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Mistakes of beginners in a gym

To be engaged in the body, to pump up muscles, to become the bodybuilder – all this similar formulations of one question by which almost everyone was set once. And the question consists in, whether it is time for me to go to be engaged to a gym. In this article will consider ten typical, i.e. most extended for beginners delusions and mistakes.
Заняться своим телом, накачать мышцы, стать бодибилдером – всё это сходные формулировки одного вопроса, которым однажды задавался почти каждый To be engaged in the body, to pump up muscles, to become the bodybuilder – all this similar formulations of one question by which almost everyone was set once. And the question consists in, whether it is time for me to go to be engaged to a gym. To go, of course – not a problem, and the first months for certain the result will be felt. Though it not the fact. And from injuries beginners are not insured because know not everything, not everything realize. Also would like to save of the beginners who conceived to go to work in a gym from such mistakes.
It will be ten typical, i.e. most extended for beginners delusions, but you will be able quite to add it the list with the examples of mistakes, having left them in responses and councils to this material.

Mistake No. 1. Program of the champion

Many beginners come to a gym "theoretically grounded", that is, having read literatures of those whom they consider by authorities on bodybuilding. It in itself is quite good, especially healthy if they read that is necessary.
Ошибка №1. Программа чемпиона But many make an identical mistake: take the program of any famous athlete who achieved success (Koliemang or the same Schwarzenegger) and start being engaged according to it. The logic is simple: if helped it – will help also me.
However, according to, do not consider three important factors here.
The first: serious athletes constantly change the programs, they gain weight, dry. The program for what period at you in hands?
The second: any athlete is, first of all, the person, with the type of a constitution. The person of belly type (fat man) well will not suit in any way the Shvartsovsky program which was type muscular.
And, at last, the third, most important. Give in plain terms – in professional bodybuilding of real progress only chemists achieve. How famous athletes about the virgin purity from steroids shouted, it is pure lie. They are chemists. And the program at them is calculated on a combination to steroid therapy. I will not give a moral assessment to this fact, everyone has the right to decide that for it it is better, but is USELESS to be engaged according to Schwartz's program, using only usual food and additives.

Mistake No. 2. The more – the better

That muscles grew quicker, they need to be swung. It is logical. That they would grow even quicker, they should be swung even more. Logically? No. Here other laws put.
Ошибка №2. Чем больше – тем лучше What is growth of muscles? On training you lift big, unusual for you in usual life, weight. It causes microinjuries of muscles – the smallest ruptures of muscle fibers. From here and pain, after all any wound it is sick.
Having broken off the fibers, you leave the hall. Eat. Sleep. During food you give to an organism construction material for restoration of fibers. At night, there is growth process at night. In advance reserved building material – amino acids and proteins – the organism envelops the damaged fibers. They grow and … become thicker. Here is thicker, there is thicker, you look, and all muscle adds in volume. Growth.
However the organism needs to manage to heal wounds. If microinjuries start developing too often, they will not manage to grow. Moreover would like you to warn: the organism which does not manage to cure itself, will fall into a condition of a stress. So – failure of the main functions is possible.
As a result – the suppressed mood, the lowered resilience to viruses and bacteria, constant fatigue, and the main thing – any growth!
It is by practical consideration established that optimum number of trainings in a week – 2-3. More will already be search. And the guru of natural training Mike Menttser insisted on longer breaks. That is optimum for you it will be possible to define only by practical consideration, but remember the main thing: search it is worse, than a shortage.

Mistake No. 3. After training it is useful to drink beer

Пиво после тренировки – это верный путь на больничную койку The myth goes that beer after a gym is possible and even it is necessary because it contains carbohydrates rich with energy.
Oh … How many years passed, and I everything hear this myth. Even I do not know, from where it went – speak from classical weightlifting of times of the USSR. I doubt, but not an essence.
Beer after training is a right way on a hospital bed.
Let's begin with that carbohydrates in this drink indeed are. But here trouble – they difficult. And to split them to an organism it is difficult. He will better send such erundovina to a stock (i.e. to fat), than will receive from it energy. You want to become the happy owner of a beer stomach? I doubt.
But it still half-troubles, are more exact one tenth. emphasizes that the main factor of risk is that on training on your heart enormous loading lays down. And something to do need with alcohol after such stress of forces to your main muscle will not add.
I am familiar with a striking example: in a year the young guy, playing about beer after a rocking chair, got sick with a heart. It is necessary to you?

Mistake No. 4. The main thing – occupations in a hall

No, in a gym you receive only 30% (!) of the general success in growth. The rest is the share of a dream and food. As muscles grow, I already explained in point 2, I will not begin to stop in detail on it. I will tell only that do not overestimate the trainings and do not forget to eat normally and to sleep much!

Mistake No. 5. From proteins, creatines and anabolics become impotent men

Большой проблемой начинающих бодибилдеров является неумение отличать стероиды от пищевых добавок Big problem of the beginning bodybuilders is the inability to distinguish steroids from food additives.
Let's specify. Any food additive entering in sports food, whether it be a protein creatine or amino acids works indirectly. As it was already told on the pages, sports food gives to an organism additional, digestible material for growth, and also additional power sources, for training in a hall.
Steroids (they are anabolics) hit into a forehead, increasing the level of a man's hormone of testosterone. The this level is higher, the easier there is growth.
And so. If with indirect additives the organism has no special problems (it either will acquire them, or will simply pass through itself), with "frontal attack" everything is much more difficult. Anabolics force down a hormonal background, and at an organism problems begin. Not at all and not always. But happens often. Including problems with a potentiality.

Mistake No. 6. The main thing – not equipment, and weight!!!

Oh, how many young guys pursue weight. To spit on number of repetitions, to spit on technology of performance if only to lift if only to reap a bar of treasured weight!
Well here to tell? You will long flounder. The equipment is not for nothing thought up, observing it, you load those muscles which it is necessary and will relieve of excess loadings weak spots, like a back or knees.

Mistake No. 7. I will cope with a bar!

Ошибка №7. Со штангой я справлюсь сам! The mistake, it seems small, but is so widespread among beginners that I decided to stop on it the attention.
Generally many beginners who came to a gym do not want to ask someone to insure against shyness on a bar, at a press lying also some other exercises.
It cannot be done by no means! For the life I removed a bar from three choking unfortunate athletes, and once (that a sin to conceal) it removed from me. There was it long ago, just when started being engaged in a trenazherka. But forever remembered that minute when in a hall anybody is not present, the bar could not be dumped, and forces it is necessary to hold it less. Since then my instinct of self-preservation once and for all crushed my shyness of that time of the beginning athlete!
Except safety measures, advises to remember one more important aspect. Any exercise if only it not warm-up, it is necessary to do against the stop, to a limit. Especially base in which a press lying enters. So without assistance you simply will not reach the last time when you press already with the last bit of strength and give all the best really on the full.

Mistake No. 8. Sex is stirred directly training

Если сексом не заниматься, то общий уровень тестостерона пойдет на спад, за ненадобностью. А нам это совершенно не нужно. Вывод: занимайтесь сексом на здоровье! The mistake is under construction that the amount of testosterone in an organism is limited. This one more cheerful delusion which I met in the life. Really, testosterone – a hormone man's and, besides growth of muscles, is responsible also for a potentiality. So it is possible to assume that, without having sex, we will save more than a potential for a gym.
But the assumption is wrong. The matter is that in an organism there is such piece as a hormonal background. He is supported more or less exactly and at the set level. If something somewhere decreases, the organism right there will restore the stocks, having involved reserves. And at good food, a good dream and simply a healthy lifestyle reserves will be.
On the contrary, if not to have sex, the general level of testosterone will decline, as superfluous. And it is not necessary for us at all. Conclusion: have sex on health!

Mistake No. 9. To grow thin, it is necessary to eat a little

Голоданием вы ничего не добьетесь Topical issue for people of belly type, and at a drying stage.
At once I will tell that starvation you will achieve nothing. As soon as the organism does not have enough resources, it right there brakes a metabolism for economy. You become to sluggish, apathetic, subject diseases (the immune system too demands resources on the contents). Moreover, the food which all of us eat, strives to go to a stock – you never know. Hunger can ahead? That is, we receive the return process.
No, is it is necessary. It is simple to eat after careful consideration – low-calorie food. For example, cellulose (vegetables). And any chocolates under a pillow! The organism is lost: it seems the food is, and in a paunch there is nothing to postpone – all in work!
In general, there is an iron way. Exactly for a month exclude all sugar from food. Will be able?
By the way, do not forget that with loss of fatty weight, you inevitably lose also the muscular. As well as force.

Mistake No. 10. In a month I will become Schwarzenegger!

This frequent mistake among beginners who for the short term of occupations in a gym want to see on themselves instant and quite considerable gain of muscle bulk. But without having received what they expected, say that the rocking chair is a nonsense, and throw further campaigns into a gym.
Bodybuilding – sport for patient. In it results come not to the next morning. However, in the first year motions will become visible. Wait! The most important that there was a progress. When weight and body weight though slowly but surely grow is the main sign of that you do everything correctly and move forward.
Read also
muscles only if to adhere to the basic rules described in this article.
So Ernest, use the hands for more "reasonable" business, than to write nonsense...
Nikolay, into Menttser's account, the main reason for his death there were not steroids (which presence I do not deny), and a high dose of morphine in the blood (analyses after death) muffling pain... at steroids another the principle of work...
Thanks to the author! Very interesting article! :)
Sowing on July 15, 2011
The author competently wrote everything, the handsome man, I will be surprised over such people as Ernest what means where muscles disappear when give up sport? Not where simply leave, the human body clever piece, an organism itself gets rid of the excess weight because it consumes a lot of energy, why to it to hold excess weight on itself? So to speak freeloader. For this purpose and clever people created concept to support a figure, it and means not to give to an organism will get rid of weight, and it is not necessary to criticize so rigidly the author competently wrote out everything, he wrote 10 points, and you because of one wrote that it illiterate, ridiculous you are type
Oleg on June 18, 2011
Thanks for councils... I am engaged year, and in principle everything is right! Mistakes just the same as it was told much here...
hasan on June 10, 2011
I am engaged already somewhere years 6. The author correctly wrote everything! These councils are useful especially to beginners. I made these mistakes and was injured. Sablyudayte these rules also do not pursue scales! There will be a result! Good luck all!
Alyona on April 26, 2011
ммммм even I do not know to that to trust that... you will read and think and maybe to me to sense is not present to go races there weight do not gain to a t.a muscular weight...
Ernest on April 20, 2011
Muscles grow at the expense of a rupture of fibers and the subsequent their healing... Very ridiculously and with gross spelling mistakes! You it at school were told or is worse than that in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION? At once there was a question: I went to the hall, pumped up muscles, and then threw (such here I bad) that happens to fibers? Die? Maybe fall off? Where that disappears "the increased layer"? And as for delayed onset muscle soreness, during occupation in muscle fibers lactic acid is emitted, the first a couple of hours it is harmless as it is liquid, and then it crystallizes, thereby crystals heat muscle fibers and cause pain. Of course, microinjuries of fibers are possible and in a case with beginners - not a rarity, but it is not way of extension of muscles. Generally, how it is possible to be engaged if the author - is illiterate in that subject about which writes?
nikin on March 02, 2011
Thanks. It is useful. In beer not only carbohydrates. In beer alcohol. Alcohol dissolves fatty acids in the ratio one gram of alcohol on ten grams of fatty acids. In a brain alcohol dissolves nervous cages to water plus a high. Drop of alcohol and tens drops of substance of a brain. Muscles grow constantly, except trainings. During trainings of a muscle are torn. Easy physical activity in day of rest stimulates growth.
Nikolay on December 15, 2010
Article for 80% corresponds to my ideas of accumulation of muscle bulk. There is a truth and remarks,
1) Concerning beer difficult carbohydrates, the author speaks that to split difficult carbohydrates more difficult than to turn them into fats it not the truth. To split difficult carbohydrates it only them to hydrolyze, then they or are oxidized to water and CO2 or the glycogen is under construction of them and is postponed in muscles and a liver, synthesis of fats from them happens in a liver to involvement of enzymes (biological catalysts)
2) The phrase "the guru of natural training Mike Menttser" made laugh. Mike Menttser died at the age of a little more than 50 years together with the brother and is a most striking example of abuse of steroid preparations. Who does not trust google
Timur on December 13, 2010
Everything is very competently competent and correctly written, to the author thanks!
Tatyana on November 22, 2010
Many thanks to the author, very useful article))) About beer, super, can alkashnya among athletes not will!!!
Timikus on November 14, 2010
Thanks a lot!!!!
Ildar on October 14, 2010
Thanks for article. It needs to be placed on an entrance to each gym. From a rural rocking chair to the most abrupt and fancy hall
Sashok on October 12, 2010
Your councils, eto that is necessary is real!
Yury on October 01, 2010
Many thanks to the Author
Oleg on September 07, 2010
Article is really correctly written all as it and is
Sergey on September 01, 2010
Article true - that muscles grow during rest and that all professionals use anabolics. I will tell about myself just in a subject: When I was a teenager, I thought that muscles grow during training and shook nearly every day. The result was low. Then I was traumatized - in a press lying on an inclined bench I could not squeeze out weight and was in the hall one! Lowered to itself on a groin 65kg...
Was compelled to stop trainings. When I renewed them - in 7 years, I decided nobody to listen and at first to train only feet - in knee-bends with a bar - to steam of approaches till 8-10 of repetitions. I came to the hall once in 9-11 days - only when passed foot pain, and on every second training could increase bar weight on 5kg. For some months this weight rose from 45 to 95 kg and a muscle of feet considerably grew, EACH training yielded to me new result (increase of number of repetitions or weight) and was as a holiday.
But I should have added only trainings on an upper body as growth of results was sharply slowed down and almost stopped.
Conclusion: I could not swing in such a way all body, but only its part (my amendment to Menttser's system). But it is possible to try in turn, for example: half a year-year you swing only top, half a year-year - only a bottom. Yes, the part reached inevitably will be gone thus. But in it and all secret: quickly to increase, and then to lose a little.
All this without steroids and artificial hormones of course.
Miko on August 15, 2010
To the author many thanks. I will take on a primetka. Big respect.
Saken on August 06, 2010
Well article without "B" competent I much that learned new to myself! especially the Mistake No. 8 was pleasant!
Novel on July 31, 2010
how many I go to a gym never allowed at least one of these mistakes, competent article!
Skaa on July 16, 2010
Excellent article!!! And it is best of all to be engaged at the beginning with the individual trainer that helped to begin. And further already most according to the program =)
Lyonchis on July 11, 2010
Thanks a lot for article)! Very well everything is described) I go to success :)
Yury on June 28, 2010
positively - it is necessary every day on slightly without fanaticism
CHUUVAK ***** on June 20, 2010
thanks to the author ato I take a steam bath nearly 2 years also any results (almost) and everything is written competently
Vick on May 31, 2010
yes thanks class, well and about beer learned though I do not drink
zotik on May 05, 2010
To the author respect for article!!!
SmithWebster on April 13, 2010
To the author and Svetlanko big respect! =)
skiff on March 26, 2010
article super, I as novichek-can accept councils - about a bar davvno I know.
Hush on March 12, 2010
About female hormones in beer - the truth.
In general good article) is Well written)
Sashka on February 17, 2010
I go 2 months, every other day and results almost zero, I can that not so I do that, it is necessary to revise the schedule!! Thanks very much useful tips!!!!!!!
Viking on February 16, 2010
I only just start going to the hall. Thanks for council with a bar. I have very much complex that I cannot lift the weight of 40 kg, even 7 times while other children pull much more. But better let will secure. It better than to be pressed down by a bar or to lie with the broken ribs
Max on February 09, 2010
To the author thanks! I will note to myself some things, well as the beginner! :)
Boris on February 06, 2010
Many thanks to the author, very useful article)))
About beer, super, can alkashn among athletes not will!!!
Dmitry on January 18, 2010
Everything is competent and exact! Anything superfluous. Would see such information a set of years earlier, many unpleasant trifles would manage to be avoided.
Svetlanko on January 18, 2010
Eh, to be engaged in detailed blamestorming session, perhaps? I cannot refuse to myself pleasure. So, went.
Mistake No. 1. Program of the champion
It agrees to all hundred. In bodybuilding there is no "ideal" formula which would work in all cases, irrespective of type of a constitution and specific features of a human body.
Mistake No. 2. The more – the better.
Everything is logical, reasoned. Any questions.
Mistake No. 3. After training it is useful to drink beer
Beer – the evil. To admit honestly, did not hear about existence of such myth. But we will allow, it exists. And here concerning difficult carbohydrates you confuse something. Simple – yes, it agrees.
Mistake No. 4. The main thing – occupations in a hall
+100500. The dream and healthy food are not less important, than trainings.
Mistake No. 5. From proteins, creatines and anabolics become impotent men
Emmm, and here it does not agree. A question very delicate, let's test My God to someone not to itself a consequence of reception of steroids. Testosterone – of course, main responsible for man's force. Here only if it is developed by an organism. Otherwise the "alien" hormone can inhibit development own and bring to deplorable the half-sixth.
Concerning food additives it agrees.
Mistake No. 6. The main thing – not equipment, and weight!!!
Yes. Equipment – business sacred. And equipment and the program of trainings – a little different things.
Mistake No. 7. I will cope with a bar!
Fie-fie did not face such cases, I take the word.
Mistake No. 8. Sex is stirred directly training
It does not agree. Here in any way. Because there is a bright example. Before training sex cannot have. Also can stopizzot time about a hormonal background speaks. Here also the point is impossible.
Mistake No. 9. To grow thin, it is necessary to eat a little
It is a sore subject for most of girls. Slightly that, we fall into hunger strike. The stomach spoils, nervousness collects. It is all the same, we grow thin …
Mistake No. 10. In a month I will become Schwarzenegger!
After the first occupations beginners realize that to Mr. Olympia to them still oooochen is far.
Well generally, I was uttered. Do not judge strictly, sometimes happens.
Vadim...! January 11, 2010
yes I agree with it! 4 months I go and it is visible on a malenka that muscle bulk increases. in a year we will look that will be! to the author thanks... it always +
January abash59 07, 2010
changing programs, and in them loadings, will write down everything in in some years it is the best book of councils and helps.
Alex on November 29, 2009
Carbohydrates from beer in fat:) lol
Egor on November 09, 2009
Proteins are useful Read attentively
Lena on November 08, 2009
2elena: Yes, for girls really not to find programs, but these councils and to us will be useful! It is not easy for man to pump up banks, and it is almost impossible for us! And for certain to perfect the female forms, after exercises with a weight, do an extension on these muscles.
RUSTAM on November 05, 2009
To change the program of times in 5 weeks.
Article interesting)
Enshi on November 02, 2009
Yes! Respect for article. Whether only itself can make without the assistance of the trainer Indus the program of occupations? And how often it should be changed?
I am Russian on October 05, 2009
Article excellent, pleased me. about beginners in general it is competently written))) the people guzzle EVERYTHING WINTER everything that current is possible... during the winter will understand that to what
SuJlTaN on October 02, 2009
Oooooogromny thanks)) I learned for myself a lot of the new. taking advices I will go to the sports hall soon
Artur on September 29, 2009
Article good, itself in free time I go to the hall.
GLORY on September 19, 2009
It is best of all to gain at first not a lot of weight (3kg), and then already to start shaking! You will so quicker save up muscle bulk.
Dima on September 18, 2009
thanks. vashchey accurate article. och it is required
Hitman on September 16, 2009
and why proteins are harmful???
Elena on September 04, 2009
1,5 hours sit in a network and where spit, entirely councils only for men! Yes I do not need banks on shoulders and cubes on a stomach!!! Simply there is a wish to train competently in the sports hall! Without spreading a fantastic sum for the personal trainer! And information - zero!!! Offensively!
Igor on August 25, 2009
In principle in general it agrees with everything, except point No. 9.
Let's allow the first year the beginner trains. To divide training process into 2 periods. As it was written at the beginning. Set of weight and drying.
During the first period. Let's tell from September to April - you train and you eat everything, on what you watch all, well of course this is not about that that every day to havat pies. WELL to a pokrayny measure without limiting itself both not to look at milk and to speak that is impossible for 3,2 me (like fat much)))))
Let's allow gained the weight of 8 kg till April. (let it will be not pure weight, and even a bit a tummy). And then drying - here is already necessary a diet. But not as is written to lean on vegetables (of course vegetables are necessary), But it is necessary to reduce the uses of carbohydrates simply. For example there is no white loaf, and black. It is less than sugar superfluous and td. and to leave proteins in the same quantity. WELL or to reduce slightly. As here it is written: "You do not need loss of muscle bulk?!"
As for occupations. To lower weight, respectively, to do more repetitions in approach, grinding the muscles as the sculptor and to add kardio - Swimming, Run and td. And to a trace of September (from April to September) you will dump fat (4 kg). At gathered 8 for the first half a year. And let you will have 4 kg, but it will be dry muscles without fat!!! on own experience all so!!!! Good luck.
Also do not forget about bars and a horizontal bar. Bars - for me the best invention.
Yaroslav on August 19, 2009
The first time I read excellent councils! To the author thanks, is that for itself to podcherpnut!
pasha on August 16, 2009
everything is correct, I and made, helps, it is visible after 2-3 weeks
Alexander on July 29, 2009
Article super, and, above all it will be useful for beginners to esteem
Vitaly on July 06, 2009
Smoking in itself is harmful, and to give up smoking it is necessary not only because you go to a rocking chair, and it is simple because it is necessary to throw.
Article good, here about beer - for the first time I hear, and all the rest - in a subject, and itself faced, and at others observed.
Abbadon on June 04, 2009
In general article sensible, but meets also nonsense. In beer not difficult, but simple carbohydrates. Difficult on the contrary long are digested before coming to blood, and simple on the contrary at once are processed in glucose and instantly raise sugar level in blood. Therefore the amount of insulin sharply increases and surplus of glucose stocks up in fat.
Plus, it is not obligatory at a sbrazyvaniye of excess weight, muscles and force will decrease. It is just necessary to guzzle more proteinaceous food (white low-fat fish, squids, shrimps, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, fast meat, chicken breasts), and completely to exclude all other zhrachka. But it is necessary to enter on such diet gradually, and to sit no more than 2 weeks. And then also smoothly to leave, and that will break a roof after a spoon of rice porridge.
Rayga on May 28, 2009
article super, very much helped me, now I shake
Vasily on May 04, 2009
Article a buzzing, but interests a question, whether stirs smoking to growth of muscle bulk? I guess what yes:) but all in any way hands do not reach to throw:) and in trenazhorka I hang:)
Vova on April 29, 2009
Very well all explained. Respect!!!
March Nameless656 25, 2009
and me now 15, started going recently, to the author thanks, I will try not to make such mistakes =)
March Dmitr88 24, 2009
Yes article informative, to the author many thanks!! I here only started going, and trainers my not especially razgovorichivy some, generally interesting and informative from them almost I do not hear anything!!! Once again Thanks-))
max on March 24, 2009
I here that that did not understand current. I eat a protein, I dilute it in milk and I drink before training and after, but what steroids and anabolics I do not eat, and the protein is harmful???
Vadim on March 20, 2009
Article super! I so knew)) but for teapots will help))
... about extensions would tell!!!! unpleasant thing!!!
Basil on March 16, 2009
Thanks to the author! Learned much, I will not make mistakes)
Ivan on March 14, 2009
And what genetics nobody considers already chtol? At someone year will leave, at the same time another will reach the same results in three months.
It is necessary to consult on the people knowing in a hall and it is obligatory to filter councils through a brain, and that will be advised you never know. Good luck!
March Na1K 13, 2009
Huge respect, I will know now =)
Alexander on March 11, 2009
Remarkable article, to me is 15 years, I here gathered at last in a gym... I think to me article very much helped, even there was a wish to go even more. Avtor-Respekt =)
Dim on March 05, 2009
In general much the new learned!!! Thank you author!!!
Formosa on February 17, 2009
Article simply super... madly interestingly!!! My guy goes to a gym... surely I will show it to it!
Lech on January 31, 2009
2 Max Paine, you did not understand. The author meant that muscles accrue mostly at night, but only after training. Read the 2nd point, it is written that microinjuries are enveloped and grow that does muscles more. Namely at night also there is this process.
Yury on January 16, 2009
Yes article - that that is necessary, I only the beginner, but from these points I knew a lot of things! There was a wish to add too from words of the trainer: 'do exercises less time better, but correctly carry out them'! Thanks to the author for interesting article!
Seryoga on January 07, 2009
Article super! Much the useful took from it. Thanks to the author for article!
Max Paine on December 31, 2008
I here will disagree with the 4th council, it that turns out let's eat and sleep simply and we will be cool musclemen... And in general thought of that that you will best of all understand that to do to you, how many, from all this is true, your organism is individual who understands it achieves results and who imitates someone, reads any clever articles and blindly it to everything is trusted by those achieves the smaller.
And on postdock, a bar at a press lying always it is possible to lower to feet and then to put on a bench, but not to choke and panic, I am engaged 8 years, and only 3 times saw as so it and was, and nobody choked never.
Well it so not in offense to the author, simply play sports and listen to professional coaches in halls which really already achieved success... Good luck all!
Gennady on October 31, 2008
I was engaged in a gym of 4-5 years. Pereprobyval almost all technicians of training for a set of muscles - and as a result of ex-recops wrote the program of trainings, and by means of the program I started gaining weight in 4 months gained 4 kg. Council: Do not look at others, and listen to the body, after all only it knows that it is necessary for it! P.S. Whom the program interests write:
LS on October 16, 2008
Author good fellow.
For beginners that, well there skilled musclemen will criticize, type it was possible to add that se to dobvait. I would tell cool wrote.
Here I would read this article about 3 years ago. Ato began with champion councils and was traumatized. And for a month lost interest. BUT if strongly you want as they say.
Ayan on October 13, 2008
Competent and interesting article!!! I have height there are 173 cm in 18 years. It seems because of rolling. 2 years went.
È«$ $ on October 12, 2008
Hi all!! I only started going to a trenazhorka, prompt please how it is correct to me to pick up the program of occupations?
big-bellied dystrophic person on October 01, 2008
For me a subject that a pier it is not necessary to pursue weight is quite topical issue because I podumavat gantelka to buy and add weight that... to add, and he so wrote that weight it everything nonsense and that to me somehow and hunting broke off a pier and who there about female hormones in beer wrote, well tell that it is a lie, well please.
Alex on September 12, 2008
> At night, there is growth process at night. In advance reserved building material – amino acids and proteins – the organism envelops the damaged fibers<
of the Squirrel break up to amino acids - they are those bricks.
> It is by practical consideration established that optimum number of trainings in a week – 2-3<
For a start all experts recommend no more than three trainings in two weeks. And that if good genetics.
> normally to eat and to sleep much<
Much not everyone manages to sleep, not to everyone. Therefore it would be necessary to write how to stimulate growth hormone.
> from proteins, creatines...<
From creatine other problems not less unpleasant.
> In a month I will become Schwarzenegger!<
Methane for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner - everything is simple.
September lockdog83 09, 2008
Article very much even anything, I so fast ran it, the author correctly writes everything, especially about super system (NIPEL ;)
I can add to addition from myself something - see above between article and comments in "Councils for a subject"-> "Useful tips to beginners". In total from own experience.
Kostya on September 03, 2008
To achieve though any result, it is necessary to try not to miss trainings.
Tokh on August 28, 2008
It agrees... at me during the persistent work from 30 kg a press lying, already I do 85 kg. Thus I except usual food more eat nothing, and I eat not regularly...
Cep@ on August 27, 2008
It does not agree that in a year there will be results, at me they appeared in 3 months.
viktim on August 20, 2008
2 Alexey
Here it is not necessary to lie! Menttser died not after defeat, he did not take out death of the brother with whom together grew.
Serenix on August 04, 2008
Article very much was pleasant, a lot of interesting gathered. Continuation will be?
kkk on July 29, 2008
Some nestykovochka: if carbohydrates difficult, it just also are digested more long to be split. And simple straight go to a fatty stock.
Alexey on July 29, 2008
Press lying, stanovy draft, a press of a bar standing are basic, but inefficient exercises. Sooner or later growth of weight will stop.
But very few people understand that having lost one, inevitably get another. And business here not in Mike Menttser and his "pupil" Dorian Yates, and in you. To what the late teacher and his uneasy pupil who is letting out food additives now followed WORKED ONLY FOR THEM MORE FOR ANYBODY. And Menttser in general died of a depression, could not settle normally in life after defeat from Arnold in 1980.
Gennady on July 25, 2008
For article of a uvazhukh!.
It was necessary to mention the maintenance of female hormones in beer and soostvestvenno you should not abuse it in general, and not just after training.
On point No. 10: full proteinaceous change in an organism happens approximately in six months, therefore and it is worth waiting for the first results approximately through this time. And here to turn from the ordinary person in not absolutely usual, 2-3 years depending on specific features and literacy of approach to business will leave.
Oleg on July 23, 2008
Yes the author obviously rummages in it... Everything, I understood everything now and I will not make such mistakes...
Programmer on July 15, 2008
The author - well done! Understands a subject. Simply and intelligibly explained highlights.
I would add one more point to this list.
Mistake No. 11. A shortcoming basic and surplus of the isolated exercises.
Novel on June 16, 2008
It is well written. And whether it is possible to grow after year of serious trainings and fine results? Height is 171 cm in 19 years. Very stremno. I throw off all this trouble on a gym.
Andrey on June 06, 2008
The super!!!!... if only people listened, I know from the experience: how many do not speak for now the person himself does not understand... well, it is heavy to prove. To the author respect
Zhenya on May 22, 2008
Very Interesting Article. I go year, learned a lot of the new. Go to a gym and do not throw at all. Through time you will not regret about it!.
BurninUSSR on March 27, 2008
Interesting article, everything is written in a simple language and it is clear, many mistakes can I will avoid now =)
Flues on March 17, 2008
Very informatively... Maybe I will be going to be pumped up somehow in 47 years...
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