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Education of a cat

Cat – very clever being. Sometimes there is even an impression that she understands the human speech. Actually it not absolutely so – cats read out intonation and mood of the hostess. Once again we will repeat: cats, as well as small children, perceive not THAT is told and AS it is told therefore with cats it is necessary to be sincere – if you wish to be correctly understood, of course.
Cat – very clever being. Sometimes there is even an impression that she understands the human speech. Actually it not absolutely so – cats read out intonation and mood of the hostess though can remember also value of several words, like the name or "to eat". Once again we will repeat: cats, as well as small children, perceive not THAT is told and AS it is told therefore with cats it is necessary to be sincere – if you wish to be correctly understood, of course.

How to accustom a cat …

Воспитание кошки Simply to accustom a cat to a name. It is rather simple to call it by the name of every time during the pleasant moments – to stroke, scratch, feed. It is possible to call up a kitten, alternating the traditional "turned sour-pussycats-pussycats" also a name. There is only one moment which recommends to avoid: not to call a kitten just like that, or, is worse than to punish. The small animal has to know that if call – there will be something good.
It is simple to accustom to a toilet too. Sometimes happens rather simply to show where it is. – it is simple to carry more reliable method a kitten on the right place after he eats. Most likely the kid quickly will understand where it is necessary to do the things.
If the cat persistently is not accustomed to the place, it is necessary to understand that to it disturbs. Perhaps, it makes sense to rearrange a tray in more lonely place, to replace filler type.
When the adult cat starts marking diligently the territory, your strategy has to change a little – he does it consciously, declaring to the world the rights. Here only in the city apartment such way, to put it mildly, is inappropriate. Continuous washings, as a rule, give nothing – marks even more persistently. If to stick a cat a muzzle in "Skoda", he can apprehend it as "yes, here your place, exactly here you also have to mark" – and to continue the odorous business.
But the exit is – not to try to accustom to something, and is ineffectual, and to understand a cat, and to work in his world, by its rules. The territory at cats is marked not by everyone, but only the owner, the main cat. Here it is also necessary to inform an animal that you assume this role. So, outposts of a cat on hot, take him by the scruff (or ask someone to help you). Feel "the most important cat", fixedly look to a cat in the face (under cat's laws who the first looked away – that lost) and hiss on him – as cats hiss before a fight. Finger-tips simulate cat's blows in a muzzle (sensitively, but commensurate force – after all a cat much weaker you). Continue until the cat begins to squeak as soon as began to squeak – release. Right there seal the win – wash away a cat's tag and put the. Of course, it is not obligatory by a cat's method at all :-) – it is rather simple to wipe a sweaty undershirt or to puff a favourite deodorant.
Cats, as well as children, do not love and not especially understand the word it "is impossible". But to some ban to accustom a cat after all it is possible if to conform to such rules:
  • if something is impossible, it is impossible from the very beginning once and for all;
  • at cats rather short memory therefore to abuse a cat for deeds more than half an hour it is simply useless back – she will not understand you;
  • it is better to stop in process, than to abuse then. Also it will be better if the cat does not understand that she was stopped by you – then she will not do forbidden, even having stayed at home itself. Cats do not love sharp sounds therefore that the cat stopped doing that it is not necessary (to gnaw a decorative flower, for example), it is enough to throw with a force on a floor a bunch of keys. Other suitable method – to scatter on a shaggy shkodnitsa water.
At introduction of a ban it is necessary to understand why the cat seeks to make that would not be desirable for you – and to give her the chance to satisfy the requirements in the acceptable way. For example, to make by it the special stand or at least to put a bar for sharpening of claws – and in attempt to sharpen claws where does not follow, it is simple to transfer it there.

Games, communication

Игры, общение с кошкой Cat – a wild animal. It needs a lot of movement. Cats outdoors run much, jump, hunt on birdies, mice, moths. … In the city apartment to it to hunt there is nobody, and aimless bustle in familiar walls quickly bothers. Bind the curtailed slice of the newspaper on a string and drag on a floor – the cat will try to catch it. Perhaps, will simply pursue, and maybe to make an ambush. Still it is possible to start low samoletik, to roll on a floor a small ball – a cat interesting everything that moves.
It is possible to play and on another. When a cat in playful mood, softly turn it on a back and as if tickle a breast. He will clasp your hand pads, maybe teeth, and will fight as if. If, in your opinion, the cat too was fond, or you wish to interrupt quickly game – simply relax a hand and do not move with it. Then to a cat it will become simply uninteresting, and he will release you. If you simply try to take away a hand, the cat will apprehend it as one more game element.
To understand a cat rather simply – usually her pantomime is rather expressive. considers that it will be useful to remind of those gestures through which cats transmit the mood once again. So, highly raised tail – a greeting sign. If the cat nervously whips herself a tail on each side – she is excited. If the tail rotates or all is fluffed up – the cat intends to be protected by power methods. If the tail is wrapped up a kalachik round a body, or only the tail tip slightly moves – the cat is happy, to her it is good. The cat declares trust, tychas a muzzle in a palm. About irritation – the ears pressed to the head.

Cat and other animals

Кошка и другие животные The cat is capable to get on practically with any pets, but the period of their acquaintance demands from owners of patience and understanding.
No matter, you brought a cat to the house where is already animal, or simply brought other animal (or the small child – from the point of view of a cat this same) – first of all the attention has to be paid to old residents. Them – the first to stroke, feed etc. It is better if at least at first bowls of animals stand on some distance, in an ideal that from one another was not visible. If the animal is comparable to a cat by the sizes, try to track that they had nothing to divide. If it is less – most likely at a cat will work a maternal instinct.
The first acquaintance has to happen under your supervision. At first caress the old resident, then – the beginner. If nobody is afraid – allow them to approach closer and to sniff at each other. If the old resident – a cat, can advise to process previously the beginner that it got a smell of your cat, or at least yours – to comb out it a hairbrush, for example, or to wipe a sweaty undershirt (for ladies – to puff a favourite deodorant). So it will be easier for cat to understand that the beginner – the new member of your pack, and at all not production.
It is clear that in such a way you will not acquaint a cat with the small child. Usually adult cats very patiently treat tricks of children and on the child's smell easily will understand that he is a new member of pack. But sometimes cats happen very jealous. Try not to give it a reason to be jealous you of the child – find time to play, talk to it as earlier, to comb out it, etc. It and for you will be useful – communication with a cat calms, she as if delays inharmonious energy.


Прогулки с кошкой To let out or not to let out a cat? To solve it to owners. Of course not to let out more simply and more quietly – but if you live in the quiet district, it is quite possible to give the chance to a cat to walk. At once refuse walks with a lead – they will not bring pleasure neither to you, nor a cat. It is better to accustom simply a cat as she can go out for a walk and how to return. Do not take out a cat on "a suitable platform for walk" – it has to go the paws, then it will be able easily to find a way home. And in general, cats prefer to walk in itself, without owners.
But all of you can facilitate to a cat a "free" component of her life. First, buy it a collar from fleas. Except the direct functions he also will let know that a cat house. Well to it to hang up also a zhetonchik with your address – on a case if the cat gets lost.
Be defined, how exactly you will let out (and to let in back) your cat. Simplest to inhabitants of the first floor – an open window leaf, and, perhaps, – it it is quite enough couple of a planochek-emphasis for paws. If a door on an entrance without lock (that is all the time it is open), it is possible to accustom a cat to come downstairs independently to the yard, and, coming back, to mew under a door. Only do not take out a cat on hands – let out on a landing and observe (naturally before accustoming a cat to walks, she should be accustomed to a name and owners). When the cat goes down on one-two flights – call her home, and treat with something tasty. Gradually release a cat everything farther. In the first days of completely independent walks of advises to hold a door to the apartment slightly slightly opened – enclose something that did not slam it draft. Let the cat will well remember that her house – here behind this door. Can even sprinkle a door outside your favourite deodorant.
How to let in the come back home cat? Having seen that the door home is closed, the cat will start being scraped at a door and to myauchit. It is necessary, as soon as possible to let in it (that connected the actions by that the door opened, but also in order to avoid the conflicts to neighbors) – and to caress, encourage that she understood that all made correctly. Some owners suit especially for cats the call button below, and accustom cats to press it a pad.

And finally some unchecked facts concerning domestic cats:
  • If the cat sleeps, having curled up a ball – to cold weather;
  • If a cat, washing, carries out a pad up to fish soup – to guests. From what party will carry out – with that and to wait for guests;
  • It is considered that the three-colored cat protects the house from the fire.
Protect the cats, bring up and look after them, after all, living at us in the house, they become not only dumb animals, but also small penises of a family, for which we in the answer.
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