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What to choose a toothbrush

Healthy teeth – very expensive pleasure. And every year the campaign to the stomatologist hits everything the pocket more painfully. Therefore it is quite logical that it is better to spend for preventive care of teeth and prevention of tooth diseases. Therefore buyers hope for efficiency of the latest toothbrushes. In their assortment it is easy to become puzzled.

Hit of sales of this year – ultrasonic toothbrushes of new generation.

Healthy teeth – very expensive pleasure. And every year the campaign to the stomatologist hits everything the pocket more painfully. Therefore it is quite logical that it is better to spend for preventive care of teeth and prevention of tooth diseases, than regularly "to suffer" in the dental chair.
Many independent researches proved simple truth – all toothpastes are identical. On sale there are all new wonderful pastes which do not yield the results promised by advertizing. But the fact remains: any paste, even most "gentle", gradually thins tooth enamel that leads to increase of sensitivity of teeth. Therefore buyers hope for efficiency of the latest toothbrushes. In their assortment it is easy to become puzzled therefore it is useful to know how to choose a toothbrush.

That it is necessary to know about a brush

Зубные щетки Whatever look there was a toothbrush, it is necessary to be able to select it correctly. You should not buy brushes which bristle is made of natural materials. On them bacteria quickly breed, and the dropping-out shchetinka litter intestines. Around the world long ago refused use of such toothbrushes. So the choice is unambiguous – the synthetic bristle made of qualitative high-tech materials.
On rigidity the bristle shares on soft and very soft (for the problem bleeding gums, for children), rigid (for very healthy teeth and gums) and a bristle of average rigidity (it is most desirable in most cases). Despite simplicity of these criteria, before purchase of a toothbrush it is desirable to consult to your dentist.
    Rather recently there were brushes with a "clever" bristle. She gradually turns pale, thereby signals that it is time to change a toothbrush (or a nozzle).
The handle of a toothbrush has to be long. Long handle allows not to be overzealous with pressing and protects your teeth and a gum from injuries. It is good if the handle has rubber elements and does not allow a hand to slide. The working part (head) of a toothbrush has to be the small size, have a roundish form. Such toothbrush optimum clears teeth and does not injure mucous a mouth.

Electric toothbrush

Электрическая зубная щетка At the moment the toothbrush is in the lead in popularity among all novelties. It is called a toothbrush for lazy, after all she makes practically all manipulations, necessary for toothbrushing. It is enough to person to bring a brush to tooth and to take in such situation 1 second – the brush will make everything itself. All cleaning takes no more than 1,5-2 minutes.
    It is possible to use this miracle of equipment everything, except for people who transferred surgery in a mouth and that who suffers from the increased mobility of teeth, and also at stomatitis and a gingivita. Carefully study the instruction and strictly follow the rules specified in it. Otherwise you risk to do much harm to the teeth and gums.
Each producer creates some types of "unique" toothbrushes. Therefore to understand what of them clears very difficult better. If to be guided by data of independent researches, the best results showed models with the so-called 3D function - cleanings (returnable rotary motions plus a pulsation). If your enamel is sensitive, it is better to refuse the brushes which are carrying out the horizontal movements. It is carefully necessary to treat a bristle choice – in a case with an electric toothbrush use of a rigid bristle is undesirable (in many countries such are not made any more). Complete with a toothbrush are present from two to 7 nozzles, each of which carries out certain functions (with a soft bristle for daily cleaning, massage, for polishing, for deep cleaning, etc.).
    I advise readers of to specify upon purchase, whether opportunity to buy in addition replaceable nozzles is provided for this model. About when to change a nozzle will prompt you color of a bristle – such indicator is present practically after all models.
In expensive models of a shchetinka cover with a dusting of gold or silver. Producers guarantee essential delay of development of microorganisms on such shchetinka. In addition quality of cleaning improves (function of ionic cleaning is added).
Other functions can be grouped as follows:
  • at all brushes there is a gradation by number of speeds – from two and more. With their help you regulate intensity of cleaning;
  • the weight of a brush should not exceed 150-200 g, differently when toothbrushing you will feel discomfort;
  • the signal of too long cleaning will protect your teeth (happens sound, optical or self-shutdown);
  • brushes with two heads promise to clear at once both an external, and internal surface of tooth, but them it is heavy to maneuver when cleaning molars;
  • optimum form of a head of an electric brush – round. In addition it should not be big (than less head, than is more effective cleaning);
  • the pressing sensor – will prevent excessive attrition of tooth enamel;
  • as a rule, at a set there are some replaceable nozzles for all family members.
  • works from a network or at accumulators.
    From personal experience I want to note tremendous feeling of pure enamel and long taste of freshness in a mouth. Scales and "a coffee raid" did not disappear anywhere. In some expensive brushes there is a function of natural bleaching, maybe, such brush will cope with all these problems.
Many dentists recommend not to be fond of use of an electric brush and periodically to alternate it to the usual mechanical.

Sound and ultrasonic toothbrushes

Ультразвуковая зубная щетка These brushes showed the efficiency when cleaning. The generator of high frequencies which, actually, and provide ideal cleaning of teeth even in hard-to-reach spots is built in the handle of a sound brush (between teeth, about gums). The ultrasound accelerates the movement of liquid in an oral cavity, forms the foam enriched with oxygen. And this foam perfectly and carefully brushes teeth. Such brush not a travmatichna for enamel, does not demand additional control of pressing (enough only an easy contact of tooth a brush). For the rest sound and ultrasonic brushes in fact are versions electric: have many similar functions (the bristle indicator, autoshutdown, etc.), in a set various nozzles are on sale, some modes of intensity are provided.

Ionic toothbrushes

Ионная зубная щетка This revolutionary technology perfectly got accustomed in Japan – there practically all inhabitants use ionic toothbrushes. It and is clear, the ionic brush in many respects surpasses it. For example, for toothbrushing you do not need toothpaste (we mentioned its pernicious abrasivity) and even water. In the handle of an ionic brush there is a core made of special metal which due to different polarity attracts all dental plaque to a brush. Elementary physics, any excessive impact on tooth, friction, etc. In any case, harmlessness is available. Besides excellent cleaning producers promise elimination of bacteria of a mouth, gradual disappearance of a raid, effective removal of a raid from coffee and tobacco. Such brushes are suitable for use even to those who has supersensitive a gum.
We advise to choose ionic brushes of known brands (fakes, as a rule, cost kopeks) – so you receive the promised result. That the ionic brush does not need various "frills" pleases, it bribes the simplicity.
    Personally I use an ionic brush more than a month and is already sure that I will not exchange it on any another. After cleaning so smooth teeth, what even "creak", as plates in advertizing of detergent for ware. For this month teeth considerably turned white, now I drink the favourite coffee quietly – any more I do not spend money for professional toothbrushing.
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