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Wryneck at newborns

Congenital muscular pathology of a neck which compels the newborn baby all the time to hold the head turned in one party, is called as a wryneck. The disease firmly fixing a neck of the baby in one situation, maybe acquired after the birth.

And though this deviation first does not bring to the child of pain, parents need to sound the alarm as soon as possible: subsequently the wryneck becomes the reason of asymmetric distortion of the person, a curvature of a backbone and violations in mentality. To cure the started form of a disease much more difficult, than initial.

Kinds of a wryneck

Medical practice classifies a disease on 3 forms:

  1. False wryneck. Thus that the structure of muscular system is not broken, the head all the same unnaturally tends aside. Fault to all hyper tone of muscles. It is the most favorable wryneck form in respect of correction as it can be cured at the neurologist.
  2. Congenital wryneck. It is orthopedic violation. The disease is revealed already at the time of the child's birth as it is followed by an outer defect – a neck curvature. The congenital wryneck is divided into two look: muscular and bone. At an illness of a muscular origin the head of the child is inclined sideways and the person is turned in the same party. The reason of this type of a wryneck is covered in the wrong formation of grudinny, clavicular and mastoidal muscles. The bone type of a disease arises because of pathology of pre-natal development of a skeleton of a fruit. As a result after birth the child cannot turn the head in that party where cervical vertebras are bent.
  3. The acquired wryneck. The disease is shown as well as a congenital form, with only that difference that can find it in the child of any age. Reasons of development of this form of a disease following:
  • wrong formation of certain muscles;
  • consequences of strong and extensive burns;
  • long stay of the head in unnatural situation;
  • deterioration or loss of hearing/sight.

Reasons of deformation of a neck

The definite answer to a question why babies most often become the victims of a wryneck, for the present is not present. The curvature of a neck occurs because of an underdevelopment and, respectively, reduction of the sizes of this or that muscle. But in what the reason of deformation of a complex a breast, clavicular and mastoidal muscles? Experts cause this phenomenon the following factors:

  • at the baby in a womb of mother a certain muscle inflames, and this process does not disappear over time, and becomes chronic;
  • the cervical muscle is injured (overstrains) in the course of difficult delivery;
  • walls of a uterus or umbilical cord recorded a head of the kid in the wrong situation;
  • congenital anomalies in development of muscles.

It turns out, what even operation of Cesarean section cannot become saving for health of the kid if muscular tissue initially starts developing incorrectly. At the same time the risk of a travmatization of healthy muscles is great and at natural childbirth.

Disease symptoms

After the birth of the baby his parents, naslyshanny about various pathologies at newborns, captiously consider the successor, trying to understand, whether all with it as it should be. Unfortunately, lack of strong indications of an illness does not say yet that the child is absolutely healthy. The neck curvature because of pathology in development of muscles becomes obvious on average in 2 weeks after appearance of the kid on light.

What signs have to guard? The head of the baby during wakefulness and a dream "looks" in one party – to the left or to the right, and shovels are at the different levels as one of them is raised. In grudino - a clavicular and mastoidal complex one of muscles starts "drying out" - to decrease in sizes. This deformation can be probed: fingers to come across the noticeable thickening located under skin. By the way, newborn boys suffer from a wryneck several times more often than girls. And for the inexplicable reason turn and a ducking to the right side prevails.

In a risk zone most of all of babies who in a womb of mother were in the provision of buttock prelying – their pediatricians examine more often than other kids. Timely detection of a problem with the subsequent correct treatment of a wryneck is pledge of an absolute recovery, and about disability of the speech does not even go. In 14–20 days after the birth of the baby the doctor, feeling his neck, will be able already to establish anomaly of this or that muscle by a palpation. As it was already noted, at first the wryneck does not deliver to the newborn of painful discomfort. However on later terms the baby will be capricious and cry if to make an attempt to put his head in natural situation as abnormally reduced muscle already has an effect pain.

Diagnosis of a disease is carried out by means of radiological research: the picture by all means will display the deformed muscle.

Wryneck at newborns: ways of correction

Treatment is begun, as a rule, when to the child there are 2 weeks – during this period most often find a wryneck. Mirsovetov will list all methods of treatment of pathology of development of cervical muscles:

  1. Most effective "medicine" for a wryneck of newborns is massage. At first it is carried out by the skilled expert, and later elements and rules of treatment-and-prophylactic massage are mastered also by mother of the baby. The most important requirement to massage – a regularity. Only when performing this condition it is possible to hope for positive results.
  2. As the most effective means, the second after massage, from a wryneck consider remedial gymnastics. It is possible to be engaged with the kid as under control of the pediatrician in policlinic, and it is independent in house conditions. It is impossible to be lazy here too: regular performance of simple exercises above all. A general exercise of a gymnastic medical complex – careful turns of the head of the child in different directions. They are carried out within 7–10 minutes to 4 times a week.
  3. Not often, but nevertheless swimming practices. Water – best "tablet" from the muscles which are held down by tension. In treatment of a wryneck important action is the general strengthening of a back of the child that occupation in the pool allow to achieve.
  4. Electrophoresis – useful procedure of physical therapy which promotes plentiful inflow of blood to a sore muscle.
  5. The child needs to give the chance to understand that situation in which there is its head because of a wryneck, unnatural. Task, of course, very difficult, but feasible. For this purpose parents have to try to accustom the kid to sleep on a pillow bagel. More radical method of rigid fixing of the affected neck is carrying a special plaster corset in the form of a collar. The adaptation helps to stretch the reduced muscle and to give to a neck and the head the correct situation.

If at active treatment which lasts not less than 2 years, results do not meet expectations, the doctor will suggest parents of the child to consider possibility of a surgery during which physicians will give to the affected muscle the correct form.

By surgical intervention the problem of a wryneck is solved only in exceptional cases because conservative methods of treatment, as a rule, for recovery happens enough.

Prevention of a wryneck

Simple rules will help you to train a neck of the kid that problems with muscles (and, as a result, the acquired wryneck) could not arise in principle.

  1. For this purpose during games with the child put bright subjects and toys that with one, on the other hand from the kid.
  2. Having bent over the baby, talk to it, sing to it songs and move the case to the left and to the right – so you will induce small to look after your movements and by means of turn of the head.
  3. In a bed of the child stack the struck party of a neck to a wall. The kid will be interested by all means by the sounds reaching from the room (a mother's voice, phone call, a canary trill), and the little researcher will try to turn a head to the sound source which interested him, thereby training a neck.
  4. Every day do to the kid massage. Not important, for what purpose you warm up to a crumb a neck – with medical or preventive – the main thing, not to be lazy and do it regularly. Only in this case you will bring to health of the kid indisputable benefit.
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