How to choose a tourist backpack
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How to choose a tourist backpack

There is a saying that the man chooses a tourist backpack most often under the constitution, and the woman – in color of clothes. But not everything is so simple! If you decided to derive really pleasure from a campaign, to rejoice to each new day, you should approaching a backpack choice a little more seriously.
There is a saying that the man chooses a tourist backpack most often under the constitution, and the woman – in color of clothes. But not everything is so simple! If you decided to derive really pleasure from a campaign, to rejoice to each new day, you should approaching a backpack choice a little more seriously.
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Backpack size

For a start you need to decide on several things:
  1. Campaign terms. Whether for a long time you gather in a campaign? There will be it a campaign for the weekend in the next wood or month spent on glaciers of Elbrus?
  2. Type of a campaign. It will be a pedestrian, horse, water or mountain hike?
  3. Age, sex and physical training of the tourist.
Proceeding from it it is possible to calculate the sizes of future backpack, or, speaking to a vernacular – volume. The volume of tourist backpacks is measured in liters. For the adult tourist going to a campaign for couple of days there will be quite enough backpack on 40 liters. While for a long campaign the backpack on 60 liters and is better to look after more. As a rule, for a long campaign the average volume of a female backpack makes 60-70, and man's — 80-90 liters. If the campaign water or mountain, this volume can be a little more as with itself the additional equipment is required.

Design choice

Let's talk about a design of backpacks. Tourist backpacks happen three types: easel, soft and frame.
Easel backpacks represent a bag which fastens to a rigid metal or plastic frame. The rigid frame is convenient when carrying heavy freights, but thus it increases backpack weight. Also the backpack of this type is considered the least durable.
The second type — soft backpacks. They cheap, weigh a little, the empty backpack can be put compactly. This type has no rigid back and therefore, in order to avoid discomfort in a campaign, it is worth approaching collecting such backpack very attentively! If your mother/father or the grandmother/grandfather went hiking, for certain they had backpacks of one of these two types.
Modern tourist backpacks of mainly frame type. The framework from the metal or plastic inserts located around a back is their cornerstone. This type of backpacks is most durable and convenient in use.

Basic elements

Let's pass to what components of a backpack it is important to pay attention upon purchase.
  1. Materials and quality of tailoring. First of all, it is worth looking at from what and as the backpack is sewed. Today the most widespread materials for tourist backpacks is Cordura and Oxford. Surely check reliability of seams.
  2. Belt and straps. Also it is worth paying attention to a belt. Its function consists in assuming the most part of weight of a backpack, allowing to unload shoulders thereby. The belt has to be rather wide and soft, but thus hold the form.
    The same can be told and concerning backpack straps, they have to be wide and thick, not crash into shoulders. It is important that length of a zone belt and straps could be regulated. I pay attention of readers of that on many backpacks there is a floating system of fastening of straps, it allows to adjust a backpack under your growth that is convenient.
    Models of tourist backpacks happen female and man's. The design of female model allows a backpack to sit more conveniently on a female figure, straps on such backpack are more closely to each other, and the zone belt can assume a little more than a weight.
  3. Existence of additional pockets and suspension brackets. Practically all modern backpacks from above have a valve, it is very convenient for storage of different trifles. For example, the windbreaker, the card or something for having a snack can lie there, during a way it can be got everything easily, without sorting a backpack.
  4. Sometimes the total amount of a backpack shares on two offices: the top – is slightly more, lower – it is slightly less. The lower office is called often still "a mouse hole". There too it is possible to put something that the sleeping bag is required every day, for example.
    Existence of pockets on each side of a backpack is also convenient, it is possible to put a rug skin or a bottle with water in them, having fixed special couplers.
    External suspension brackets and rings are rather functional, it is possible to attach ropes, a rod or an ice axe to them.
    Existence of a cover from a rain in a set not with guarantee, but a thing unambiguously useful. But if necessary it is possible to buy separately.

Fitting of a backpack

Upon purchase of a backpack very important it at once to measure, feel as he sits. Before it it is worth filling with something a backpack, only then it will adopt the right provision. If you are in shop, take something from show-windows and if houses, a role of "freight" can carry out books or bottles with water. Adjust a backpack by the size and resemble a little with it, it has to be really convenient to you!
In addition it is possible to tell that to a backpack it is worth taking with itself in a campaign some carbines and couple of spare buckles for a zone belt (it is the most often breaking subject and at a long campaign they can be invaluable).

Producers and prices

There is a huge great number of producers of tourist backpacks. How not to be lost in this variety? Tatonka can distinguish from foreign producers such as, Deuter, Black Diamond, their models rather qualitative, but at the price above, than domestic (from 4 000 rub). From the leading Russian producers it is possible to look narrowly at RedFox, BASK or NovaTour (from 2 000 rub). Many models of these producers on quality do not concede to the foreign at all.

Collecting backpack

After a choice and purchase of a backpack, most likely, its collecting still is necessary to you – too occupation not from simple, especially if do it for the first time. Try to stack heavy things closer to a bottom and a back of a backpack. Skilled tourists usually stack a backpack in the lying situation. It will allow to approach to you the center of gravity, and the backpack will not outweigh. Besides many things can so be placed much more compactly. One more council: surely stack all things in packages, it is possible to take with itself even pieces of 5-10 spare. Whether they will help your things to remain dry during a pouring rain, whether will be useful after a dinner for packing of products... as practice shows, superfluous they do not happen! wishes you new opening, and remember, travel to one thousand miles begins not only with the first step, but also with correctly chosen backpack!
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