit

In most cases at once the expert cannot confirm existence of a sharp or chronic adneksit. The reason of such difficulty is covered in features of symptomatology of an illness: signs of its sharp form are not specific and characteristic for many diseases of bodies of a small pelvis, and manifestations of a chronic form are most often insufficiently expressed for instant diagnostics.

To confirm or disprove existence of pathological process in bodies of a small pelvis, conduct examination which consists of the clinical analysis of a secret of a vagina, blood tests and urine. But even clinical trials are effective not always: the nature of pathogenic activators of an adneksit is not specific and with high degree of probability a concrete illness does not convict.

In an organism of the woman the laparoscopy can provide the most reliable picture of the events to experts. By means of this endoscopic operation examine ovaries and uterine tubes, estimating their real condition. On an inflammation of internal genitals the angry mucous membrane, emergence of solderings, purulent and serous flows indicate surfaces of bodies.

Treatment of an adneksit

Prompt development of an acute inflammation of appendages – a reason for immediate hospitalization of the patient. At this state very serious consequences in the form of abscess of ovaries, peritonitis, purulent cavities in uterine tubes. The patient has to observe a bed rest. Pain, accompanying a sharp adneksit, eliminate with analgetic preparations. An inflammation treat antibacterial medicines of a broad spectrum of activity. For elimination of consequences of purulent process operation is shown.

Antibiotics use and for treatment of a chronic form of an adneksit with only that difference that select them, considering activator type, and for neutralization of inflammatory process use kortikosteroidny means. Against the main treatment surely hold the immunostimulating and all-strengthening events. Well proved in fight with adneksity various physiotherapeutic methods: parafinoterapiya, magnetotherapy, UVCh-therapy, mud cure.

Also traditional medicine Adneksit

Independent treatment of the house by means of councils of traditional medicine actually, if an inflammation of appendages the slow. Mirsovetov warns, what it is impossible to use "grandmother's" recipes for elimination of symptoms of a sharp form of an illness, after all its complications are life-threatening the patient!

In appendages apply syringings to elimination of an inflammation, sedentary trays, enemas from grass infusions and broths. Traditional medicine knows the mass of vegetable means which curative properties can remove an inflammation: camomile pharmaceutical, acorus, sage, oak bark, yarrow, train, gold mustache.

The following checked recipes help to eliminate discomfort from an illness without any harm for health:

  1. Boil couple of leaves of a white cabbage in milk. Pour broth in a small vessel, then sit down on it and within 10 – 15 minutes accept a steam tray. Procedure can be done unlimited number of times, unpleasant feelings will not disappear yet.
  2. The centaury (grass) and coltsfoot (flowers) in equal parts will be necessary for you for preparation of this medicine the tributary medicinal. Mix raw materials and fill in with abrupt boiled water of 1 tablespoon of mix. Draw means of 50-60 minutes, then filter. Medicine is drunk by 6 times during the day on a quarter of a glass for 3–4 weeks. During this period it is recommended to refrain from intimate relations.
  3. Throw 15 berries of a juniper into a full glass of boiled water and insist within 4 hours. The resolvent is accepted on 1 tablespoon by 3 times a day. The course of treatment makes 10–14 days.

Prevention of a disease

To secure itself, the woman should adhere to a number of simple rules:

  1. Adneksit often develops after abortion. If the choice is not present and operation is inevitable, for procedure of interruption of pregnancy try to choose the good checked clinic and the doctor causing trust. All actions assuming penetration into a uterus cavity (installation of a spiral, a uterus scraping, etc.) have to be carried out with observance of all hygienic rules.
  2. Avoid the unprotected sexual contacts with the partner in whom cannot trust completely yet. In the absence of barrier contraception pathogenic microorganisms which will cause development of an adneksit subsequently can get into a cavity of a vagina.
  3. During sexual contact with the constant partner also there is a risk to ache the adneksity. Most often it occurs because of rash alternation of anal and vaginal sex without use of a condom. The intestinal bacteria getting to external genitals and a cavity of a uterus are extremely hazardous to health of the woman.
  4. Dress up, previously having verified with a weather forecast, keep feet in the warm and dryness, do not take seat on cold surfaces. Overcooling – the faithful predecessor of an adneksit. Consider that it is possible to overcool and catch a cold even in a warm season – sitting under a powerful current of air from the fan (conditioner) or a long time bathing in an open reservoir.
  5. Do not forget to pass regularly gynecologic survey (2 times a year).

These recommendations universal – with their help it is possible to avoid many serious diseases of external and internal genitals.

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