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Arrow on a mark "style". Top-5 hours of a season

Watch is a not only useful accessory, but also a style element today. The classics, sport, a vintage - what style you would not adhere, hours will only emphasize your aspiration to look harmoniously.

Girls will understand! Let's begin our charts with the only wrist women watch. That is called, we will pass girls forward. Oh, this brand is known by all women of fashion! Perhaps, now for many of them there are no hours zhelanny, than cult creations from Michael Kors.

Among best-sellers of this brand, certainly, Michael Kors MK5020. Smooth steel, the nacreous dial, Swarovski crystals on tags – a combination of difficult character! Here everything is serious: a chronograph, luminescent shooters and water protection of 100 meters (it is possible to dive). Only for it girl (that, special girl) preferring active lifestyle and glam-casual style. Note time, plunge into style and in the afternoon, and at night!

Man, megalopolis, sport and the highest class. As for a wrist men's watch in casual style, we have to recognize again – Jacques Lemans 1-1117AN of the Liverpool series at all speeds escape in leaders. And no wonder! For the citizen with active lifestyle it is difficult to think up option more successfully. These hours there is everything: and classics elements – the Swiss mechanism, a black leather thong, the steel case, a classical fastener and worthy functionality - a chronograph, water protection of 200 meters, luminescent shooters and tags. Stylishly, effectively and rationally. Jacques Lemans always holds a level!

Only Casio, only hardcore! Well, if we started talking about active men and hour functionality – time to get the following ace of our pack. There are such men to whom only the essence is important. We call them pragmatists, but steadily we respect for that they always "zrit in a root". For the same qualities these men respect hours of Casio. It is not necessary excess words, give more functions and opportunities!

All know that few what hours can compete with technological "stuffing" of Casio. Here and our today's hit – the Casio G-Shock GA-100-1A2 model – will give odds to much. Shock-resistant design, protection against magnetic fields, LED illumination, Split chronograph, countdown timer, world time. Accuracy of indications of a stop watch of 1/1000 villages of Vodozashchita of 200 meters. You still have questions? The man with such hours is ready to any situation!

New classics and dandyism. Lady and gentlemen! City dandies and judges of classics. Time came to talk about you. The aristocratic spirit and a suit very clean demand special chic. Refinement, restraint, perfectionism – shooters show precisely on Maurice Lacroix. Namely, on the Maurice Lacroix EL1087-SS002-310 model.

Sharp, as needles, tags, Roman figures, uncompromising black dial, sapphire glass. Accurate window of date and firm logo. The steel bracelet with Milan weaving proves: there is no place to simplicity, there is a place to perfection. Diameter of the dial (38 mm) – strict getting into whimsical standards of classics. Everyone has the right for perfection, the elite possesses it!

P.S. You, of course, noticed that beginning the story about this wrist men's watch, we addressed not only to gentlemen, but also to the lady. It with an ulterior motive, the female option of model too exists.

Vintage today in a trend! Prepare checkered jackets. From modern classics we move to classics vintage. Our last hit – a Swiss watch of Frederique Constant FC-292MC4P5. And as you know, finish representations the strongest actors! To illustrate this loud statement, it is enough to sound one fact: in due time the Frederique Constant company obtained the official license of Institute of Frederic Chopin for limited release of hours of "Frederic Chopin". It is also worth noting that the whole hours the Frederique Constant stamps are collected manually.

As you can see, these representatives of the hour world really are a good judge of the fine – both of music, and in hours. Our today's model is too not deprived of musicality – here each element is executed without a hitch. The manufactory mechanism, the case with gilding, the silvery dial with the Roman figures, sapphire glass, a date window. But what music without improvisation element – here is a chronograph. The brown leather thong surely finishes composition. Bow, applause, bravo!

Стрелка на отметке «стиль». Топ-5 часов сезона

Well, now you precisely know what shooters of hours point straight to style! Be in a trend and appreciate the time. By the way, soon holidays. Still think what to present? Present hours!

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