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What is the torrent and as to use it

Any person, got used to download from the Network music, movies or games directly from the server, i.e. from any site, a forum. But there are situations when on the Internet the required file is absent for any reasons. In such situations to us the remarkable Torrent service through which it is possible to find practically any file necessary to us comes to the rescue.
Bit Torrent Any person using the Internet got used to download from the Network various music, movies or games directly from the server, i.e. from any site, a forum or mail. But there are situations when on the Internet the required file is absent for any reasons:
  • file rarity (movie, music, etc.),
  • ban on free distribution (for example, the movie which only was released)
  • or impossibility to download the file from a certain site in connection with its not working capacity.
In such situations to us the remarkable Torrent service through which it is possible to find practically any file necessary to us comes to the rescue. Whether it be rare music, recently appeared movie or any program, all this can be downloaded from "Torrent".
    Such amazingly extensive faylokhranilishche it is provided, first of all, with users of the Torrent. In other words, "Torrent" — is the most extensive service of exchange of information between people on the Internet.
Every day by means of the Torrent of one thousand people share with each other programs worldwide, exchange fresh clients of games, transfer terabytes of music and video. And all this is absolutely free.
Wish to join the ranks of happy users Torrents? Everything is elementary, now we will teach.

What is the Torrent?

Within this article will tell about such service as "Torrent" (BitTorrent), will sort its structure and methods of use. Also we will begin, naturally, from the answer to the question "What Is the Torrent".
As it was already told above, the Torrent is a service for exchange of information between people on the Internet. If to go into details, the Torrent (BitTorrent) — it is special peer-to-peer (P2P) the network protocol which thought up and the American programmer Bram Cohen realized. The essence of an idea was such is that the transferred file is not loaded on the server, and directly transferred from the user to the user.
Схема работы торрента
    Also It should be noted that transfer of the file goes not only from the person, at which this file, but also from the people downloading it. I.e. for example, if you download the movie from the Torrent, at the same time from you the same movie and other users of the Torrent will download. And they, in turn, will distribute to other persons interested to receive this movie.
Speaking more simply, the Torrent represents a difficult web of file exchange. If the person had an interesting file and he decided to share it by means of the Torrent, most likely, in any hour - two it will be already at thousands of users, etc.
Many now guessed that with such deal copyright, naturally, anybody on Torrents does not observe. There it is easy to find cracks, keys of activation of any ON, various movies, even that only appeared in prokata and other delicacies. It, of course, is favorable to users and is the main advantage and incentive of exchange of information, than on other services.

How the Torrent works?!

Functions of the Torrent are carried out by means of the special sites servers, them still call — "Trackers", well or "BitTorrent Trackers". On the Internet of their one thousand the most various, some popular, some are less known. We have in the Runet their huge number, for every taste, even highly specialized, i.e., for example, only for movies or only for music, and also all is possible together, to choose to you. There are foreign Trackers, on them, respectively, files for foreign users, but the choice is, as a rule, much more extensive there.
    As wrote above, the Torrent provides file exchange between users, passing the server. "So why servers of Trackers are necessary?", – you ask? Everything is elementary, Trackers serve, as habitats of users of the Torrent that people could find each other.
Also on the Tracker lists of files which can be downloaded, the description of these files, well and nicknames of users which can provide required files are stored. On saytakh-Trekerakh the statistics of downloadings, new receipts of files, the most popular downloadings, etc. is, as a rule, provided that, it is necessary to recognize, very much facilitates and does more convenient work with huge amount of information on the Tracker.

Exchange of information on the Tracker

The description of actions distributing, i.e. the person who wants to share the file (the movie, music, game, etc.):
  1. The person creates in the special Torrent file program. It becomes very simply: the file which the person wants to share is specified in the program, and the program in turn automatically creates the Torrent file. This file has the *.torrent expansion, very little, 200-300 kb usually weigh. It as if the conductor, through this Torrent file will shake the file necessary to us.
  2. The person comes on the Tracker, previously having registered on it, and spreads the Torrent file. Of course, spreads in the special category defining file type, for example, music – in musical archive, movies – in library of movies, etc. Gives the short description of the spread file, the size, etc. for users who will wish to download the file.
The description of actions of the person who wants to download the file (the movie, music, game, etc.):
  1. The person comes on the Tracker, also previously having registered on it, finds the file which interested him (it is possible search or in special categories into which all Tracker is divided) and downloads the Torrent file.
  2. Further, the person at himself on the computer starts this file by means of the program and starts downloading. At the same time automatically allows to download through itself the same file other person interested.
If to consider "Torrent file" is more detailed, it stores in itself(himself) very few information:
  • the general information on the downloaded file;
  • its checksum;
  • and tracker URL.
Such file can extend somehow, on Trackers as in an example above, or even by mail, the difference is not present.
In general, in these elementary actions also there is all essence of the Torrent tracker.
    The question arises, and why people spread movies, music and so forth, from inaction? Not absolutely so … it is simple at Torrent trackers there is such law if you do not allow to download another — that and itself will not be able to download anything.
    At registration the limit on downloading is given, for example, it is possible to download gratuitously 500 Mb, and further if you does not share files with other users — it will be forbidden to download. But if you share, it is possible to swing on health.

What is the feasts and sida, and also other terms

It is important as on the Tracker these terms were already included into a slang and are used everywhere.
Sider is that person who has a file entirely.
Licher – the person who does not have so far all segments of the file, that is continuing downloading.
Feast – the person participating in distribution. Sometimes by "feasts" call only the downloading participants, neglecting distribution, and it is punishable.
Distribution – process of distribution of the file under the protocol at the Torrent tracker.
Segment – part of the file. Everything that is transferred, segmented separate, small by the size – the segments which right there are transferred to other users of the Torrent, persons interested to download the same files.
Rating – the relation given to downloaded. Watch this parameter if you swing much and to allow to download at itself a little, that is the risk to lose the right to download in general.

Popular programs for work in torrent-networks

So, before working with Torrent trackers you need the special program. By means of it you will be able to create the Torrent files for distribution and to start them for downloading from Trackers.
There is a lot of them, at least, more than three tens therefore will consider the most popular of them:
  • BitComet (, the most popular client with the convenient and friendly interface;
  • µTorrent (, in general, this client does not concede previous, too very known and widespread.

Registration of distribution and downloading through the Torrent

On the example of two above programs we will show ways of creation the Torrent files and downloading of files from the Tracker.

After the BitComet installation the window opens:
Окно, которое открывается после установки BitComet
We come into the top Files tab, we choose "to Create the Torrent …".
Заходим в верхнюю вкладку «Файлы», выбираем «Создать Торрент…»
The creation panel the Torrent file opened, explanations are applied on the image.
Панель создания Торрент-файла
When the Torrent file was created, remove a task.
Когда Торрент-файл создался, удалите задание
Further we spread the created Torrent the file on the Tracker, we make out distribution.
    At different Torrent trackers registration of distributions is carried out differently, as a rule, it quite simply and is described in instructions for use of the Torrent.
Let's describe on the example of We create a new subject with the description of the file which we will spread (how to describe, it is told in rules of the Torrent) and we attach the Torrent file:
Нажимаем для вставки торрент-файла...
...и выбираем необходимый файл
Now the laid-out Torrent file should be put on downloading in that folder where you have an original file.
Выложенный Торрент-файл следует поставить на закачку в ту папку, где у Вас находится оригинальный файл
Farther everything elementary, your program and the Tracker will check existence of the file, and you appear in Siderakh.

We download the latest version µTorrent on the official site. In the same place, in the section "Download", we download the Language Pack file is an addition of the program for support of the Russian-speaking interface, advises it to download – with it to use the client much more conveniently. The file of russification of "utorrent.lng" weighs about 400 kb, we keep it in the folder with the program where there is a file of start of the program – utorrent.exe.
So, after installation the starting window of the program opens:
После установки открывается стартовое окно программы
So, we create the Torrent file, for this purpose we enter the top File menu in the Create a New Torrent … tab.
создаем Торрент-файл, для чего входим в верхнее меню «Файл» во вкладку «Создать новый Торрент…»
The creation window the Torrent file opened. Whether we choose the file group of files for creation the Torrent file. We press "To create and keep".
Окно создания Торрент-файла
It is necessary to confirm that you want to continue creation the Torrent file without indication of a tracker.
Everything, the Torrent file is kept at you on the computer. Further spread it on any tracker and people will be able to download your file(s).
If you want to download something from a tracker, simply download the corresponding Torrent file, the dialog box µTorrent will automatically open, there it is necessary to specify some nuances of downloading:
Если Вы хотите скачать что-либо с трекера, то просто скачайте соответствующий Торрент-файл, автоматически откроется диалоговое окно µTorrent, там следует указать некоторые нюансы закачки
After confirmation of installations, the program right there will start downloading the file necessary for you.
После подтверждения установок, программа тут же начнет скачивать необходимый Вам файл
Here such simple program, everything is elementary. Use.

Torrent trackers

On the Internet of Torrent trackers huge set, both Russian, and foreign, even highly specialized, example of the most widespread: – the most known Torrent tracker in Russia, exists not one year, everything is adjusted and it is the most convenient. We advise!
Look for, on any of combinations of inquiries further: "Torrent", "Tracker", "BitTorent" – searchers will issue you the most extensive list of trackers which you can use.

Advantages of work with the Torrent

Что такое торрент Let's sum up all those pluses which the Torrent gives us:
  • availability practically any necessary file which for some reason is absent in the Network in a free access;
  • huge number of information, restrictedly, roughly speaking, only hard drives of users of Torrents, and their thousands;
  • good speed of downloading (unlike obtaining files via the server) on the Torrent — the more people download, the speed is higher;
  • the downloaded parts of the file (even the smallest) at once become available to other users of the Torrent;
  • opportunity to share the information with many people: movies, games, music, programs and anything!
On it everything, can safely start use of the Torrent, swing terabytes of information and derive pleasure from availability of the freshest files on the Internet.
Progress to you!
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sadfs on August 07, 2009
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the user a pancake, speed of servers slow motions is limited 50kb to the International Federation of Journalists slightly above, on torrents speed depending on your channel, on normal trakher on 100-200 sid, speed on a ceiling, a question, why then to pay?
    means and to all computer and therefore can crack. Whether so it?
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depends on sid if I sit about the modem and washing vy the speed of 5-10 kb and I only 1 distribute the movie, then from me you quicker will not pull in any way if such as I am the 10th persons that and the speed of 5-10*10=50-100 kb
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Vlad on June 17, 2009
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Dasha on April 15, 2009
o_ogromny thanks. at last understood what to do.
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Thanks for article! It is necessary, intelligibly, briefly, clearly!!!
Torrent on March 27, 2009
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Max on February 10, 2009
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Leonid on February 05, 2009
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Aminyx on February 05, 2009
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TRC on February 04, 2009
to Verve
e2k of a network are less used and popular than a torrent, and often with e2k of a network it is more difficult to download this or that file, than from a torrent.
In e2k of a network some part of the file shakes, then at you other users start it swinging, and so far you will not gather a sufficient rating, entirely you will not download the file and furthermore if there are not enough sources, you can download one file week, and even months!
And on a torrent you all only need to watch the rating, and please, there are two three persons distributing, you will not feel deficiency in speed :)
Sergey on February 04, 2009
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Aztek on January 31, 2009
After article understood everything and at once. Only registration for from 1 to 12 nights is a pity. To the author thanks:)
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Question to all on optimization of a torrent, incl. a DHT network, search of local feasts, etc... what is useful, and what is not present?
Dedic on January 30, 2009
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Verve on January 23, 2009
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The sense to use a torrent also that at night and when I at work swing a computer without my supervision. When the computer updates programs and reboots automatically, itself from an automatic loader comes to life and continues to swing. Without torrent of one hundred times big files did not dokachivatsya and I joyfully repeated downloading. And then many of files poobtryopyvatsya when transporting and do not open. And here quality of a communication channel is simply guaranteed.
Pistolero on January 11, 2009
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Pavel on January 06, 2009
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Natalya on January 06, 2009
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Dima on December 27, 2008
Long ago I use and I recommend to all. Already from torrent trackers downloaded about 60 gigabytes.
Dmitry on December 22, 2008
Downloading will be 32 and return 32.
Marseille on December 18, 2008
I have an unlimited Internet 256 kilobits / to page. Files from ordinary servers I swing a maximum from speed of 32 kb/c. If I download this way, the speed of return will be 16 kb and speed of receiving 16 kb. Then what sense to swing a torrent, time the provider all the same smothers me on 256 kilobits / page. Or I that do not catch up with that?
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