Early toxicosis of pregnant women
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Early toxicosis of pregnant women

The toxicosis accompanying such joyful expectation of the birth of the kid is represented to us almost inevitable. Women screw up the face, remembering morning nausea, vomiting, feeling sick, and doctors observe them more attentively. Whether this state is so harmless and than it can turn back for future mother and her kid, and we want to tell our readers.
Токсикоз The toxicosis accompanying such joyful expectation of the birth of the kid is represented to us almost inevitable. Women screw up the face, remembering morning nausea, vomiting, feeling sick, and doctors observe them more attentively. Whether this state is so harmless and than it can turn back for future mother and her kid, will tell Mirsovetov.
For a start we will differentiate some concepts. First, toxicosis of pregnant women is not a synonym to vomiting during incubation of a fruit. If to address to scientific treatment of a question, toxicosis doctors call any arisen deviation (a pathological state) which arose in connection with pregnancy approach. Thus and, pregnancy is the development catalyst of earlier not shown diseases. Secondly, danger which constitutes development of such states, very many women and obstetricians-gynecologists can underestimate. And, thirdly, to disregard some symptoms about which we will talk a little later, it is fraught for health and life as mothers, and a fruit.

Reasons and symptoms of early toxicosis

Токсикоз Early toxicosis of pregnant women proceeds on long ago known template: salivation, appetite loss, nausea, skin manifestations (rash, gemorragiya, emergence of "asterisks") and vomiting. Most often these symptoms appear and disappear in the first trimester, but in some cases can be tightened and to the third trimester.
Development of early toxicosis has some reasons, from which most significant – hormonal reorganization of an organism of the woman, and also reflex and nevrogenny influence. Now many scientists come to a conclusion that extent of manifestation of toxicosis depends on influence of the central nervous system.
On the other hand, at an unstable hormonal background the become pregnant woman is subject to risk of realization of early toxicosis more, also the situation is with exchange violations. And need for change of a food stereotype only aggravates a state.

Treatment of toxicosis

Treatment as that at the first (easy) degree of vomiting is not required to a thicket. It is enough to observe the drinking mode and good nutrition out of "dangerous" periods.
Лечение токсикоза The situation is with the second severity of vomiting when also the general condition of the woman is broken worse. Dry hair, fragile nails, dry skin and constant thirst are capable to turn from the happy pregnant woman into the tortured shadow any woman. At the doctor such ladies register loss of body weight, a little reduced arterial pressure, low level of sugar in blood, but the high heart rate from which there is no sense.
And the fruit suffers many times more. During this period it roughly grows and develops, there is a bookmark and a differentiation of bodies. Lack of nutrients slows down these processes, stimulating ZVUR (a delay of pre-natal development). Therefore the correct completion of the lost liquid, and also the balanced food and the medicamentous help to such women are simply necessary.
The third severity of vomiting is characterized by a metabolic disorder of the pregnant woman, frustration not only digestive system, but also nervous that, naturally, affects and a fruit. At such state the woman is literally exhausted, emetic desires arise at the slightest movement, about any rest even during a dream the speech does not go at all. Here immediate medical care is required.
Than doctors can help the woman suffering early toxicoses of pregnant women? First, drawing up the general recommendations about the drinking mode, rest, operating schedule. Secondly, physiotherapeutic manipulations, for example, electrodream. It will help the pregnant woman to restore forces. At heavy degree purpose of infusional therapy – Ringera-Locke's solutions, glucose with ascorbic acid and insulin is required. Other structures dig only according to indications as which analyses of urine and blood serve.
Medicines (antiemetic) are applied to reduction of emetic desires only according to indications and after consultation with the doctor. It, first of all, is connected with that incorrectly picked up preparations will make a considerable adverse effect on pregnancy development.
In rare instances possibly and interruption of pregnancy, after all, whatever one may do, gynecologists more care of a condition of the woman. And it is a little indications for this procedure: quickly progressing deterioration of a condition of the woman; increase in acetone in the analysis of urine; considerable violation of TsNS; injury of a liver; deep metabolic disorder.
Dermatosis as one of manifestations of early toxicosis, meet rather seldom. But nevertheless they can become the nervousness reason, being expressed in an intolerable itch on all body. Treatment their symptomatic – the compresses with broth of a camomile or a train and also healing cream with antiseptics at strong raschesa.
Tetaniya of pregnant women as one more manifestation of early toxicosis of pregnant women, meets quite seldom and is characterized by reductions of various groups of muscles. More often it is muscles of extremities. The broken calcium exchange therefore for treatment use the checked preparations – calcium, vitamin D without which it will not be acquired, and also according to indications – paratireoidin is the cornerstone of such state.

Besides above-mentioned conditions of early toxicosis of pregnant women, there is also a great number of others. For example, osteomalyation and bronchial asthma. All of them have communication with pregnancy (if it is not proved the return). Therefore you should not underestimate a disease and extent of its influence on a fruit. Be examined and are treated in time, after all it is much better, than further to guess, whether your kid will be born the healthy.
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