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Training in diving, councils beginner

Divings for Russians already not in wonder. Relative availability of foreign rounds promotes growth of number of fans of diving. Having seen the picturesque sea world only once, it is difficult to resist possibility of repeated immersion. The choice of the training center becomes the first step on the way of mastering dayversky skill.
Divings for Russians already not in wonder. However, couples decades ago diving was available only relatively to small group of the devout fans fascinated by movies Jacques of Yves Cousteau. Than this exotic hobby is attractive? Why than fans of scuba diving becomes from year to year more increasing?
Actively developing diving gives to persons interested the chance to feel the attracting condition of soaring. Lag in the thickness of water is similar to stay in space zero gravity. Yes, and the underwater landscape is unimaginably similar to the fantastic overseas world.
Relative availability of foreign rounds promotes growth of number of fans of diving. Having seen the picturesque sea world only once, it is difficult to resist possibility of repeated immersion.
Обучение дайвингу

Diving pluses

Touches to secrets of unknown water space – the main, but not the only problem of amateur diving. During fascinating travel possibility of acquaintance to interesting people, expansion of a circle of contacts, an exchange of impressions and experience of immersions opens. And muscular loading during divings accumulates forces of an organism and strengthens the general physical tone. Besides, immersions can become additional incentive for personal growth. The matter is that the course of diving includes acquaintance to techniques of definition and the description of underwater organisms, and also opens the new horizons for fans photo and video filming. By the way, divings can carry away so that you seriously will reflect on professional career of the instructor-trainer.
In addition, regular divings can become family tradition, having united because of the general hobby, both children seniors, and the senior generation which retired.
Обучение дайвингу

All age are obedient to diving?

Amateur diving does not assume excessive loads of an organism, however there is a number of the medical indications imposing a ban on immersions. First of all, it concerns the people having diseases of lungs. Cold, cold and other diseases of not chronic character which complicate work of airways, are a reason for a delay of immersions.
Immersions in open reservoirs sometimes are followed by factors which are hardly transferred by people with heart diseases. Vigorous grebk and long stay in a diving suit in hot weather can have adverse effects. Therefore before occupations by diving obtain a consent of the doctor.
Restrictions concern also the minimum age of persons interested to swim for a while with an aqualung. These are 12 years. For children of 8-10 years there is specially developed Bubble Maker program. Classes in this course include exercises in the pool up to 2 m in depth. Children are taught sure behavior on water, to the correct measured breath under water, to skills of swimming. The most admissible age for occupations by diving is not present.

Snorkeling or diving?

Some words in favor of that and other type of immersions.
Snorkeling – swimming at a water surface with a respiratory tube, a mask and flippers. If swimming at a water surface is mastered by you fully, it is possible to practise occupations by a freediving. This immersion under water on a breath delay.
For swimming with a tube it is not required any skills, except ability freely to float. A snorkeling – excellent option for those who does not want to pine in a diving suit at high temperatures of southern latitudes. Waters around coral reeves of the Red Sea, for example, are famous for excellent visibility. Therefore and without heavy dayversky equipment it is possible to take pleasure in rich flora and fauna fully.
At the same time to divers on a shoulder rather long stay under water at big depths, so, and such pleasures as immersions on the sunk objects. Certainly, knowledge of a theoretical course, trainings and working off of the skills confirmed with the corresponding certificates are for this purpose necessary. A mask with a tube and flippers enter into obligatory equipment of the diver. Therefore at desire you will be able always to join group of admirers of a snorkeling and to dare to swim for a while with light baggage.

Specialized centers, conditions of immersions

Before immersion in open water it is necessary to have a certain baggage of theoretical knowledge. Therefore the choice of the training center becomes the first step on the way of mastering dayversky skill. The systems of training in diving, most popular in Russia, – PADI and CMAS. At the first visit of the center be convinced that instructors have the documents confirming professional category and the right of teaching a dayv-course. Lectures and video lessons will alternate with a practical training in the pool on which instructors will work with you the passable skills.
Обучение дайвингу
The termination of a course immersions in an open reservoir after which the listener receives the certificate of the international sample crown. This document testifies to passing initial (or next) a course and the appropriated qualification. The certificate, as well as the special magazine in which data on conditions, a place are brought, of duration of immersions, it is necessary to take with itself in dayv-rounds.

Of what "regimentals" of the diver consist?

Besides mentioned above masks, tubes and flippers, the equipment for immersions includes a diving suit, neoprene boats, a helmet, gloves, the air supply regulator, the buoyancy compensator. Air or special gas mix moves from a cylinder with the gate. Not to do to the diver and without the special devices fixing duration and depth of immersions, and also facilitating orientation under water. These are hours, depth gages, the underwater computer, a compass. The manometer allows to trace amount of the air which remained in cylinders. At deep-water and night immersions not to do without underwater lamp. The knife also enters into equipment of the diver. It is used as the improvised tool for digging, measurement.
In cylinders it is necessary to pump up air in process of its expenditure. For this purpose diving compressors serve. Figurative installations should be taken with themselves in trips there where there are no points with stationary devices for air pumping.
The equipment of the diver is diverse and it is, at first sight, difficult. Acquisition of a personal set of equipment not to everyone in power. Therefore it should be taken into account option of rent of equipment in specialized shop or in the center where you were trained. In popular resorts, as a rule, there are local dayv-centers providing the equipment for rent. Therefore to carry an equipment set with itself, most likely, and it is not necessary.
Обучение дайвингу

Some councils finally

It is important to remember that trifles in diving do not happen. Safety of immersion and safety of health of the diver in many respects depends on the attentive relation to details of the equipment and equipment. Therefore be convinced that the diving suit fits a body, flippers correspond to your size, and the mask densely adjoins to the person. Check serviceability of the regulator of pressure and quality of air in a cylinder (for this purpose enough to press the valve of the regulator and to smell a stream of the proceeding air).
Remember the first rule of diving: never, under no circumstances, to hold the breath during immersion. Try to breathe evenly and smoothly. Do not forget to level pressure in ears or to be blown as divers speak. For this purpose it is necessary to hold through a mask a nose fingers and to try to exhale through it.
Amateur diving assumes pair immersions during which you will bear responsibility not only for yourself, but also for the partner. Therefore the theoretical course will include in addition elements of mutual aid and mutual control. It is better to make the first immersions on open water as a part of group under supervision of skilled instructors.
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