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How to make topiariya the hands

Topiar is very ancient art form which was often used in landscaping when trees by means of a hairstyle were given the various forms. In the Roman Empire there were first topiariya when all gardeners gained skills are sharp spheres, animals and even silhouettes of people from trees.

Today topiariya is very popular tree in Russia. And it not only beautifully cut bush, but also a decorative tree which is original and beautifully issued. The most expensive and inimitable in any interior, of course, is topiariya, made with own hand.

Many consider that topiariya, created by the hands is a tree of happiness which can bring to any house not only good mood and good luck, but also material welfare. And all because can be made it, using any materials which only there is a wish. Some skilled workers choose florets, various paper, hearts, beads and even coins.

Not so long ago many newlyweds began to order production a topiariya for the wedding ceremonies. It is considered that this artificial tree symbolizes pure love, sincere feelings and infinite happiness. Very often at weddings it is possible to see the big topiariya made in the form of the high trees decorated by various fruit and the presents with flowers.

Topiariya for relatives

Topiary it is possible to make independently, and he will become a magnificent gift for any person, irrespective of a holiday. St. Valentine's Day can also be improved beauty a topiariya, covered various sizes with red hearts, Valentine's Day cards or beautiful plumelets. Made topiariya of notes can become a magnificent gift to a wedding celebration or to anniversary.

If to make a happiness tree of vegetables or fruit, it can become unique ornament for kitchen. On housewarming it is possible to present that topiariya which is decorated beautiful with flowers or a gentle ornament. Also topiariya can be created and for New year and even on the Halloween.

Topiary is an interesting tree which can create everyone the hands. But for this purpose, of course, material and enough patience and assiduity is necessary.

To create this masterpiece, it is necessary to divide this tree into some parts. The special attention needs to be paid to a basis. As a rule, the sphere is necessary, but also as a basis signs, figures, hearts and even cones are used. The basis can be made of a simple Christmas tree decoration, penoplastovy preparation or a children's plastic ball, but not heavy. It is also possible to make preparation of a papier-mache, or to cover a ball from the crumpled paper with PVA glue, and then to obkrutit it threads. As figured preparations it is possible to use a wire, a cardboard or polyfoam.

Besides, the topiariya is available for everyone a trunk. It can be made of anything. As a rule, the usual wire, an unnecessary pencil, a stick from a tree or some twigs is for this purpose applied. These trunks can be wound with a cord for bigger showiness or beautiful ribbons. If it is planned to make a natural look a tree, it is possible to use the beautiful snags in the form of a trunk processed by wood stain or opened with a varnish.

Further it is necessary to pay attention to krone. And here the imagination can do not stand still. It is possible to decorate with both sea cockleshells, and the paper napkins which are beautifully cut on small squares both coffee kernels, and artificial flowers, tapes, beads, bows and even macaroni which are easily beautiful for painting then.

Also it is necessary to pay attention to a support under this beautiful creation. For such a case it is possible to use a decorative pot, a zavarnik, a usual cup or a beautiful and original stone. Such supports can be decorated any fabric, beads, stones, laces and bows. But, it is also necessary to consider that fact that diameter of a sphere a topiariya should not exceed the size of the support, differently the design can not resist.

So, all highlights are found out, now it is possible to consider some master classes in more detail.

Topiary-samshit the hands

To make such beautiful tree is independently, Mirsovetov recommends to prepare some details:

  1. Penoplastovy sphere.
  2. Box branches (it is possible artificial, then topiariya will long stand).
  3. Artificial flowers.
  4. Wire.
  5. Decorative pot.
  6. Branches.
  7. Gravel.
  8. Moss.

Small branches of a box are gradually stuck in the sphere basis. Here it is necessary to watch that there was no space between them. Then in the basis of a sphere the small opening that in it it was possible to push branches (basis) accurately becomes. If it is some such branches, for convenience they can be connected a wire.

After all this topiariya is established in a pot in the middle and it is filled up with gravel in order that it did not fall. From above for more beautiful look the moss keeps within. It is possible to decorate with anything that approaches for such "a green plant" more. It can be also cones, or some toy figure of a forest small animal, etc.

Topiary from coffee grains the hands

Coffee topiariya is one of the most difficult as the author should sit over it for hours. The principle of collecting such tree of happiness almost identical, as well as in all others. The only thing that coffee grains are much more difficult attached to the krone basis. But, the most important point is that it is necessary to glue such grains in two layers that it did not turn out gleams on the sphere that will give it bigger volume.

Any coffee topiariya can make exclusive work. Often the emphasis is placed only on grains. Some practice to use grains everywhere: both on a sphere, and on a stalk and even on a pot. Of course, process very labor-consuming, but it is worth it if to finish business. Moreover, it is possible to use any basis (sphere), and to make them a little. Then the tree will turn out pretty effective. It is possible to decorate too as there is a wish. Only that it is necessary to observe somehow a color scheme as too bright elements are not combined with coffee at all. If there is a wish to place emphasis on something, of course, it is possible to use some one element: for example, to put a butterfly on a sphere or to decorate a ball with a bow, a fragrant carnation or a stick of cinnamon. The coffee tree will not only please a look, but also to publish pleasant coffee aroma.

Creating topiariya the hands, each master pours in him in all the soul, puts all love and care therefore such work created by the hands will be fine ornament for any room.

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